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I Tried Tidal and It Sucked

Two weeks ago, a happy-go-lucky troupe of ragtag recording artists (collective net worth: over $2,000,000,000) stood shoulder to shoulder on a stage and asked for your money. In return they would give you "TIDAL," a streaming music website and app that costs too much. I gave it a try. You should not. Read more… Continue [...]

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Thanks to subscriber limits and service outages, cutting the cord will be harder than expected

An increasing number of services like Sling TV and an upcoming streaming product from Apple want to offer access to select television channels without requiring people to sign up for cable television packages — those holdovers from the pre-digital age which charge customers for access to hundreds of other channels, most of which they have no intention of ever watching. [...]

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Apple wants content companies to bear streaming costs of its television service

Apple is telling companies that want to be part of its television-streaming service that they must bear the cost of delivering their videos to consumers. Recode reports that the company won’t handle the infrastructure behind the television service, which is expected to debut as early as fall of this year. Demanding that companies provide their own [...]

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3 biggest misconceptions about the music industry and Jay-Z’s Tidal (which is doomed anyway)

The verdict is out: Tidal is likely headed toward a wipe out. Virtually every tech and music publication — with the predictable exception of Billboard which was given an exclusive interview with founder Jay-Z — is extremely skeptical of Tidal, the rapper’s “artist-first” streaming music platform. Bob Lefsetz called it “dead on arrival.” Stereogum called it [...]

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