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Finally a Study Explains Why Rich and Successful People are Often Dishonest 

Let’s face it, we’ve all been wondering why so many rich, successful, powerful people are cheating, lying, disgraces. Is it that only unethical people make it to the top? At least one study indicates that this is not the case—it’s that winning itself makes people behave unethically. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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The Illusory Correlation: A Common Mental Error That Leads to Misguided Thinking

We all use pretty silly logic to help us rationalize a confusing world. Take full moons, for example. For centuries people have been blaming full moons for inexplicable behaviors that coincided with them. But it’s an illusory correlation—we fool ourselves into believing something based on what stands out most in our memories. Read more… Continue […]

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The Akrasia Effect: Why We Make Plans but Don’t Follow Through

Humans are prolific procrastinators. It’s easy to make plans and throw dates on your calendar, and yet it’s practically inevitable that you’ll let some deadlines fly by with reckless abandon. Our brains simply prefer instant rewards to long-term payoffs. Given this tendency, we often have to resort to crazy strategies to get things done. Read […]

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