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Fancy Camera Maker Slaps Name on a Phone With a Totally Garbage Camera

Leica has a well-earned reputation for making some of the best camera gear in the world, so it was a pretty big deal when it announced a partnership with Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei, and their first jointly developed phone camera in Huawei’s flagship P9. While Leica isn’t new to partnerships—its splashy name has been stamped […]

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HTC 10 Review: A Last Grasp at Greatness

When giants fall, they fall spectacularly, and HTC’s descent over the last few years has been remarkable to watch. After creating a trendsetting phone in 2013, it imploded just two years later with sluggish and poorly-reviewed follow-ups. Their newest phone, the HTC 10, is about crawling back from obscurity. While remnants of its old design […]

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LG G5 Review: A Timid Attempt to Put the Gadget Back in Smartphones

They say you can’t have your cake and eat it too, but when it comes to smartphones, consumers want more functionality, while expecting the hardware to keep getting thinner. With the G5, LG believes it’s found a way to meet those expectations by adding functionality through swappable modules. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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