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Why Apple may spend $30M to buy “Pandora of talk radio” app Swell

Sources tell Re/Code that Apple is close to finalizing deal to buy Swell, a news and podcast curation app for $30 million. Billed by some as the “Pandora of talk radio,” Swell creates playlists drawing in content from iTunes, NPR, ESPN, and others that are personally tailored to users’ tastes. Like YouTube, Amazon, Spotify, and [...]

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This Box Can Hold an Entire Netflix

You’ve probably heard about Netflix peering issues recently, the pissing contest between Netflix and ISPs arguing over who should pay who for what, with us poor binge-watchers caught in the crossfire. But at the heart of all the arguments is mundane yet spectacular piece of hardware. An unassuming box that holds approximately one (1) Netflix. [...]

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Ever the copycat, Samsung announces new “premium” headphones

I like to imagine that somewhere deep within the bowels of Samsung’s headquarters there is a person suspended in a mysterious liquid whose job is to predict the future in time for the company to develop an innovative product ahead of its competition. The problem with this imaginary fortune teller is that reality tells a very different story. [...]

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Verizon promises to improve upload speeds as it pretends Netflix and YouTube don’t exist

  Verizon is planning to increase the speed with which its FiOS Internet subscribers can upload content to the Web to reverse the service’s slowing expansion, the Wall Street Journal reports. The speed bump is expected to be finished by the end of this Fall, and Verizon told the Journal that 95 percent of consumers will receive the [...]

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Now YouTube Is Shaming ISPs For Slow Streaming Video

Sometime in the past few days, YouTube started showing a new error bar on slow-loading videos. "Experiencing interruptions? Find out why," it implores. Clicking through takes you to Google’s Video Quality Report page, comparing streaming quality of your local ISPs. If your provider’s slow, Google wants you to know. Read more… Continue Reading from the [...]

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Digital music sales are in a free fall, as Spotify does to iTunes what iTunes did to CDs

Why would you pay $9.99 or more for one album on iTunes when for the same price each month you can hear millions of songs on a streaming music platform like Spotify? The concept of digital downloads is something more and more listeners are questioning, as new numbers from Nielsen Soundscan show that album and track sales [...]

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