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SoundCloud’s doomed monetization efforts have somehow alienated both small-time creators and major labels

Digital platforms can be divided into two distinct breeds: There are products like Facebook, which despite being immensely popular are rarely described by users as something they “love.” Whereas Zuckerberg’s social network was once a fun way to connect with old friends and stalk the girl who sits behind you in Chem 101, today Facebook is as much [...]

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After years of false starts, Apple is finally poised to kill Spotify and take over streaming music. There’s just one catch…

Apple’s road to building a streaming music service hasn’t been easy. From the failure of its music-based social network Ping to the drastic retooling and rebranding of its $3 billion Beats acquisition, this journey has been fraught with false starts and failed features. But today, on the heels of new details about its upcoming possibly-Spotify-killing streaming service [...]

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Five Best Streaming Music Services

If you’re looking for something good to listen to, you have tons of services, both free and paid (and both) to choose from. With Grooveshark now sadly departed , it’s time to take a fresh look at the world of streaming music, and see who comes out on top. This week, we’re looking at five [...]

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How Connor Franta convinced teenagers to buy CDs again: Inside the YouTube teen star phenomenon

Nobody over the age of 19 knows who Connor Franta is. Then again, virtually everybody under Canada’s drinking age — those teenaged post-Millennials whittling away at their wasted youth one taco emoji at a time — knows that Franta is among the most popular members of a new breed of digitally-native celebrities who have built absurdly massive, absurdly young followings on YouTube. They’re like the [...]

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Apple’s possibly illegal plan to kill Spotify’s free service is reportedly under investigation by the FTC

Almost one year after Apple’s acquisition of Beats closed, the Federal Trade Commission is reportedly investigating Apple’s efforts to get record labels on board with the revamp of its Beats streaming music service. The antitrust regulators are said to be scrutinizing these efforts because iTunes remains the leading seller of digital music, giving the company increased leverage during negotiations. Bloomberg Business reports: [...]

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The Most Brilliant DiY Tutorial Channels to Watch on YouTube Right Now

Years ago, wannabe engineers might’ve sat in a basement tearing up VCRs to concoct homemade electronics, pounding can after can of Tab to fuel their DiY compulsions. That’s still happening today—except with DVD burners, cans of Red Bull, and with millions of people watching the mad scientists on YouTube. Read more… Continue Reading from the [...]

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With its foray into film, YouTube makes an important gain in the upcoming video wars: Retaining its talent

Yesterday, YouTube announced that it would produce a series of feature films in partnership with Dreamworks subsidiary AwesomenessTV that would premiere on its platform. The company also revealed four comedy series it would produce with some of its most beloved creators, including the Fine Brothers and Smosh. On first glance, the play seems like an [...]

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