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“Organized crime syndicates” steal information from the IRS about 100,000 taxpayers

It hasn’t been a good year for taxpayers. First there were the problems with TurboTax, which started with fraudulent claims and eventually led to phishing campaigns meant to steal information from people who thought they might have been affected by those fraudsters. Now there’s the news that the Social Security numbers, dates of birth, street [...]

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Thieves Used an Online IRS Service to Steal Info from 100,000 People

Paying taxes is generally an unpleasant time. But the baseline misery of siphoning cash back to bureaucrats sounds downright delightful compared to getting straight up robbed, which is what happened to a lot of people this year. The Internal Revenue Service shut down an online tax filing program today after announcing that thieves breached the [...]

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Career Spotlight: What I Do as an “Ethical Hacker”

You occasionally hear about major security vulnerabilities being discovered before they’re exploited, like the notorious Heartbleed bug last year. Security researchers work hard to weed out those dangerous flaws before they’re found by hackers of more malicious intent. This breed of preemptive hacking is sometimes referred to as white hat, or simply “ethical hacking.” Read [...]

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Got a wearable? Almost anybody can track you using simple technology

Your smartwatch can be tracked. Wearable products need to transmit data to function. Many don’t work without a connection to a smartphone. And because it would be silly to walk around with a cord between the devices, that connection is made via Bluetooth Low Energy. Context Information Security has found that these connections can be used [...]

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In a delightfully karmic twist, Hacker’s List users have been “hacked”

How’s this for karma: A researcher claims to have identified email addresses, phone numbers, and Facebook accounts belonging to users of the Hacker’s List marketplace. In other words, the people looking to hire hackers have themselves been “hacked.” Hacker’s List is meant to “connect people who need professional hackers to professional hackers for hire around the world” through [...]

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Google: like passwords, security questions aren’t that secure

Google researchers claim that the answers to many of the security questions used to recover an online account — often after someone has forgotten their password or tries to log in with a new device — aren’t particularly secure. These problems were identified after the researchers “analyzed hundreds of millions of secret questions and answers that [...]

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Germany sues e-commerce sites for sharing data with Facebook

Facebook isn’t the only company receiving flack from regulators over the data it collects through its “Like” button. Germany’s consumer watchdog has sued two e-commerce companies for using the button on their websites because, the Wall Street Journal reports, the sites didn’t warn visitors that their personal data would be shared with Facebook. The news follows months [...]

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Shuffle for iOS

Like Burner, Shuffle lets you purchase and use disposable phone numbers. But it also sells email aliases that forward messages to your real email account, and the costs of its services are shown in dollars (Burner uses “credits”). Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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