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Spinning Turbo – Turbocharger Keychain

I turboed my motorcycle. I turboed my boat. I turboed my go-kart, my moped, my lawnmower. And last week I pulled off the turbo of all turbos: I sneaked into my preachy, pinched-nose, Aren’t-you-going-to-recycle-that? neighbor’s garage while she was out of town and turboed her Prius. Shazam! Mrs. Conroy! And in honor of my turbo [...]

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Panny Key Block

I’ve seen a Veruca Salt-sized Santa Claus sack of wallet and keychain “innovations” over the past few years, and while Panny may not turn the world on its head like the Coin card consolidator, it’s definitely making a calculated play for a spot in my pocket. The small, compartmented Panny block stores keys in a [...]

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Build a Custom Closet on the Cheap

Custom closet systems neatly organize your clothes and make the most of your available space, but, depending on the size of your closet, they could cost thousands of dollars. Mindy of My Love 2 Create transformed her master closet with just a few hundred dollars and lots of elbow grease. Read more…      Continue Reading [...]

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