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Iran’s mixed feelings toward social media continue, sentencing 8 Facebook users to 127 years in prison

The IRNA news agency reports that Iran has sentenced eight Facebook users to a combined 127 years in prison for “propaganda” posts that, according to the court, insulted and slandered the country’s leaders. This comes just a few weeks after the same court handed down a combined 123 year sentence to eight other Facebook users for charges [...]

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The SEC has halted trading on that $6B fake social media stock

Following a week of unprecedented stock market gains and calls from Pando and countless other for SEC investigations into stock fraud, financial regulators finally stepped in today to halt the trading of development stage OTC Markets company CYNK Technology Corp. As we reported yesterday, the stock had climbed more than 35,000 percent in 17 days reaching [...]

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The Fog of Twitter: Ukraine’s civil war and the limits of social news gathering

Just in case you missed it, there’s a real fucking civil war raging in Eastern Ukraine. On July 2, a day after newly elected billionaire President Petro Poroshenko called off a ceasefire, residential areas in several towns and villages in the Lugansk and Donestk regions came under intense shelling and air bombardment. The town of Slavyansk, which has seen a [...]

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The myth of second screening and 4 other surprising takeaways from Ad Age’s new social media survey

Ad Age’s new social media survey came out today, polling 1,682 executives at marketing and media agencies. Drawing from a comprehensive pool of respondents, it held five surprising takeaways about the contours of the social media marketing landscape. * People keep preditcing doom and economic decline for Twitter based on its endlessly stagnating growth figures [...]

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How to lose followers and ruin the media industry: Buffer releases a “Tinder for news”

Social media scheduling tool Buffer is all about using content to improve your personal brand — which is a fancy way of saying that it’s about sharing links at the opportune moment to receive the most attention. So it’s no surprise that the company has developed a “Tinder for news” application to recommend content and [...]

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Social Media Turns Another Private Sexual Affair Into a Very Public Inquisition (And It Has to Stop)

Who would’ve guessed that users of social media and the internet, the home of free and unlimited porn and all varieties of widely accepted debauchery, would regularly behave like a clique of second-graders, snickering at “wee-wees” and “pee-pees?” It doesn’t matter whether it’s a slow news week or a busy one, if someone gets entangled [...]

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The British Government Just Set a Dangerous Precedent for Online Spying

Today, the British government revealed its justification for surveilling its citizens’ every move on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. UK citizens communicating using the aforementioned services are considered to be using "external communications," as the companies are not based in the UK. It’s a distinction with staggering implications. Read more… Continue Reading from the [...]

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