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Kobe Bryant Brings “Mamba Mentality” to Europe

Despite calling it a career after 20 magnificent years in the league, Kobe Bryant is far from done making an impact in the NBA and sporting world in general. Propelled by an unrivalled confidence and dedication to the game, Kobe’s “Mamba Mentality” is what separated him from the pack during his playing days. Night in, night out the Black Mamba terrorized […]

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Lil B Pens an Open Letter to Kevin Durant

Lil B may have officially lifted his curse on Kevin Durant when the latter signed with the Golden State Warriors, but the Bay Area native born Brandon McCartney went one step further when speaking to The Undefeated. Instead of a traditional interview, the Based God opted to use the platform to deliver an open letter addressed […]

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French Physicists Unravel the Secrets of the Knuckleball  

Knuckleballs are mostly associated with baseball in the United States, but this devilishly unpredictable ball motion also shows up in soccer, cricket, and volleyball. Yet it’s never seen in other sports like squash, basketball, and table tennis. A team of French scientists think they’ve finally figured out why and describe their conclusions in the New […]

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This Short Film Explores Aaron Herrington’s Die-Hard Passion for Skateboarding

In a new mini-documentary called “Rose is the Apple of My Eye,” South Korean photographer Pep Kim intimately spotlights pro skateboarder Aaron Herrington where the Oregon-born athlete details his love for the extreme sport, how he scouts rare spots to shred in New York City and his signage into Polar Skateboards. The five-minute-clip also includes […]

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Soccer Darts Looks Even Harder to Play When You’re Drunk

Whoever thought that putting a game involving sharp pointed darts in a pub where people are getting drunk clearly wasn’t worried about safety. Foot Darts—a mashup of soccer and darts played with velcro-covered balls and a giant inflatable target—looks a little safer. Although we imagine it’d be just as difficult to hit the massive bullseye […]

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Absurdly Fast Human Catapult Goes From 0 to 125 Miles-Per-Hour in One Second

Dubai is equal parts engineering marvel and rich person playground. It’s where drones race pricey supercars and skateboarders rent out and drain entire waterparks for their amusement. It’s also where BASE jumpers Chris Douggs McDougall and Jimmy Pouchert shot themselves 300 feet into the air just for the fuck of it. Read more… Continue Reading […]

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Chance The Rapper Honors Muhammad Ali With New Song At ESPYs (And Dances With Steph Curry)

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Chance The Rapper just keeps climbing his way into stardom, and tonight he may have just delivered his greatest performance yet. Taking the national stage at the 2016 ESPY Awards, Chance and his band The Social Experiment were tasked to tribute the late, great Muhammad Ali. They do so, by premiering […]

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Watch Moron Tenor Ruin Baseball All-Star Game With Racist ‘All Lives Matter’ Sign and Anthem

Ah, who am I kidding, the All-Star Game sucks anyway, but dipshit Canadian tenor Remigio Pereira of creatively-named Canadian quartet “The Tenors” made it suck more by modifying the Canadian national anthem with a syrupy coating of racism, complete with visual aid:Why are there Canadians singing at … Continue reading Continue Reading from the Source

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