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Techart’s Ingenious Adapter Adds Autofocus to Manual Focus Lenses

A majority of vintage camera hobbyists would undoubtedly argue for the tactile pleasure of manual focus lenses, but for those who favor both their sturdy craftsmanship as well as the convenience of modern autofocus lenses, Guangzhou-based Techart has unveiled an adapter which adds an autofocus function to manual lenses. Utilizing an extendable Leica M bayonet mount […]

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Time Inc. Acquires Myspace Owner Viant

Since relaunching back in 2013, Myspace has done better than you might expect — around this time last year, traffic was even up 575% thanks to “Throwback Thursday.” Previously dubbed Interactive Media Holdings (and before that, Specific Media), Viant purchased Myspace for just $35 million USD (alongside Justin Timberlake) in 2011 and now Viant and […]

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Forget a Pre-Game Warmup for Your Muscles, There’s Now a Pre-Game Workout for Your Brain

Sports technology is getting more complicated and advanced, case in point — Halo Neuroscience. This tech start up specializes in something called neuropriming, defined as “a pre-workout for the brain.” The company’s first product is Halo Sport, a Beats by Dre-like device that you wear like headphones, but emits pulses of energy to prime the […]

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Nervana unleash headphones that stimulate pleasure by releasing serotonin

The relationship between music and emotion is self-evident. As listeners, we select the music we prefer based on the emotion we want to experience, be it happiness, aggression, or any number of other manifestations. While music itself evokes emotional responses through activating neurotransmitters, the desire to enhance these experiences by further catalyzing the release of […]

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France Is Set to Convert Hundreds of Miles of Roads Into Solar Panels

In a significant gesture towards environmentalism, the French government has decided to turn 620 miles of road into energy-generating solar panels, which would provide enough energy for 8 percent of the population. This is made possible by the use of Wattway solar panel tiles manufactured by Colas, which are thin yet durable and can be applied […]

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Versace Launches its Very Own Emoji App

Versace is hot on the heels of Kim Kardashian. After Mrs. West launched her own Kimoji app last year, the Italian fashion house has done introduced an emoji app of its own. Dropping in time for Valentine’s Day along with a corresponding capsule collection of tees dubbed “#VersaceSharesLove,” the app reimagines the brand’s iconic Medusa […]

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Uber’s Head of Design Steps Down

Uber’s head of design, Andrew Crow has announced last week that he will be leaving the Silicon Valley logistics company via Medium. The announcement comes in the wake of widespread criticism and ridicule surrounding Uber’s recent rebranding. Many have noted the simplicity of the app’s new logo (the basic structure can be built with just […]

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Google Reportedly Looking to Release a New VR Headset in 2016

According to a new report on Financial Times, Google is looking release a more substantial VR headset successor to the Cardboard, that would rival Samsung’s Gear VR. The tech giant is said to be developing a smartphone-based product that’s made from durable materials, which will house improved sensors and lenses. With Google’s I/O developer conference coming […]

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