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YouTube buys BandPage for $8 million

YouTube has acquired BandPage for $8 million. The video streaming platform has been trying to win over the love of musicians, who are not too happy with the streaming world right now, due to lack of streaming royalties. With this new relationship, the service will attempt to solve the sole problem at the forefront of the streaming […]

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YouTube Doesn’t Want You to Know How Many People Are Watching Videos People Pay to See

YouTube’s attempt to break into the original content game isn’t anything revolutionary . In fact, you could say that they’re late to the party Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix are throwing. And in some desperate attempt to fit in, they’ve taken view counts off of YouTube Red shows. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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YouTubers Realize Trademarking ‘React’ Was a Bad Idea, Firmly Backpedal

The internet duo Fine Bros managed to briefly steal Donald Trump’s mantle as the most-hated thing on the internet last week, when they revealed supervillain-style their plan to trademark the word ‘React’. Following the bad, uh, response to the plan, they’re cancelling everything. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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