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Amazon Unlimited Cloud Storage

Amazon’s Cloud Drive service now offers affordable unlimited online backup subscriptions. For just $12 a year you can save unlimited photos from your computer and mobile devices. Pay $60 a year to upload any kind of file. Hat Tip Link Price: $12/$60/yr. Continue Reading from the Source

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kSafe Locked Container

From the makers of the Kitchen Safe comes the kSafe, which helps curb bad habits in more ways. You can set it to open on a timer (up to 100 days), only on certain times, after you visit a certain location or after doing physical activity. Hat Tip Link Price: $79++ Continue Reading from the [...]

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Sadly This 10TB Hard Drive Is Designed For Servers, Not Your Laptop

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies—aka HGST, aka a subsidiary of Western Digital—was recently showing off its gigantic new 10TB hard drive at the Linux Foundation Vault tradeshow in Boston. But unfortunately you won’t be packing 10,000 gigabytes into your laptop anytime soon because the drive is designed for use in servers, and mostly because it requires [...]

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SanDisk 200GB microSD Card

Following on its 128GB microSD card, SanDisk outdoes itself with the first 200GB microSD card. That’s enough space 20h of 1080p videos. As always, it’s water-, magnet-, X-ray- and shock-proof. Drops this year for $400. Just don’t lose it. Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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Battery Organizer with Removable Tester

TV remotes, console controllers, and flashlights, oh…crap. I thought I had 4 more AA batteries somewhere in here. Amidst the cords and paper clips and eyeglass repair kits and, oh hey, here’s my Mr. Spock action figure from childhood! (RIP, Mr. Nimoy.) Range Kleen’s battery organizer with removable tester attacks the madness of your mess [...]

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