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The Only Way To Describe This 3D-Printed Mechanized Toy Tank Is Amazing

If there’s one thing a plastic resin 3D printer is good at, it’s making custom toys. And Michael Sng’s Machination Studio has created the ultimate example of what 3D-printed toys can be with the HMC Boudicca; a 20-inch tall walking mechanized tank with more detailed animated features than even R2-D2 has. Read more… Continue Reading [...]

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Codename: Colossus

Machination Studio’s first toy is an intricate 20″ tall electronic mobile fortress with a retro-futuristic WW I theme. Most of its 400+ parts are 3D printed and all are hand-painted. It has moveable legs, guns and cannons. Hat Tip Link Link 2 Price: $ Request Continue Reading from the Source

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A Controller So Beautiful You Might Not Care If It Actually Sucks

If you’ve been playing video games since the original NES hit North America over 30 years ago, your tastes have probably refined over the years. So why muck up your living room coffee table with plastic controller monstrosities when this gorgeous walnut and aluminum alternative perfectly complements all your furniture? Read more… Continue Reading from [...]

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TT Kaiser RC Monster Truck

Thunder Tiger’s Kaiser is a durable, light and lightning-quick remote-controlled 1/8th scale monster truck. It has a 2000kV motor, metal shocks, realistic engine sound effects and a GoPro mount on the passenger seat. Hat Tip Link Link 2 Price: $650 Continue Reading from the Source

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LEGO Ferrari F40

The LEGO Creator set #10248 is a highly detailed Ferrari F40 model. It faithfully recreates the prototypical supercar’s marks, from the pop-up headlights to the massive – and removable – V8 engine. Drops 8/15 for $90. Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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How Toy Figures Are Made

The Science Channel’s How It’s Made take us inside the Scleich toy factory, as a dinosaur design goes from sketch to digital and wax models, to molds, resulting in an injection-molded figurine ready for handpainting and assembly. Link Continue Reading from the Source

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How a little toy dinosaur is made

There’s a lot of work—and so many different materials used—in making a little toy dinosaur. But once you get the casting right, you can make the dinos forever. Here’s how it goes: the figurine is first hand drawn, then digitally drawn, then re-created in wax. After that, the figure is doused in silicone, buried in [...]

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