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Self-Destructing SSDs Will Nuke Themselves If You Text Them a Code Word

Losing a laptop full of personal files like family photos is upsetting, but losing a laptop full of private corporate info and trade secrets is instead downright terrifying. So when you absolutely can’t risk misplaced data falling into the wrong hands, a GSM-equipped SSD drive that can remotely physically self-destruct guarantees the utmost of security [...]

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China’s strange support for Apple’s latest security features

Apple will be allowed to sell its new iPhones in China on October 17, according to a statement released by the country’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which is said to have delayed the smartphones’ launch in China due to concerns about their security features. China’s government has grown increasingly wary of Apple’s products in [...]

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Dreaming of a Tor Button for Firefox

It’s no secret that everybody’s thinking about privacy and cyber security more since the world was pummeled with the unsettling, spy-novel truths of the Snowden revelations . Now, companies are starting to seize onto the zeitgeist by building more secure tools for the internet. And it sounds like Tor will be at the front of [...]

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The latest on the worse-than-Heartbleed “Shellshock” bug

A vulnerability in the tool used by many operating systems to interface with Unix’s command prompt was revealed earlier this week, and many have declared that it’s more dangerous than the infamous Heartbleed bug, largely because it offers complete access to compromised devices. The bug, which has been dubbed “Shellshock” by researchers and the media, will [...]

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I turned my apartment into a smart home… and all I got was bored

After a week of dabbling with making my home smarter, I came to the conclusion that maybe my home was smart enough already… you know, with two living humans in it with full sensory perception, capable of operating all of its devices seamlessly. It all started promisingly enough. Installation was a dream. I am not [...]

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FBI Director Says Apple Marketing Encryption Snubs the Law

Today in cops getting angry about the new encryption on smartphones features FBI Director James Comey who is "very concerned" about the matter. He’s so concerned that the FBI’s had conversations with Apple and Google about how they’re marketing the devices. And Comey wants America to know that he’s upset. Read more… Continue Reading from [...]

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Why the Bash Shellshock Bug Could Be Even Worse Than Heartbleed

Shellshock is newly discovered vulnerability in software that’s in computer systems we use everyday. It’s kind of like Heartbleed , the Open/SSL bug that scared everyone senseless a few months ago and remains unpatched on thousands of systems. According to some experts, however, Shellshock could be way worse, and it’s been around for decades. Read [...]

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Shell Shocked: Researchers discover a bug worse than Heartbleed, but will anyone care?

Researchers have discovered a major bug in Unix-based operating systems said to have worse implications than Heartbleed — the OpenSSL bug that left two-thirds of the Internet insecure by allowing attackers “complete access” to a device. Reuters reports that the new bug can be exploited to offer “complete control of a targeted system,” and everything from many Linux [...]

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