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Will.i.am’s the “dial” Smartwatch Is Now Ready For Pre-Order

The musically gifted entrepreneur that is William Adams — better known as Will.i.am — has been spending his time developing his latest venture from the tech industry: the dial, a smartwatch with its own voice-recognized virtual assistant called AneedA. Like its artificial sisters – Siri, Cortana and Alexa — AneedA is programmed to execute orders and […]

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Sony Patents Smart Contact Lens Camera Technology

Following in the footsteps of Google and Samsung, Sony has just patented technology for smart contact lenses. According to sonyalpharumors, the Japanese tech conglomerate’s iteration of a lens looks to be very advanced with a built-in camera, storage and transmission unit. The patent also states that the device would be able to have autofocus, aperture […]

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Microsoft Joins Forces With Stark Industries on Special Edition Xbox One

Microsoft has got some words of design advice from Stark Industries for its Xbox One gaming system. Previous themes such as Halo and Call of Duty have graced the system’s hardware and now its time for Iron Man to get his shot. The crisp white system hosts Tony Stark’s trademark arc reactor that actually lights up. Unfortunately there’s […]

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Facebook Crushes Q1 Revenue Projections While Zuckerberg Moves to Protect His Control

Today, Facebook announced its quarter one earnings soared passed early projections with 1.65 billion monthly users, $5.38 billion USD in revenue and $0.77 USD earnings per share. That’s a 52% increase in revenue compared to the $3.54 billion USD from the same period last year, including a large jump in net income between 2016’s $1.51 billion […]

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Nintendo’s Next-Generation Console Has a Launch Date

The Wii U won’t be Nintendo’s flagship console much longer. The iconic Japanese company has officially confirmed that the codenamed NX is just months away — and will be launched simultaneously in markets across the globe. Via a financial release, Nintendo states, “For our dedicated video game platform business, Nintendo is currently developing a gaming […]

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New Melomind headphones will teach you to relax

Melomind is the latest pair of headphones that does more than merely play music back to you. The brand claims to be a hardware and software product that facilitates relaxation every day and eventually, teaches users to relax when the headphones are off. The headphones come equipped with four electroencephalographic sensors, which track the activity of your brain. […]

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Sony’s Glass Sound Speakers Are Opulent, Innovative and Luminous

Sony’s Life Space UX initiative is dedicated to high-end design objects and products that fit into users’ homes; you may recall the lightbulb speaker that the company revealed a year ago. Now, the tech giant’s latest release is the Glass Sound Speaker—a wireless Bluetooth speaker built into an LED lantern. The design utilizes its cylindrical form […]

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Nokia to Acquire Withings for $191 Million USD

Known for producing some of the slickest wearables and health-related gadgets on the market, French imprint Withings will soon become a division of Nokia Technologies. Nokia announced plans for the acquisition earlier today as it continues its resurgence following Microsoft’s purchase of its phone division back in 2013. Said Nokia president and CEO Rajeev Suri […]

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An Absurd Solution For Keeping Your Crashed Drone From Drowning

A drone crash can be catastrophic no matter where it happens, but watching your expensive toy plummet into a lake is especially tragic because water and electronics don’t mix. There’s now a relatively simple way to ensure your drone survives an unexpected water landing, though. The inspiration? Insects. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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