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The Monocle Travel Guide to Miami

Istanbul isn’t the only city getting the travel guide treatment from Monocle this December. The media company is also making its way down to South Beach as it offers up the definitive travel guide for Miami. As per usual, the Monocle crew showcases the best food, design and retail around, in this getting venturing outside […]

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Versace Hotel Opens in Dubai

Italian fashion house Versace has opened a luxury hotel in the capitalist mecca of Dubai. The suitably titled Palazzo Versace comes equipped with 215 rooms, a 1000-square-meter mosaic marble floor in the lobby and is being billed as “the most luxurious that the Middle East has ever seen.” Check out the gallery above for a […]

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The Monocle Travel Guide to Istanbul

As Monocle puts it: On first impression, Istanbul can seem a touch demure. But beneath its inimitable skyline is a teeming, triumphant metropolis with imperial history, intrigue, and entrepreneurial zeal written into its streets. It’s a city constantly being remade and reimagined, and the resulting sense of opportunity and vigor is palpable. Now the Turkish […]

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Our Awesome Camaro Road Trip

As part of its 48-state road trip, Chevrolet put us behind the wheel of the new 2016 Camaro SS, packing a 455 hp V8, and a 6-speed manual, and let us loose on Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. The scenery was epic, and the car equally impressive – even in the snow and rain. Link […]

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The Skies of Dubai Became the Host to an Amazing Aerial Showcase

Jetman Dubai and Emirates A380 have joined forces to present an aerial showcase that will make you double take. The choreographed aerial showcase consists of Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet soaring over 4,000 feet in the air along with the world’s largest passenger aircraft. Taking place over the Dubai skyline, this formation flight displays detail and […]

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