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New Analysis Confirms Why the Skagit River Bridge Collapsed

In May 2013, a bridge spanning the Skagit River along Interstate 5 in Washington state catastrophically collapsed, after an oversized trailer clipped one of the bridge’s cross beams. A new analysis by engineers at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign confirms the many factors that contributed to the collapse, and offers recommendations for how […]

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National Parks, Ranked

This is a barren time in the sports calendar. We are in a desolate trough between the international intrigue of the Olympics and the drama and nonsense of football season. I’m goddamn bored. Coincidentally, the National Parks Service turns 100 years old today. Unlike late August, the National Parks are good, and as the only […]

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Scientists Invite Conspiracy Theorists to Check Out Alleged Mind-Controlling Weather Machine

For decades, tin foil fashionistas have attributed a number of sinister happenings to the atmospheric research program known as HAARP, including hurricanes, earthquakes and even the destruction of the Space Shuttle Columbia. After this week, however, it will be a lot harder to entertain those claims: On Saturday, the supposed weather-altering secret weapon is holding […]

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New Earth-Like Exoplanet Could Be Discovery of the Century

In what’s being hailed as one of the biggest astronomical discoveries of the century, scientists with the European Southern Observatory (ESO) today confirmed the discovery of an Earth-like exoplanet in the habitable zone of Proxima Centauri—our nearest neighboring star. Details of the team’s discovery were just published in Nature. Read more… Continue Reading from the […]

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