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Five Best Desktop Microphones

Whether you just take a lot of video calls over Skype or Hangouts, record podcasts, make music, or you’re a burgeoning YouTube celebrity, you’ll need a decent microphone for your desktop—one better than whatever’s already built-in. This week we’re looking at five of the best, based on your nominations. Read more… Continue Reading from the […]

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What’s the Best Desktop Microphone?

Whether you’re podcasting, video chatting with coworkers or friends, or a burgeoning YouTube celebrity, you’ll need a good desktop microphone. We’ve talked about how to choose the right one for you , but this week we want to hear which ones you think are the best for the job. Read more…      Continue Reading from […]

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HealthTap unveils new Talk To Docs app, though it looks awfully like a feature

Over the past few years, Palo Alto-based HealthTap has been trying to become one of the leading players in the healthcare app scene. Last year it acquired doctor Q&A site Avvo Health, and last spring it raised a $24 million Series B. Today, the startup is announcing its latest development, a new app called Talk To Docs….


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Siri, play me a song: The Echo Nest teaches Nuance a little something about music

Saying that people like to listen to music via their smartphones, tablets, and car stereos is a bit like saying that people tend to breathe when they sit, walk, or run. It makes sense, then, that voice recognition companies like Nuance want to make it easier for people to summon their jams without having to tap a smartphone or…


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