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Google Now learns even more about your likes, habits, and activities

Google has taken another step towards knowing everything about its users. The company announced today that Google Now, the virtual assistant software that promises to provide information before a consumer even knows she needs it, will now be able to collect and present relevant data from some 40 third-party applications. Here’s one example, from the blog post [...]

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Verizon plans to let consumers opt out of its invasive “perma-cookie” program

Verizon will soon allow consumers to “completely opt out” of the program which assigns permanent identifiers to every device on the carrier’s wireless network. These identifiers have been referred to as “perma-cookies” because they allow other companies, not just Verizon, to gather information about consumers even after they change their privacy settings or remove other data-saving files from [...]

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Google did fight to reveal warrant for WikiLeaks journalists’ Gmail accounts, attorney says

An attorney for Google has told the Washington Post that the company did fight a gag order preventing it from telling three WikiLeaks journalists their Gmail accounts were monitored by the Justice Department as the result of a warrant issued in March 2012. The statement was made in response to questions from WikiLeaks regarding Google’s compliance [...]

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Canadian intel program monitored global file transfers to find potential extremists

Canadian intelligence agencies have created a program meant to discover potential extremists through a global surveillance dragnet which monitors online file transfers. The program is called LEVITATION, and it was revealed by CBCNews and the Intercept, which learned of it from documents leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013. LEVITATION is said to work by [...]

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The FTC wants to make sure consumers don’t drown in the Internet of Things’ flood of data

Can a regulator struggling to manage the handling of data generated by smartphones keep pace with a world in which everything from refrigerators to toilets is connected to the Internet? That’s the question the Federal Trade Commission asks itself with a new call for tech companies to protect consumers after the so-called Internet of Things goes mainstream. The FTC wants [...]

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CCTV footage shows Red Bull trophy heist going down

Filed under: Motorsports, TV/Movies, UK Security camera footage surfaces more than a month after the incident, showing thieves driving into the lobby of Red Bull Racing headquarters in the UK and making off with the team’s hard-earned trophies. Continue reading CCTV footage shows Red Bull trophy heist going down CCTV footage shows Red Bull trophy [...]

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