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The Man with Two Robot Arms

Les Baugh lost both of his arms in a freak accident about 40 years ago. Now scientists from Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory have fitted him with two robotic limbs, which can be controlled wirelessly using his own thoughts. Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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A Scientific Defense of Santa’s Weight

"Santa’s behaviour and public image are at odds with contemporary accepted public health messages," argues a British Medical Journal editorial written by Dr. Scrooge and colleagues. Given Santa’s tremendous popularity, particularly among children, the authors of the editorial argue the public should become aware of some of the less-than-ideal lifestyle practices advocated by jolly St. [...]

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Rosetta Update: What It Found, What’s Next

Rosetta’s lander is hibernating on a comet now, waiting for a brighter sun . The mission’s scientists, though, have been hard at work, scrutinizing reams of data and predicting how the lander could wake up. Today, Rosetta’s scientists dropped some new photos and intriguing hints of what’s to come at the American Geophysical Union meeting, [...]

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What Is Life? Is Death Real?

The always thought-provoking Kurzegesagt explores the scientific and philosophical differences between life and death, and how nature’s complicated organizational systems turn matter into life. More on the subject here. Link Continue Reading from the Source

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Ball Balancing Machine

A demonstration of a mechanized platform which can perfectly balance a ball in its center no matter how hard its human master attempts to defeat it. Its motion control system can also make the ball follow precise paths on demand. Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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Is death real?

Are you alive or are you just a bunch of automated goo? What separates life from death? Is death real? These questions have occupied the mind of scientists and philosophers for thousands of years. This video by Kurzgesagt doesn’t try to answer them, but gives you a lot of scientific data that will make you [...]

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Raindrops on Sand Slow-Mo

Students from the University of Minnesota captured raindrops hitting sand at various velocities using a high-speed camera. Apparently the craters left behind by the drops are similar to those made by asteroid impacts. Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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Why Is It That Zombies Eat Brains?

Zombies have been a pop culture staple for decades, and in that time the concept of the dead coming back to life somehow to feast on the living has proliferated virtually every form of media that exists. One trait that is seemingly synonymous with zombies is their apparent need to feed on the brains of [...]

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