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Tony Dungy Has a Very Cowardly Reason Why He Wouldn’t Have Drafted Michael Sam

One of the most dearly-held dogmas in the National Football League is that former Indianapolis Colts and Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Tony Dungy is of such high moral character that he’s beyond reproach. The peak of this mythology came in 2010, when ESPN published a jaw-droppingly obsequious feature about Dungy, essentially recasting him as St. Anthony the Redeemer because [...]

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Derek Jeter: Respect

The Jordan brand tips its hat to the New York Yankees’ Derek Jeter, who is playing on his 20th and final season. Watch as fans, teammates, celebrities and even rivals honor one of the greatest players of this generation. Link Continue Reading from the Source

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Derek Jeter Earns the Re2pect Of Hookups One Gift Basket At A Time

Tonight, the MLB All-Star game is being Instagram-filtered through the “Derek Jeter is retiring! Let us all praise him!” lens, and a few days ago an incredibly well-done video praising the lifelong Yankee was released unto a ravenously Share-happy public: But as Jeter’s farewell tour enters its closing half and his impressive baseball resume is paraded [...]

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Even LeBron’s Return To Cleveland Isn’t Immune From Being Politicized

Yes, America, apparently everything is a partisan political issue, as two very different reactions to LeBron James’ decision to leave the Miami Heat to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers demonstrate. The hot story on Friday was the tenterhooked anticipation of the NBA superstar’s decision on whether to return to his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers, and when [...]

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Can We All Just Admit That a Shootout Is a Terrible Way To End a World Cup Match?

Even though I hadn’t been watching the World Cup semi-final match between Argentina and the Netherlands on Wednesday, I leapt to my feet upon receiving word from my SportsCenter app that they were heading to a shootout after extra time of a 0-0 game, turned on the TV, and saw Argentina prevail 4-2 on penalty [...]

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Pornhub Forced To Explain Difference Between Blowout and Blow#&% To World Cup Fans

It’s not often you get to see a bunch of muscled German guys completely stick it to a dozen or so Brazilians on basic cable, but yesterday’s World Cup semi-final game was an absolute blowout, with Germany defeating the host-country Brazilians 7-1. In fact, it was so thorough a pounding that a few users attempted to post clips [...]

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What We Can All Learn From Cleveland Brown’s Josh Gordon’s Latest DWI Arrest

2014 has been another year that proves the indisputable fact that, at least when it comes to sports and geographical locations, God hates Cleveland. LeBron hasn’t even pretended like he’s going to come home after his 4-year long trip out for cigarettes, the Indians are middling a few games below .500, and the Browns decided [...]

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OGIO Silencer Golf Bag

OGIO’s intelligent Silencer stand bag separates clubs in a protective membrane so you can extend your gear life and walk the course enjoying nature’s sounds instead of all that clanging. Lightweight and lots of pockets too. Link Price: $235 Continue Reading from the Source

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Gnarly in Pink

According to The New York Times, by age 14 girls are twice as likely to drop out of sports as boys. The Pink Helmet Posse want to beat those odds. These 6-year-old girls dream of becoming professional skateboarders. Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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