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Early iPod designer raises $1.5M to make the smartest, sexiest desk you’ve ever seen

When it comes to increasing workplace productivity, reimagining the lowly desk is the last thought to enter most people’s minds. Not J.P. Labrosse, former iPod designer and the man behind the Stir Kinetic Desk. “One of the things that really excites us about the desk is it’s a place where so many of us spend [...]

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Validic wants to send your quantified self to hospital

The term “quantified self” is one of the great buzz phrases of 2014. But with millions of borderline hypochondriacs strapping activity trackers to their wrists and staring at live readouts of their vital signs, the result so far has mostly been a torrent of mildly intriguing data. There are roughly 97,000 mobile health apps. The ten most popular are downloaded…


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Fertility pro Ovuline expands to pregnancy tracking, promise better health and peace of mind through big data

Thankfully, despite the prevalence of photo-sharing and “box of the month” startups, there are many bold entrepreneurs turning to technology to address really ambitious life problems. Ovuline co-founder and CEO Paris Wallace and his team have been doing exactly this for nearly two years, harnessing the power of big data and machine learning to help women get pregnant faster….


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Notch.me to shut down, founder Eli Holder joins wellness app maker, Noom

Notch.me was a simple fitness tracking app that turned Fitbit, Jawbone, RunKeeper and BodyMedia data into beautiful charts. It had some early fans, including Sarah Lacy, who praised the app’s approach when it launched. It’s not about guilting, shaming, or scaring you into getting healthy. It’s about flattering, delighting, and luring you into it. It was…


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Human’s new quantified self app aims at mere mortals

Human, an iPhone app that just went live in the iTunes app store today, is an elegantly simple addition to the genre known as “quantified self,” the digital movement that has led us to track, measure, compare, improve, and share our every activity, from exercise to caloric intake to sleep. (Let’s hope future apps are spared our excretions.)…


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PGA TOURCaddie demonstrates how to build a quantified self app that goes beyond simple data collection

The challenge with most quantified self technologies – ya know, the hardware and software that helps you monitor how you move, what you eat, how long you sleep, etc. – is that while it collects and organizes our personal data, it most often fails to provide actionable feedback on what to do based on the findings. For example, I know…


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