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Google Wants Your Children…To Be Safe on the Web

Internet services want users, and much like religions and smartphone ecosystems, it’s best to convert them when they’re young. But a string of federal regulation, including the last year’s overhauled COPPA rules , provide necessary restrictions and protections for youngling web surfers. But Google isn’t giving up and is working on a legal and kid-friendly [...]

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Pro Hackers Could Be Spying on You Through YouTube

Bad news, dudes and dudettes. It’s getting increasingly straight-forward for deep-pocketed hackers to buy commercial-grade equipment so sophisticated that it can infect your computer with malware when you do something as innocuous as watching cat videos on YouTube. This is why it’s time to encrypt your shit . Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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MediaREDEF expands its original content offerings with a depressing take on online video

Jason Hirschhorn’s Media Redefined newsletter, which culls together the day’s best digital media stories, has become a sort of daily gospel around tech circles. (If you’re a regular or even occasional Pando reader, there’s no reason not to sign up right now). Our editor-in-chief Sarah Lacy has repeatedly told us that the one metric she [...]

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Pandora strikes deal with indie rights group Merlin, allowing direct negotiation with labels

While YouTube has been screwing over — then back-pedaling on screwing over — indie artists, Pandora has just struck a massive deal with an independent rights group that represents 20,000 labels and distributors — or about ten percent of the total US market. Today, the Internet radio giant announced a partnership with indie rights group Merlin that will allow [...]

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Coming of age: YouTube stars now rate higher than Hollywood celebs among teen influence

YouTube will always be the go-to destination for cat videos, but increasingly this low-brow user generated content (UGC) is just the appetizer to what’s becoming a more and more credible premium video offering. With money flowing into the ecosystem from YouTube content grants, multi-channel networks, and traditional Hollywood production houses, we seem to be finally [...]

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YouTube product manager leaves company, further delays new music streaming service

Dancing Astronaut – house, electro, progressive, dubstep YouTube, the world’s leading video-sharing website, has been making controversial headlines this year for its developing music streaming service and its effect on indie labels. Now in the news for another development, it has been reported that a key member and seven-year veteran of the Internet giant, Chris [...]

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