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LEGO Top Gear UK Set Concept

LEGO Ideas member FisheeC3’s proposal for a LEGO version of the Top Gear set. It includes minifigs of the hosts, the Stig and two staff, plus the furniture, Power Lap board and the broken Hilux. Bonus points for the Stig’s face. Link Continue Reading from the Source

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B-Unstoppable Tank Quadcopter

From the makers of the B car quadcopter comes a flying all-terrain toy. The B-Unstoppable has separate coreless DC motors for its rotors and its caterpillar tracks. It comes with a 2.4Ghz transmitter and lasts around 9-18min per charge. Hat Tip Link Link 2 Price: ~$90++ Continue Reading from the Source

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This Plush Ghostbusters Set Includes the First Stuffed Bill Murray

The film’s recent 30th anniversary has brought with it a wonderful influx of Ghostbusters merchandise that’s perfectly engineered to separate nostalgic (and now grown-up) fans from their hard-earned money. We should be outraged, but who could be with these over-sized ghost-busting plush characters that actually play dialogue from the movies? Read more… Continue Reading from [...]

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It’s Too Bad the Stocks Of This Plush Falkor Aren’t Neverending Too

The wonderful ‘80s flick The NeverEnding Story wasn’t exactly a blockbuster when it hit theaters decades ago, and that means that finding memorabilia from the film these days isn’t easy. There’s an army of crafters on Etsy that are happy to scratch your nostalgic itches, though, it’s just too bad that GameGuardians only opens orders [...]

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Build This Brass Stirling Engine To Keep You Hypnotized At Work

Not every building set has to be made from colorful plastic bricks. If you’re looking for something a little more challenging—and rewarding—than Lego, Hermann Böhm has created this gorgeous stainless steel and brass stirling engine kit that will take you about three satisfying hours to build. And of course it’s fully functional once assembled. Read [...]

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