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The World’s First Convertible Motor Home Is One Obscene Creation

If you roll your eyes when someone claims that inhabiting a massive luxury RV counts as "camping," you’re not going to like this. As if showers, giant TVs, and microwaves weren’t already overkill enough, a bunch of crazy German automakers have created what is possibly the world’s first motorhome with a convertible roof, letting you [...]

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TUL Self-Weighing Suitcase

Most self-weighing luggage require you to lift them in order to check their weight, but the TUL Suitcase works like conventional weighing scales. Just turn its weighing scale on and adjust your items accordingly. Skip to 1:20. Hat Tip Link Price: ~$300++ Continue Reading from the Source

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Tuuli Armor Tornado Shield

The Tornado Shield helps protect up to three people from being pierced or cut by flying debris, thanks to its layers of padding and ballistic nylon. Its bottom layer is made of ripstop nylon so you can breathe while you’re inside. Hat Tip Link Link 2 Price: $320++ Continue Reading from the Source

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