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Machine vision: Google’s going to give your smartphones and tablets new eyes

Smartphones are little snitches. They’ll tell almost any company that asks about your location, your contacts, and your communications. Now they can read your fingerprint, count your steps, and know when you’re driving, too. It’s hard to imagine what a company could do to make smartphones — or its bigger cousin, tablets — gather more data [...]

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HTC’s new-for-2014 One is a bold and beautiful smartphone, and for 24 hours tomorrow it’s a killer d

HTC’s new-for-2014 One is a bold and beautiful smartphone , and for 24 hours tomorrow it’s a killer deal: just $100 through HTC’s online store. The deal starts at midnight tonight and ends at midnight on May 8th, with a two-year contract on AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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The MacBook Air’s new price further blurs the line between tablets and laptops

It’s easy to spot the differences between an iPad and a MacBook Air. One boasts a touchscreen, the other a keyboard. One has a so-called Retina display, the other a blurry laptop screen. One runs a mobile operating system, the other its desktop-focused predecessor. But what if the two products are more similar than their current hardware, software, and [...]

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If the latest reports are true, Amazon’s smartphone ambitions make even less sense

Amazon’s smartphone is becoming increasingly nonsensical. The company’s motivation for entering an already-crowded market was unclear when all we knew about the device was that it would feature a dizzying number of cameras and a gesture-based interface. Now that we know the company is thinking of subsidizing the data plans used by the device, according to [...]

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Indonesia’s ludicrous idea of taxing expensive smartphones

Indonesia is looking to introduce import duties on the more expensive smartphones, something that strikes most economists as being somewhere between barkingly mad and ludicrous. The argument in support is that the local manufacturers only make low-end phones so raising the tax on the high-end phones won’t affect them. Umm, quite, that’s why it won’t [...]

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Now Available: 2014 HTC One

HTC’s newly-revamped One is a flagship phone with some nice updates to its already sleek design. It’s also a brainy barnstormer with some crazy cool camera tech that could be the future of mobile photography . It’s available now for $200 on-contract from AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon (sorry T-Mobile, yours won’t arrive til April). Or [...]

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New malware uses your smartphone addiction to mine Dogecoin and other virtual currencies

You could be part of a scheme to mine virtual currency and not even know it. Researchers have discovered malware that allow nefarious developers to turn crummy apps into covert “mining” software, transforming the time consumers spend with their products into gold — or at least the digital currencies often compared to the precious metal. It’s called [...]

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