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ArchTek Toothpaste Tablets

ArchTek’s travel-friendly toothpaste. Simply chew one with a bit of water (or your spit) and start brushing. Unlike most toothpaste tubes, its packaging is recyclable. Also available in clamshell packs with individual pouches. Hat Tip Link Price: $6/60pcs. Continue Reading from the Source

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Fogo Modular Flashlight

A rugged flashlight with built-in GPS, a fitness tracker and other apps. It also has a USB port that lets you charge other devices from its battery or attach a Fogo module, which will include a walkie-talkie and a satellite modem. Hat Tip Link Price: $175++ Continue Reading from the Source

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“Gotham City SF” A Timelapse Film by Toby Harriman

Photographer and designer Toby Harriman presents a timelapse film entitled “Gotham City SF.” Combining his passion for timelapse film and his interest in black-and-white visuals, Harriman produces a heroic short film on San Francisco utilizing shots of the Golden Gate Bridge, night-time traffic, and exploding fireworks over the San Francisco Bay. Accompanied with an orchestra [...]

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Check Out This Amazing Footage of Dubai

Check out this beautifully shot flow motion video of Dubai, showcasing the Middle Eastern paradise’s expansive landscapes. Rob Whitworth has done another unique job in showcasing the many facets of Dubai, taking us on a journey from the airplane to touring all around the city. Featuring the renowned sky-high buildings and skyscrapers, glittering skyline, juxtaposed with the [...]

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Dubai Flow Motion

Photographer Rob Whitworth wows us once again, creating an eye-popping journey to the city of Dubai, as seen through the lens of his incredible flow motion time-lapse process. Check out some additional footage in 4K here and here. Link Continue Reading from the Source

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