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Chomping at the (Fit)bit: Xiaomi releases a $13 fitness tracker

Xiaomi started off as a smartphone-maker that offered well-designed products for a fraction of the cost of its better-known competitors. Then it released a smart television set that led Pando to label it “one of the world’s most interesting tech companies.” Today it took another step forward with the Mi Band, a fitness band that also acts [...]

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Nobody needs an Amazon Fire phone. This waterproof Kindle, though…

This week, Amazon released a phone. Like many other phones, it makes phone calls, sends texts, takes pictures, and accesses the Internet either through a browser or one of the many apps available for download from a large marketplace. The main thing that differentiates from other phones is that it’s designed to make you buy as much [...]

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With a new music service and more apps, Amazon lays down the kindling for its debut smartphone

Amazon today announced that its software marketplace, which comes pre-installed on Kindle tablets and can be installed on other Android devices, has over 240,000 applications available in more than 200 countries. That’s a pittance compared to the App Store but it’s impressive for Amazon, which says that its Appstore is three times larger than it was just one year [...]

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Button-pushers: Amazon extends its reach with new payments tools

Amazon is finally getting a button of its own. That seems to be a benchmark for technology companies: they know they’ve “made it” when their name and logo appear on countless sites around the Web, whether it’s a sign-in button from Facebook or Google or it’s a share button from Twitter or Pinterest. (I suspect that [...]

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Report: Google Nearby to Bring Android Next-Level Contextual Awareness

AndroidPolice got an exclusive look at an alleged new feature that’s said be coming soon to Android devices: Google Nearby, a next-level contextual awareness suite that would give Google-powered devices an even deeper understanding of where you are and what you’re doing, no user interaction required. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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Hardware giants struggle to make “convergence” more than just a buzzword

Convergence. That’s the word most often used to describe the computing industry’s shift away from discrete product categories like smartphones, tablets, and laptops in favor of devices that can serve all of those functions at the same time. If announcements from Dell, Asus, and other manufacturers at the Computex technology conference are any indication, the [...]

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