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Tiësto debuts as Terry Richardson’s latest portrait subject in new photography series

Dancing Astronaut – EDM, trap, techno, deep house, dubstep 1 Arguably, one only truly reaches celebrity status after being shot by the famed and notorious Terry Richardson. The New York native is the mind behind more than a handful of Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, and many other fashion campaigns and also [...]

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Microsoft’s Xim Is the Easiest Way to Share Photos To Friends’ Phones

Smartphones have all but replaced a digital camera for most users, but easily sharing those snaps is still a problem. Creating online galleries, emailing photos, or even crowding around a tiny display are all less than ideal ways to share. So Microsoft’s researchers created Xim, a surprisingly simple way to create temporary photo slideshows that [...]

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Report: Apple knew about major iCloud security flaw six months before fixing

Apple knew about a security problem with its iCloud website for at least six months before addressing it, according to a report from the Daily Dot. The fix came only after the service was wrongly blamed for enabling the celebrity photos leaked earlier this month. The report is based on emails between the security researcher [...]

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What the hell is going on with Twitpic?

UPDATED: Twitpic just announced that it has been acquired, noted here as a speculative possibility for why it was so concerned with obtaining a federal trademark   Two weeks ago, Twitpic, one of the earliest platforms for sharing photos on Twitter, announced it was shutting down. And while the advent of Twitter’s own native sharing tools has [...]

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