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The Best Smartwatch For Every Wrist 

I’ve been keen on smartwatches pretty much since day one . I get a lot of emails, texts, and assorted notifications, most of them garbage but some vitally important. Having a glancable screen on my wrist makes life infinitely easier. But smartwatches have come a long way since they showed up a few years ago. [...]

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“What Kind of Day Has It Been?” Even on its best days, Sorkin’s “The Newsroom” was a disappointment

Audiences can’t watch The Newsroom like a normal show. The “best” episodes of Aaron Sorkin’s orgy of preachiness are arguably the ones that are so irredeemably bad and offensive that they manage to do what the show rarely does, passing an important metric for success: They’re interesting. Take last week’s disastrous episode. Its crimes against audiences were both grossly insensitive — a third of the episode [...]

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Review: The Crew [w/video]

Filed under: Videos, Toys/Games Lofty promises and lovely trailers have become Ubisoft’s modus operandi of late. Gaming enthusiasts as a whole have seen it in the company’s other, non-auto-related franchises, while we’ve observed this tendency in the lead up to Ubi’s latest title, The Crew. With promises of massive multiplayer auto racing on a sprawling, [...]

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These Backpacks Can Take You Around The World

We believe in packing light whenever possible. However, some adventures require more stuff. Whether you’re climbing Denali or trekking through the rainforest carrying tons of camera gear, you’ll need an expedition pack. We tested the two most popular ones available across Norway, Iceland and on a 185-mile hike through Nepal. Read more… Continue Reading from [...]

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From shaming rape victims to ghost dads, is there anything else “The Newsroom” can do to piss off audiences?

Wow, there was so much awfulness in last night’s episode of The Newsroom that it’s hard to know where to begin. Wait, never mind, I know exactly where to begin: the part where Aaron Sorkin spends a third of the episode shaming a rape victim for speaking out against her attacker. One of the major subplots of [...]

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Traktor Kontrol S8: Dancing Astronaut Review

Dancing Astronaut – EDM, trap, techno, deep house, dubstep 1 Traktor Kontrol S8: Dancing Astronaut Official Review Back in 2010, Native Instruments unveiled the Traktor Kontrol S4, a MIDI controller which would go on to become the product of a digital DJing generation. It proved to be the perfect all-in-one controller for bedroom DJs and [...]

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ASUS ZenWatch Review: The First Smartwatch I’d Wear As a Watch

For years, I’ve wanted a smartwatch: a device that would blend style with digital convenience. Unfortunately, the first crop of smartwatches have predominantly been bulky pieces of plastic and glass for which adjectives like "elegant" seem disingenuous. But the Asus ZenWatch is evidence that things are getting better. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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Last night’s “Newsroom” exhibits everything the show does right — which turns out to be “not much”

“I don’t want to expand the definition of the news, I want to narrow it.” That line is uttered by the legendary Sam Waterston, who plays Charlie Skinner on “The Newsroom,” and who I really wish had some better material to work with. In so many ways, it’s such a classic Aaron Sorkin quote — it has a [...]

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