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Why Leap Seconds Confuse Computers

Last night, time on Earth had a leap second . The planet’s computer systems survived unscathed, thanks to months of careful preparation by engineers. But here’s a concise explanation of why, left to their own devices, a bunch of very expensive computers could’ve thrown a hissy fit. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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Why Adults Suck At Learning Languages 

I was born in Spain to Spanish-speaking parents, who in their infinite wisdom, brought me up speaking English. I’ve always resented missing the opportunity to be brought up bilingual — adults seem to have such a tough time learning languages, compared to children. But why is that? Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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Hardwell’s ’360 Experience’ is coming soon

Dancing Astronaut – EDM, trap, techno, deep house, dubstep YouTube recently integrated a feature in their video player that allows viewers to control content in a 360 degree format as long as the video has been optimized for the new tech. Avicii’s “Waiting For Love” music video and Squarepusher’s psychedelic “Stor Eiglass” music video both proved the vast [...]

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Vimeo introduces new subscription tools to give creators control over their content

Vimeo has expanded its on-demand service to support monthly subscriptions. The new tools will allow video creators to set the price of their subscriptions, offer free trials to potential customers, sell their videos, rent them out, and otherwise control how they’re paid for content uploaded to Vimeo’s service. And, according to the Hollywood Reporter, video creators will [...]

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The A-Z of YouTube

YouTube celebrates its 10th birthday with an alphabetical, animated compilation of some of its most popular videos and genres, set to Blackalicious’ Alphabet Aerobics. YouTube, you da real MVP. Link Continue Reading from the Source

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You’ll Feel Way Smarter After Watching These YouTube Physics Lessons

If you like the Explain Like I’m Five subreddit, which demystifies life’s mysteries in layman speak (like this one about why kids eat boogers), then you should bookmark MinutePhysics. It’s a popular YouTube channel that breaks down one of the more confounding branches of science by drawing cartoons with a Crayola marker. Read more… Continue [...]

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