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2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata reveal to be livestreamed, feature Duran Duran

Filed under: Convertible, Performance, Marketing/Advertising, Mazda, Celebrities We’re all hungry like the wolf to see the unveiling of the next-generation 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata on September 3, but Mazda is seriously excited about taking the sheet of its latest droptop because it has 1980s New Wave act Duran Duran headlining the event. In case you [...]

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Watch this 800-hp Nissan Juke-R savage the ‘Ring

Filed under: Aftermarket, Performance, Europe, Videos, Crossover, Supercars, Nissan The concept of the 545-horsepower Nissan Juke-R that stuffs the drivetrain of a GT-R into a subcompact crossover is already insane, but Russian company Shpilli Villi Engineering has taken things even further with their own crazy riff on the idea. Its version tunes the engine up [...]

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Datsun expands low-cost revival with new Mi-Do in Moscow [w/video]

Filed under: Budget, Videos, Hatchback, Nissan, Misc. Auto Shows, Russia Those who were disappointed when Datsun changed its name to Nissan over three decades ago may have been pleased to see the marque revived last year, even as a budget brand. Nissan’s counterpart to its ally Renault’s Dacia budget brand, Datsun has been steadily expanding [...]

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Batman caught astride Batcycle in Japan

Filed under: Etc., Japan, Videos, Celebrities, Specialty, TV/Movies Holy makeshift Batcycle, Batman. This rider in Japan deserves a round of applause and pat on the back for his dedication to an idea. We’ve seen people build more authentic looking recreations of the Batpod in the past but never with this much commitment to the whole [...]

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A man, his motorcycle, and his Macaw

Filed under: Videos, Motorcycle To those of us who weren’t blessed with feathers and wings – hey, at least we’ve got thumbs, right? – the ability to take to the air, travel huge distances from amazing heights, only to land right back where we started from is the stuff of fantasies. In fact, it’s probably [...]

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Ford GT designer Camilo Pardo wins Motor City Masters

Filed under: Concept Cars, Coupe, Performance, Etc., Videos, Chevrolet, Design/Style, TV/Movies Motor City Masters pulled off its concept of Project Runway for cars rather well. In the end, the TruTV reality series came down to former Ford designer Camilo Pardo and multi-disciplined designer Bryan Thompson, but Pardo was always kind of the show’s ringer as [...]

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Miata driver pulls off hilariously diabolical move in fender-to-fender racing

Filed under: Motorsports, Convertible, Performance, Videos, Mazda, Racing Racing is all about finding the little advantages over competitors that allow you to get ahead. Sometimes those are legitimate means – like being able to take advantage of a better line through a corner – and other times drivers get a little more creative for a [...]

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Which is more fuel efficient, driving with a pickup’s tailgate up or down?

Filed under: Truck, Etc., Videos, Ford, Design/Style Thanks to the smoke wand in the wind tunnel, you can actually see the difference in our video. Should you drive with your pickup truck’s tailgate up or down? It’s an age-old controversy that’s divided drivers for decades. Traditionalists will swear you should leave the tailgate down. Makes [...]

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