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Nyko Data Bank for PS4

The Data Bank lets you replace the PS4’s 2.5″ hard drive with faster and higher capacity 3.5″ drives. Note that the PS4 won’t always work with drives larger than 2TB. A Data Bank for the Xbox One is on the way. Hat Tip Link Link 2 Price: $40 Continue Reading from the Source

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Nanoform Data Storage

Two sapphire wafers that protect photos and text from scratches, fire, water and more. Data is shrunk 30,000 times and then laser-engraved between the wafers. You can use a magnifying glass, a microscope or a camera to zoom in. Hat Tip Link Price: ~$150++ Continue Reading from the Source

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Hatchie Back Seat Rifle Sling

While there will be a lot more dinners to be had from your rod and reel than your rifle over the next few months, I never ignore the Scout’s Motto: Always be prepared. Hatchie’s back seat gun sling comes in two pieces that fit over and fasten to a vehicle’s driver and front passenger seats. [...]

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The World’s Thinnest 4 TB External Drive Doesn’t Need Extra Power

Chances are if you’ve opted for an ultra-portable laptop , you’ve made a few compromises when it comes to on-board storage. So an external hard drive for archiving your mountains of media is a must, and Samsung’s now squeezed four terabytes of storage inside a housing that matches your computer’s svelte dimensions. Read more… Continue [...]

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Base Plop SSD Dock

The Base Plop lets you connect up to four SSDs to a PC via USB 3.0. It also has four USB ports. It works only with the Mobile Plop USB SSD enclosure though. You can buy the Mobile Plops separately or pledge for a bundle as a reward. Hat Tip Link Link 2 Price: $160++ [...]

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The Google Photos Moment

I’ve got 300+ GB of photos and videos sitting on a couple hard drives. I never look at them. I’ve never found the time to organize them. They just sit there. The new Google Photos claims it can fix that. It’s like Gmail for your photos, the company whispers. Read more… Continue Reading from the [...]

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Google Photos

Google Photos for PC, Android and iOS offers free unlimited storage for photos and videos. The fun – and creepy – part? It automatically sorts and recognizes the people and objects in your media. Damn Google, you scary. Link Link 2 Price: Free Continue Reading from the Source

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Mighty Handle Carrier

The fact that Mighty Handle-rs are probably making a crap ton of money off a hook-shaped piece of plastic really gets my goat. Especially since it’s actually a good idea with many practical applications, such as carrying the 37 plastic bags Safeway uses to load my 37 grocery items, and the 37 shirts I have [...]

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