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From malware to NSA targeting, Tor has more risks than its supporters let on

We’ve known for a while that Tor isn’t the digital panacea it’s often thought to be. Now, a security researcher has revealed that a person operating one of the “exit nodes” used by the service to anonymize Internet browsing has used the device to add malware to any downloads made through it, including those gotten [...]

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Homeboy Security Camera

A wireless indoor security camera that mounts via a magnetic base and connects to your iOS or Android device over Wi-Fi. It has an alarm, a motion detector and a camera that takes 640×480 video. Video here. More here. Hat Tip Link Price: $149 Continue Reading from the Source

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Whatever You Think of Edward Snowden, Go See Citizenfour Now

I have mixed feelings about Snowden. After spending more than a year reporting on the whistleblower patriot traitor spy skinny guy from North Carolina, I’ve gone from lauding his regard for American civil liberties to deeply distrusting his intentions and methods for exposing state secrets. But last night, I saw Citizenfour, a new documentary about [...]

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