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The Start-to-Finish Guide to Getting Through Airport Security as Fast as Possible

Airport security lines have been especially nightmarish lately, and there are a handful of factors to blame: more people flying, new screening procedures, and the TSA is seriously understaffed. It’ll be tough to avoid longer than usual wait times at airports this summer, but a little planning will help you to at least navigate security […]

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Virgin Australia Redesigns Its Business Class Cabin for Sleek Luxury

In pursuit of an ever higher standard of airborne luxury, Virgin Australia has unveiled its brand-new business class cabin design for Boeing 777-300ER planes on long-haul flights from Australia to Los Angeles and Abu Dhabi. Named ‘The Business,’ the cabin features 37 individual and private suites arranged in a reverse herringbone layout for maximum privacy while […]

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10 Tips For Successfully Using Airbnb

Continue Reading from the Source The explosive growth of Airbnb has been impressive, to say the least. Like many “platform” businesses, it was initially created out of necessity. It all started in 2007, when two designers, Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky, began to have problems making the rent payments on their San Francisco apartment. They […]

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The Power of Going It Alone

I like doing things alone—eating dinner, playing games , seeing movies—but for some, the idea seems depressing, sad, or only for people with no one to be with. That’s nonsense. Doing things alone develops self-sufficiency, gives you time for honest reflection, and, forces you to learn to like yourself a little—or at least figure out […]

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TSA Blames Passengers For Long Lines

Earlier this week, the TSA admitted that waiting times have been climbing for airline passengers, after being called out by the Port Authority of New York. By way of explanation, the TSA scapegoated passengers, claiming it was our fault for showing up to checkpoints unprepared. And now, the Port Authority is threatening to hire a […]

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Why We Don’t Crash Our Cars While Daydreaming and Driving

Many of us have experienced prolonged stretches of driving where we’re seemingly oblivious to our surroundings, and we’re left dumbfounded that we didn’t get into a serious accident. A new study suggests that a specific brain function protects us from these bouts of absentminded driving—but that it completely breaks down while texting. Read more… Continue […]

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Watch This 360-Degree Close-Range Video of A Tornado

The weather was raging in the Midwestern U.S. on the weekend of May 7-8, with high speed hail ripping across plains and ruining prom photos. Driving past fleeing crowds, one group of daredevils drove straight into a tornado near the town of Wray, Colorado to capture close-range footage near the heart of the tornado, even getting out of their vehicles at one […]

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