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How to Take Your Timeline Back from All of Twitter’s Weird Changes, Ads, and Promoted Tweets

Twitter has been on a tear making tons of changes that its users never asked for. From today’s new “best of” module , to promoted tweets, and “while you were away,” it’s all cruft to someone who just wants a clean stream to read. Here’s how to take your timeline back. Read more… Continue Reading […]

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Twitter Says It’s Shut Down 125,000 Terrorist Accounts Since May

Terrorist groups like ISIS use social media to rally support around the world, using sites like Twitter to mobilize sympathizers into possible plots. But in a blog post today, Twitter says that kind of behavior flagrantly violates its terms of service, and reports that it’s suspended tens of thousands pro-ISIS accounts since May. Read more… […]

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Here’s How Much Celebrities Make in the Instagram Product Placement Machine

It probably will not surprise you to learn that your favorite beauty blogger or reality television star is almost certainly getting paid to post that perfectly lit selfie with an artfully placed tooth-whitening kit or meal replacement shake on her Instagram account. What you don’t know, really, is how much money they actually receive for […]

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What Happens When a Popular Instagram Account with 8 Million Followers Posts a Picture

As if you needed more proof that celebrities live in a different world than us: here’s what happens when an Instagram account with 8 million followers (this particular one shows the 433 soccer account) posts a picture and then gets deluged with likes, comments, emojis, and whatever other notification. There’s no sad awkward moment before […]

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Adobe Post

Adobe’s new, free smartphone app, Post makes it easy to create striking and unique visuals for social media posts, with its library of design elements, dynamically-rescaling text, automatic color palettes, and the ability to remix shared designs. Currently on iOS only. Hat Tip Link Link 2 Price: Free More Awesome Stuff for You to Click […]

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