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Ingenious Teen’s Home-Built Backhoe Toy Works Just Like the Real Thing

This video has been around for a few months, but I just came across it and it’s astounding. Check out this Brazilian teen’s scratch-built model backhoe. Using plastic syringes and silicon tubing, he’s created a miniature hydraulic system that functions the same exact way as the mechanism inside a real excavator. This kid is sharp. [...]

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This Incredible Robotic Building Set Is Like Lego Come to Life

In today’s toy-scape, robotic building sets have handily made the transition from fad to staple, and for good reason—they are awesome. But in a world where Lego Mindstorms reigns king , nothing has managed to combine function, universal appeal, and straight up fun quite like TinkerBots. This could be your kids’—and, for that matter, your—new [...]

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A Powerful Chemistry Tool Inspired by Music Boxes Only Costs $5

Stanford University’s Manu Prakash, Ph.D., loves coming up with cheap, rugged scientific equipment, like his 50-cent microscope made of folded cardboard . Now he’s followed that up with another ingenious chemistry tool: A $5 device that uses the guts from a music box to control chemical reactions with super precision. Read more… Continue Reading from [...]

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Mattel BoomCo Blasters

Mattel is now in an arms race with NERF. Its BOOMco. Blasters have reusable and universal plastic ammunition with sticky tips. It’s already available in certain parts of Europe and should be out in the US this summer. Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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Magnetic Building Blocks That Interact With Touchscreen Tablet Apps

There’s a fear that touchscreen devices like smartphones and tablets will one day turn kids into lifeless, imagination-less zombies. But technology isn’t all bad. And to bridge the gap between the toys of yesteryear and tomorrow, researchers at the National Taiwan University created a building block toy that can interact with apps on a touchscreen [...]

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Blink and You'll Miss This 188 MPH RC Car

Last week Samvir Thandi blew our minds with a model rocket car that hit 285 mph. But it was basically just a rocket engine with wheels that you aimed—hopefully accurately—and fired. Nick Case’s remote control speed demons actually have electric motors, and his latest creation—quite possibly the world’s fastest RC car—just hit 188 mph. Read [...]

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Think of the AryaBall like one of those Russian stacking dolls – but for sports. This clever toy manages to pack a football, a flying disc, and kid’s baseball/golf ball inside a soccer ball. For a little extra, you can have a combo bat/mini golf club. Hat Tip Link Link 2 Price: $45+ Continue Reading [...]

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