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Climate Change Could Make It Harder for Airplanes to Get Liftoff

Every once in a while, unlucky passengers get bumped because an overbooked airplane is too heavy. It’s maddening, and it makes you question the airline’s ability to do arithmetic. But there is a method to weight restrictions, and Earth’s rising temperatures could make it increasingly hard for planes to take off without shedding extra weight. [...]

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Transparent Frozen Lake

Hikers in the High Tatras Mountains in Slovakia came across a crystal clear lake that was frozen solid. Walking out on the slippery, transparent surface was a surreal experience which must be seen to be appreciated. Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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Outlier Ultrahigh Duffle

A versatile duffle bag made of waterproof, very light and strong polyethylene fiber. Its a rolltop bag, which means you can shrink or expand its size – it has a 15L to 78L capacity – and it can be carried in a variety of ways. Hat Tip Link Price: $450 Continue Reading from the Source

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The Best (and Worst) Airlines in the US

With the nickel and diming, cramped seating, and often poor customer service, it’s no surprise that travelers are dissatisfied in general with the airline industry. It’s not all a crapshoot, though. We took a look at America’s airlines to find which ones are most (and least) likely to give you a better, hassle-free trip. Read [...]

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