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Apparent Nexus 6 Leak Could Give Best Look Yet at Google’s Giant Phone

We could be seeing Google’s new Nexus devices as soon as tomorrow (!), but this last minute image leak gives a convincing look at what’s coming. Posted on Twitter by the famous-yet-retired leaker Evan Blass, aka evleaks, this modified Motorola smartphone, sporting Android L, could be the Nexus we’ve been waiting for. Read more… Continue [...]

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The New Apple Watch and Why We Need to Stop Over-Sharing Our Lives

On a day when the spoiled-rotten First World exults in the premiere of Apple’s latest overpriced fashion accessory, I suppose someone has to be the cranky old man, so here goes. While reading about the rollout of the new iPhone 6 and something called the Apple Watch, I stumbled across the following line via The [...]

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Bezos’s bozos: Report shows Amazon has sold no more than 35,000 Fire Phones

Amazon’s Fire Phone is a disappointment. Reviews of the device all pose a question Pando has been asking since the device first became something more than an oft-repeated rumor: Is this really something that consumers need — or even want — to spend hundreds of dollars on? If the latest report from the Guardian is to be believed, [...]

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