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The Pirate Bay Is Now Mobile-Optimized, If That’s Something You Want

The Pirate Bay, the infamous peer-to-peer file sharing website, has provided only the finest in illegal torrents for more than a decade, but it’s never been known for handsome mobile design. The torrent team has finally come up with a "mobile-friendly" version of its notorious website, in case you’ve ever wanted to torrent on the [...]

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A look back at the first issues of Wired prompts the question: How far have we come?

As a newcomer to the field of digital journalism, I decided a few months back to get myself grounded in the form by ordering the first three issues of Wired, from way back in 1993. The magazines are portal into a world that existed before the mass adoption of the internet, before Google, Yahoo!, Netscape, [...]

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Net Neutrality Must Apply to Mobile Internet Access Too

Recent debate about network neutrality has largely focused on how to make sure broadband providers don’t manipulate their customers’ Internet connections (or as John Oliver put it, how to prevent "cable company f*ckery"). But in today’s world of smartphones and tablets people are spending less of their time on the Internet typing at a computer [...]

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