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The World’s Strongest Man Doesn’t Even Lift

Dennis Rogers is Pound-for-Pound the World’s Strongest Man By now, we all know that a strongman won’t always have a body like Ronnie, or Arnold. No, strongmen are somewhat of a different breed. Generally not a shredded 240 pounds – but rather more like a 300 pound perma-bulk. And then there’s Dennis Rogers, who weighs [...]

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Ronda Rousey’s Cinnamon Swirl French Toast Commercial for Carl’s Jr.

Branded as “Ronda Rousey’s most satisfying takedown,” American-based fast-food chain Carl’s Jr. has released yet another tongue-in-cheek commercial staring today’s UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion. Having been at the receiving end of many jokes following her numerous wins in recent months, Ronda Rousey has tackled all the criticisms and media attention well and is taking to [...]

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Paul Rodriguez on Fashion vs. Skateboarding And His Feature Film ‘We Are Blood’

Paul Rodriguez, P-Rod to his friends, fellow professionals and sometimes his detractors, has been skateboarding professionally since 2002. After being linked closely with a variety of low-key, high-profile and near-enough iconic brands throughout his successful career, Rodriguez, in recent times at least, has begun to strike out on his own. After forming Primitive, his own [...]

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Michael Jordan Won’t Be Allowed to Pick Who Becomes Jordan Brand Athletes

The NBA recently fined the Los Angeles Clippers $250,000 USD for sweetening its contract offer to DeAndre Jordan with a third-party endorsement deal. Bonuses like these aren’t allow under the NBA’s anti-circumvention rules as teams could essentially compensate players above and beyond the limits of the salary cap. Continuing its off-season cleaning, the NBA has [...]

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Punt Return Insanity

Fans attending a recent football game between Hawaiian high schools Kahuku and Kaiser were treated to one of the odder and more entertaining punt return sequences we’ve seen. Hit play, and keep your eye on the ball, folks. Link Continue Reading from the Source

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Watch Three Skaters Cruise Through Los Angeles

The best way to explore a city is by foot, but that doesn’t always mean walking. In its last 80mm segment, Rollerblade took us for an insider’s look through Shanghai, cruising through the gritty Chinese metropolis with three rollerbladers. Here the segment opens up again in Los Angeles, letting professional freeskaters Timmy van Rixtel, Sean Keane, [...]

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Steph Curry Multiplies In Under Armour’s “Rule Yourself” Commercial

Sports are equal parts physical and mental, with millions of combinations and movements available at each athlete’s disposal. Here Under Armour gives physical realization to those single ideas with its latest commercial: “Rule Yourself.” Starring dancer Misty Copeland and golfer Jordan Speith alongside the NBA 2015 MVP Steph Curry, the video multiplies each player’s moments of [...]

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