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Why the 2016 election may be the worst yet for journalism — and what Facebook can do to fix it

April is a big month for journalists who like to think and talk about journalists, what with the Pulitzer finalists announced last week. But yesterday was also a big day for media navel-gazers as Pew published its annual State of the News Media report. The sprawling study includes a number of fascinating takeaways about the audiences, revenues, and [...]

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New report says Facebook still cool with the teens

Despite all the doom and gloom about Facebook’s chances of surviving in a world dominated by WhatsApp and Snapchat and other, newer services, teens are reportedly still using it more often than they’re interacting with other social networks. Pew reports that Facebook is the “most popular and frequently used social media platform among teens,” with roughly 71 [...]

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Republican Congresswoman Asks Facebook Fans to Diss Obamacare, Fails Spectacularly

The problem with living in an alternate reality is that every now and then, actual reality slaps you in the face reminding you that the world you have constructed is, well, not real. When Republican Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers went to the social medias to peddle false statistics about Obamacare and solicit feedback from the public, [...]

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Unfazed by #myNYPD disaster, the NYPD turns to social media to hear public complaints

No matter how many times the New York Police Department is burned when it tries to reach the public on social media, it still seems to believe the disconnect between officers and the public can be bridged with a hashtag or status update. The New York Times reports that the NYPD wants to provide the public with a platform through [...]

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Twitter releases Periscope to put Meerkat back in its hole

Twitter has released Periscope, the live-streaming iPhone app it acquired before Meerkat captured the attention of a million tech bloggers. There’s a lot to like about Periscope. It has a more attractive design than Meerkat, it allows users to communicate with each other via comments and “hearts,” and videos remain available for later viewing instead of vanishing when [...]

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Twitter makes it easier for verified users to avoid trolls

Twitter is testing a new feature that allows verified users to prevent abusive tweets that contain “threats, offensive or abusive language, duplicate content, or are sent from suspicious accounts” from cluttering their notifications tab. ThinkUp co-founder Anil Dash first reported the feature. He says that he was prompted to check out the new filtering mechanism when he [...]

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Meerkat might not change the world, but at least it’s authentic

The world needs another Meerkat thinkpiece like it needs another Guns N’ Roses album. But, just as Axl Rose and company can’t (or won’t) stop making music, I can’t stop myself from commenting on the live-streaming service nobody in tech will shut up about. By now you’ve probably had Meerkat explained to you more times [...]

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Twitter makes it easier to tell police about online threats, but will they care?

Twitter has made it easier for its users to inform police of violent threats. Now, when a Twitter user reports threatening tweets, the company offers to send a summary of the report that can be forwarded to local authorities. This summary makes it clear who made a threat, when it was sent, and when it was first [...]

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