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Here’s what it’s like to drive the very first Ford Mustang cop car

Filed under: Etc., Government/Legal, Read This, Ford, Autoblog Black, Coupe, Performance, Police/Emergency Cop cars are cool. Ford Mustang cop cars are even cooler. That’s why Road and Track scribe Zach Bowman sought out the very first Mustang SSP for a must-read feature. Continue reading Here’s what it’s like to drive the very first Ford Mustang [...]

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2015 Dodge Charger Pursuit is ready to serve and protect

Filed under: Sedan, Government/Legal, Dodge, Police/Emergency Okay speed freaks, it’s time to update your cheat sheet of police headlights, as Dodge has just unveiled the new 2015 Charger sedan’s police variant, the Pursuit. Like previous Charger Pursuits, the 2015 model is based on a modified version of the civilian sedan, featuring the same basic batch [...]

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Chevy adds Silverado SSV to police vehicle lineup

Filed under: Truck, Government/Legal, Work, Chevrolet, Police/Emergency Chevrolet is set to expand its public safety fleet offerings beyond its not-for-consumer Caprice PPV (although we can buy its close cousin, the Chevy SS) and the Tahoe PPV with this, the Silverado SSV. Destined to challenge the Ram 1500 Special Service, the Silverado comes to market with [...]

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