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The trouble with open networks: After Twitter cracks down on ISIS, the militants move to Diaspora

Earlier this week, after the Islamic militants of ISIS beheaded journalist James Foley and posted a horrific video of his murder, Twitter suspended a number of ISIS-affiliated accounts. CEO Dick Costolo clarified the company’s policy in a tweet, saying, “We have been and are actively suspending accounts as we discover them related to this graphic imagery” (though, [...]

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Thanks to the Ice Bucket Challenge, $50M has been given to ALS research in the time it took to raise $2M last year

I have to admit: When people first started doing the Ice Bucket Challenge, which if you’ve been living under a rock involves dousing yourself in cold water to avoid donating $100 to ALS research, I was pretty annoyed by it. You mean to say people would rather post a narcissistic selfie video to Facebook than [...]

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Twitter Announces the Suspension of Users Posting Images of James Foley’s Beheading

Finally, Twitter has taken a small but significant step toward cleaning up the vile filth being spread anonymously (and otherwise) on its popular social media platform. Effective this morning, Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo announced the suspension of any users who tweet the horrifying images of the beheading of American journalist James Foley by ISIS terrorists. [...]

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Facebook’s Rose-Colored News Feed

Pope Francis. Haim. An inspirational Little League coach. You’ve likely seen these stories on Facebook today, along with ice buckets and your friends’ babies. I know that because they’re sitting atop the social network’s "trending" list. What’s not there at all? Ferguson. Welcome to Facebookworld, where everything’s wonderful all of the time. Read more… Continue [...]

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Sadistic Twitter Trolls Drive Robin Williams’ Daughter to Quit Social Media

As many of us have observed this week, Rush Limbaugh was only the most recognizable troll who turned Robin Williams’ tragic suicide into his own cynical, callous soap box. Predictably enough, the dark, cruel occupiers of Twitter’s anonymous underworld successfully outdid everyone. After being relentlessly harassed online, Williams’ daughter Zelda announced that she was abandoning [...]

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Sorry, news and social media apps: Most people don’t want your push notifications

According to one estimate, 22 percent of downloaded apps are only used once. Therefore the push notification has become a great way to retain users so your app doesn’t become part of this silent majority. But according to a new report from the engagement marketing firm Kahuna, less than 45 percent of users in some product categories, including [...]

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Instagram turns men into jealous, insecure wrecks, a new study says

Along the same lines as the question, “How did people watch TV before DVR and Netflix?” or “How did people drive anywhere before Google Maps?” I sometimes ask myself, “How did people tumble through psychologically unhealthy cycles of jealousy before social media?” Sure, in the pre-digital days you could become a stalker, hanging outside your [...]

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Breaking news in the social age is a mess. Can Grasswire help stop the spread of misinformation?

From Reddit’s catastrophic witch hunt in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing to the deluge of fake images and reports during Hurricane Sandy, social media has turned every breaking news event into a playground of misinformation. Most recently, the downing of Malaysian Airlines MH17 prompted all manner of false reports, like that dozens of Americans had [...]

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