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Dutch monster truck demonstration leaves three dead

Filed under: Truck, Europe, Government/Legal, Safety Tragedy struck during a monster truck demonstration at a car show in Haaksbergen, Netherlands, when the massive vehicle (pictured above) seemingly lost control and crashed into spectators. The calamity resulted in three fatalities and many injuries among bystanders. Videos of the accident seemed to show the truck rolling over [...]

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NHTSA investigating power modules on Chrysler Group SUVs and minivans

Filed under: Minivan/Van, SUV, Etc., Safety, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram The Center for Auto Safety is officially petitioning the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to begin scrutinizing alleged problems with the totally integrated power module (TIPM) on about 24 Chrysler Group SUVs and minivans. The advocacy group claims that the part’s failure can cause affected [...]

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Haven Home Lock

The Haven smart lock is anchored at the base of your door, so it’s immune to lock picking and can withstand more stress compared to deadbolt locks. Toggle it through its app or integrate it into your home automation setup. Hat Tip Link Price: $269++ Continue Reading from the Source

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Dubs Ear Plugs

Dubs Acoustic Filters are stylish ear plugs. They sit flush against the ear and come in four colorways. Dubs claims that the ear plugs have a 12dB Noise Reduction Rating and can reduce volume without muffling or distorting sound. Hat Tip Link Price: $25 Continue Reading from the Source

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China ‘flooding’ US with high-quality fake US driver’s licenses [w/video]

Filed under: China, Etc., Government/Legal, Safety, Videos Remember seeing your buddy’s flimsy fake ID in college that said he was 35 and several inches shorter than he really was? Well, Chinese criminals have apparently come up with a potentially terrifying alternative by crafting nearly perfect false driver’s licenses and shipping to the US by the [...]

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Ferrari recalls 458 Italia because its trunk is a dangerous place to stow kids

Filed under: Convertible, Coupe, Performance, Recalls, Safety, Ferrari Ferrari is recalling 3,000 458 Italia and Spider models and, believe it or not, it’s not because they may catch fire. Nope, instead, the issue focuses on anyone that’s unfortunate enough to become trapped in the Ferrari’s perilously small frunk (front-mounted trunk). Apparently, should someone find themselves [...]

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Touch-Sensitive Outlet Shuts Down Power To Protect Kids From Shocks

Here’s a wonderful mashup of existing technologies that promises to make it all but impossible for little kids to get shocked by a power outlet. The Guardian Angel Shockproof Safety Outlet uses similar technology as your smartphone’s touchscreen to detect when it’s being touched, and then automatically shut down power to eliminate the risk of [...]

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Weekly Recap: NHTSA searches for answers after Congressional grilling

Filed under: Government/Legal, Plants/Manufacturing, Safety, Chevrolet, GM, GMC, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz, Luxury By the end of the lengthy session, senators had painted the unflattering portrait of a toothless agency in disarray. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration received a brutal one-two punch from Congress this week for its response to the General Motors ignition-switch scandal. NHTSA [...]

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The Dancing Traffic Light

For many pedestrians, the don’t walk sign is merely a suggestion. Carmaker Smart found a way to make people stop. It set up motion capture booths where people danced, and turned them into eye-catching signs. Making of here. Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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