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CA smartphone “kill switch” law shows the government’s increased understanding of tech

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law a bill requiring smartphone manufacturers to include anti-theft features with all devices sold after July 15, 2015. The bill will make it easier for consumers to protect their personal information by allowing them to activate a so-called “kill switch” after someone steals their smartphone. It’s also meant to discourage [...]

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Thanks Obama: China works to improve its operating systems to reduce dependence on Western companies

China is poised to become the world’s most important smartphone market. Pando reported in May that more devices will be sold in China than in the United States this year. And, despite the low-cost devices offered to Chinese consumers, revenues will also be higher than in the US. But now it seems that the market’s wings [...]

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Skype Just Fixed the Single Most Annoying Thing About Notifications

Skype just announced a great new feature that should be part of every single app, plugin, or digital service you use: When you’re actively Skyping, the app’s notifications will only go to the device you’re currently using. Why didn’t this kind of setup become a universal standard, like, five years ago? Read more… Continue Reading [...]

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Navdy is portable HUD with smart phone integration and a sense of humor

Filed under: Aftermarket, Technology, Videos, Infotainment Automotive head-up displays were once limited to high-end luxury sedans and sports cars, but in recent years they have started trickling down to affordable models like the latest Mini Cooper and Mazda3. Navdy, a startup from San Francisco, is aiming to broaden this tech even more with its new, [...]

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Chomping at the (Fit)bit: Xiaomi releases a $13 fitness tracker

Xiaomi started off as a smartphone-maker that offered well-designed products for a fraction of the cost of its better-known competitors. Then it released a smart television set that led Pando to label it “one of the world’s most interesting tech companies.” Today it took another step forward with the Mi Band, a fitness band that also acts [...]

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