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Police want Google to nix Waze’s cop-tracking feature due to safety concerns

California sheriffs are protesting a feature which allows Waze users to learn the location of police officers because it might allow potential cop-killers to easily find their targets. The sheriffs are asking Google, which acquired Waze for $1.3 billion as part of its push to offer a more contextual mapping service, to remove the feature from [...]

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Turkey orders Facebook to block pages depicting or criticizing Muhammad

Facebook has been ordered to block pages depicting the Prophet Muhammad, including those featuring the cover of French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo’s latest issue, with a warning that its service could be banned from Turkey if it doesn’t enforce the blockade. The ban comes after protests against the Charlie Hebdo cover in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the Indian-controlled region [...]

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Google’s plan to enter the wireless market is the precursor to a dystopian future

Google is getting into the wireless business. Reports from the Information and the Wall Street Journal indicate that later this year the company plans to sell access to Sprint’s and T-Mobile’s networks, much like companies such as Boost Mobile or FreedomPop do. Some within the telecom industry fear Google’s entrance might exacerbate the price war currently [...]

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Facebook acquires QuickFire to stop being such a menace to consumers’ wireless plans

While Facebook focuses on its desire to have media companies and celebrities embrace its platform, the company might also finally make its video ambitions more compelling for consumers. The company has reportedly acquired QuickFire Networks, a startup focused on allowing high-quality video streams without requiring a lot of bandwidth, for an undisclosed sum. Some “key members” of QuickFire’s team will [...]

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Facebook brags about video growth to woo publishers and celebrities

Facebook wants media organizations and celebrities to share videos the social network’s users won’t find anywhere else, and it’s thumping its chest about the increasing interest those consumers have in discovering that video content through its service. The company claims in a blog post that the amount of video content in its News Feed has roughly tripled [...]

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Digital threats are finally being taken seriously — as long as they’re against police

A number of American citizens have been arrested for threatening the lives of police officers on social forums such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube’s comment section. The latest example of such an arrest is that of a Missouri man who allegedly threatened to bomb the St. Louis County Justice Center and called New Year’s Eve “kill a pig [...]

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