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Enplug drags digital signage into the social era, raising $2.5M and landing Porsche and Coffee Bean as clients

Digital signage is hardly an industry that screams for startup attention. Yes, the category hasn’t had much innovation in the decade plus that it’s been in existence, but it’s not like the dentist offices, restaurants, and casinos that host these screens are clamoring for technology. If anything, these signs are often an afterthought. Culver City-based [...]

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Dispatches and Debunkery from the Trenches of the Obamacare Debate

My dearest friends are always warning me to stop being baiting into political shovel fights on social media. And while I’ve somewhat restrained my natural compulsion to do so, I simply can’t help it. It’s what I do. If there’s someone who’s marketing in crapola online, I can’t help but to respond. There’s a classic [...]

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Turkish court defends free expression by lifting YouTube ban

Just one day after a ban on Twitter was lifted, a Turkish court has ruled that blocking access to YouTube violates human rights and that the service will be allowed back into the country. The court will allow the Turkish government to block access to 15 individual videos, however. The bans were first ordered by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip [...]

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GameChanger gets $6.8M Series B to make sure busy parents never miss out on a child’s MVP moment

There are few prouder moments in a parent’s life than when their child gets the game winning hit in a little league game, or makes the proverbial buzzer beater. But what of busy parents who can’t be at every game or grandparents living across the country who too want to be in on the action? [...]

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Cloak and the appeal of anonymous platforms and “antisocial networks”

The idea that consumers want to easily communicate with everyone they know during every waking moment is being questioned by messaging services, anonymous platforms, and now an app called Cloak that grabs data from Foursquare and Instagram to help users avoid people. Think of it as the opposite of people-finding apps like Highlight that encourage [...]

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Pop wants to be more than just another quirky social messaging tool

My time with my phone is fairly well mapped out. For commuting and second-screening, I have Twitter. There’s Facebook to distract me from work and sometimes Instagram if I’m in the mood to see other people make their lives look better through an automatic filter. Viber helps me communicate with friends abroad, plain old SMS to talk with friends in…


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Ideapod is a social network for ideas, not to be confused with those other non-idea social networks

Have an idea you want to share on the Internet? Well now there’s a platform for that! Along with… every other social platform around the sole purpose of which is to share your thoughts. But now there’s a website whose entire sharing mechanism is about “ideas,” whatever that means. The site is called Ideapod. It’s based in New York,…


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