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From Under the Rust

A fascinating reverence comes through for steam locomotives in Julien Lasseur and Rustic’s short film which showcases the zeal for this mode of transport from Cleveland’s Charlie Sedgley and the Midwest Railway Preservation Society. Link Continue Reading from the Source

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Shooting Challenge: Trains

You know why it’s about to be Labor Day Weekend? Because in 1894, Grover Cleveland couldn’t stop the Pullman (railroad) Strike. Blood was shed. Morale was down. And Congress rushed legislation to make appease workers everywhere and make Labor Day a national holiday. In gratitude, for this week’s Shooting Challenge, let’s pay homage to the [...]

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The Self-Perpetuating, Globe-Circling, High-Speed Train from Snowpiercer

The entirety of the film Snowpiercer takes place on a train—a very special train that I can’t stop thinking about. The movie itself is great—we’ve followed the film here due to its unique distribution plan to be made available on-demand platforms just weeks after being released in theaters—but to be honest, I was most captivated [...]

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This Aluminum Car Was Built To Run On Abandoned Railways

Nearly 5,000 miles of abandoned railways criss-cross the the landscape in Mexico and Ecuador, left dormant for decades after privatization of the national system suspended passenger service in 1995. Two Guadalajara-born artists wanted to travel the paths of these "modern ruins," so together they designed what just might be the coolest hybrid of all time. [...]

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A new Miami train station was unveiled today by All Aboard Florida, a privately financed passenger r

A new Miami train station was unveiled today by All Aboard Florida, a privately financed passenger rail project that will connect Orlando to South Florida by refurbishing 235 miles of existing rail lines. This station designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill is expected to open in 2016. [All Aboard Florida] Read more… Continue Reading from [...]

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China’s Batty Proposal For an Under-Sea Train to the United States

A lone report in China’s state-run Beijing Times claims the nation is already in discussions to build an 8,000+ mile railroad connecting China, Russia, Canada, and the U.S.—including a 125 mile undersea tunnel spanning the Bering Strait. Forget taking this with a grain of salt, you’re gonna need the whole shaker. Read more… Continue Reading [...]

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