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MEMBERS ONLY: Why Facebook is Wrong (and Right) to Suppress Conservative Stories

News broke this week that the Facebook trending news team block news stories that could be of interest to conservative readers — a revelation that undermines Facebook’s reputation as an unbiased social network that adapts to what people are interested in, then disseminates content according to … Continue reading Continue Reading from the Source

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Watch this: industry experts discuss the relationship between corporate brands and music

As our world becomes more and more interconnected, new opportunities are constantly arising for businesses to communicate in a personalized way with their target markets. In recent years, the music industry has been undergoing major overhauls to deal with the transition into the Age of Information. One major result of this transformation in the music industry has […]

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I Am an Obsessive Instagram Power User And I Demand a Chronological Feed

Yesterday, Gizmodo and a multitude of other outlets reported on an impending change to Instagram’s chronological photo and video postings. “Watch Out, People Are About to Get Unreasonably Upset About The Order of Their Instagram Feeds,” reads a headline from Gizmodo’s very own Sophie Kleeman, a writer I personally hired who then proceeded to pierce […]

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This Is What Happened When Instagram Banned Certain Pro-Anorexia Words

In 2012, Instagram started moderating certain terms used by pro-anorexia groups, making it one of the more tightly moderated social media platforms. A group of Georgia Tech researchers decided to study if banning such words helped the communities using them. Instead, they found that it may make matters worse. Read more… Continue Reading from the […]

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You Won’t Believe Why this Teacher Got Fired Over a Nude Photo

A high school teacher in South Carolina was forced to resign over a nude photo of her that was shared on social media, but the circumstances surrounding that photo, and her dismissal, are outrageous. Let’s just let Leigh Anne Arthur explain how one of her 16 year-old students had that photo “made … Continue reading […]

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Snapchat makes the leap to the traditional web

During this year’s Oscars, Snapchat unveiled its first delivery of content to the traditional web, using clips from the star-studded red carpet, acceptance speeches, and more. The company did not bother trying to surround the debut with pomp and buzz, yet its importance was not lost on many media experts, foreshadowing what will most likely […]

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