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Deadpool VFX Reel Shows All the Work Needed to Make Ryan Reynolds Look Gross

Deadpool contained all sorts of CGI tweaking, whether it was the eyes on Deadpool’s mask, background extensions, or apparently, helping Ryan Reynolds’ skin look as disgusting as possible. Take a look at how some of the film’s sequences came to light in a new VFX breakdown from Rodeo. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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Deadpool VFX Breakdown Reveals Just How Many Stunt Doubles Are Digital These Days

Swapping in a stunt double for an actor in a superhero movie is especially easy, since masks usually hide the character’s face. But the super-human abilities of most Marvel heroes are beyond the reach of even the most talented stunt performers. That’s where digital dopplegangers come in handy. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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10 Old Movies with Special Effects That Have Actually Aged Well and Still Look Good

Movies heavy in visual effects don’t usually age well because they’re often trapped in their own time capsule. Special effects that were supposed to be impressive become cheesy and intimidating effects that were supposed to add to the plot become laughable. Nothing kills the suspension of disbelief faster than bad visuals. But some movies like […]

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The Original Lightsaber Effect

Practical effects wizard Joey Shanks shows us how to replicate the lightsaber effect seen in the first Star Wars movie not using digital trickery, but the same 3M Scotchlite reflection effect that Lucas and his team used back in 1977. The spinning blade trick was brilliant. Link More Awesome Stuff for You to Click On: […]

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