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Calm down, tech journalists: It’s okay if you don’t use Snapchat

On the day Snapchat announced partnerships to host media content from publications like VICE and National Geographic, Bloomberg’s Joseph Weisenthal tweeted, “Real talk for a moment. I’ve never used Snapchat. Is this a career liability, a la not using Twitter from 2009-2015?” Then yesterday, Slate’s 32-year-old tech reporter Will Oremus shared similar anxieties, posing the question, “Is [...]

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Woman Discovers Her Photos Have Been Used to Catfish Others for Years

Most of our discussions of catfishing are limited to the catfishers and catfishees, but there’s a third category we often forget about: the unwitting catfish-complicit, whose pictures and deets make the catfishing possible, and whose lives also get crappy and complicated when sucked into the mix. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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Is 2015 the year brands finally stopped tweeting insensitive MLK tweets?

Pity the brand social media manager. In the new content economy, the pressure is on for Twitter and Facebook jockeys to insert their company’s brand into the narrative of every trending topic, good taste be damned. This is done in the hopes of accumulating retweets and likes, which in turn are supposed to lead to vague outcomes like [...]

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What Was Your First Avatar?

When I joined Friendster in 2003, I uploaded my first avatar. It was Chuck Close’s undeniably gritty and terrific "Big Self-Portrait" from the 1960s, dangling cigarette and all. When I joined Facebook a year later, I used the same one. Friends I hadn’t seen for ages thought my life had taken a turn. Read more… [...]

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Facebook and Twitter aren’t the problem — the people using them are

Social media isn’t as depressing as some have feared. New research from Pew shows that checking social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, among others, doesn’t have a harmful effect on most people’s emotions. It actually claims that using these services can have a positive effect, especially on women, and that most social networks [...]

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Zuckerberg responds to criticism of Facebook’s role in online censorship

Mark Zuckerberg has argued against charges that Facebook is more willing to censor its users than other social networks because it wants to operate in as many places as it can. He said in a public question-and-answer session about Facebook that the company must weigh all the benefits, such as allowing friends and family to communicate with [...]

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Digital threats are finally being taken seriously — as long as they’re against police

A number of American citizens have been arrested for threatening the lives of police officers on social forums such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube’s comment section. The latest example of such an arrest is that of a Missouri man who allegedly threatened to bomb the St. Louis County Justice Center and called New Year’s Eve “kill a pig [...]

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Twitter expands its nonsensical “while you were away” feature

Twitter is expanding a feature that displays a number of ostensibly important tweets to users who stopped drinking from its rapid stream of information for a few hours. The feature is meant to surface tweets from a user’s network with a high number of favorites, retweets, and other engagement metrics with the hope that this correlates [...]

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India blocks access to Github, Dailymotion and other websites to silence ISIS

India’s government has ordered Internet service providers to block access to Github, Dailymotion, Pastebin, and other websites, according to a report from Quartz India. The order is said to have been motivated by the so-called Islamic State, which is thought to have been using the blocked services to spread its message, according to a tweet from the head of [...]

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