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EZSTAX Interlocking Dividers Organizer

Seems like it’s always easier to make a mess than it is to clean it up. And while there are plenty of items out there to prevent the former–bibs, sippy cups, condoms–and help with the latter–vacuums, washing machines, Harvey Keitel–EZSTAX is a rare jewel that does both. An organizer comprised of stackable interlocking dividers, EZSTAX [...]

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Nyko Data Bank for PS4

The Data Bank lets you replace the PS4’s 2.5″ hard drive with faster and higher capacity 3.5″ drives. Note that the PS4 won’t always work with drives larger than 2TB. A Data Bank for the Xbox One is on the way. Hat Tip Link Link 2 Price: $40 Continue Reading from the Source

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Nanoform Data Storage

Two sapphire wafers that protect photos and text from scratches, fire, water and more. Data is shrunk 30,000 times and then laser-engraved between the wafers. You can use a magnifying glass, a microscope or a camera to zoom in. Hat Tip Link Price: ~$150++ Continue Reading from the Source

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