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Some watchdogs aren’t falling for Google’s tricky fight against the “right to be forgotten”

The so-called “right to be forgotten” is now back in the news for the umpteenth time. The United Kingdom’s information commissioner has told the BBC that Google will have to be held accountable for its response to the “right to be forgotten” ruling, much like a polluter has to pick up its own mess. He [...]

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Apple says its latest security hole is no big deal; researcher calls BS

The security researcher who revealed during the HOPE/X conference earlier this month that there are back doors installed on 600 million iOS devices has responded to Apple’s claim that the back doors are used only for diagnostic and enterprise purposes. The gist? “That’s bullshit.” The initial report focused on small utilities that allowed anyone in possession [...]

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The password may be dying, but don’t expect foolproof security any time soon

In the second season of “Game of Thrones,” a character brags about having an impenetrable safe in which he keeps all of his vast riches safe from those who would steal his fortune. That safe isn’t quite what it seems — don’t worry, I won’t spoil the show — but its appeal is obvious: Who wouldn’t [...]

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Apple wants to collect information about your smartphone habits to protect you from thieves

Here’s a prime example of just how much our smartphones know about us: Apple has filed a patent application for a system that compares the actions of an iPhone user against behavior data gathered during use to prevent thieves, peeping lovers, and others from using the device. There’s no doubt that such a tool would prove [...]

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Dashlane 3 Adds Secure Password Sharing, Emergency Contacts, and More

Windows/Mac: Dashlane, one of our favorite password managers , just took the wraps off their latest version. Dashlane 3 now features emergency contacts who can access your passwords if you’re unable to, secure password sharing for teams or families, and best of all, it’s even lighter on system resources than ever. Read more… Continue Reading [...]

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Data collector or data protector? Google wants to keep the Web more secure with Project Zero

Google has gone from collecting the world’s information to protecting it with Project Zero, a new initiative through which the company will hire security professionals and task them with finding bugs in digital products and informing their creators of the issue as fast as possible. A member of Google’s security team explained the reasoning behind the [...]

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