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A Rear Opening on Manfrotto’s New Pack Protects Camera Gear With Your Body

If you’ve ever found yourself crammed into a packed subway car, right up against another rider’s backpack, you’ve probably realized just how easy it could be to sneak open a pocket and swipe something. So to help protect expensive photography gear, Manfrotto’s new backpack makes lenses and cameras only accessible while the pack is removed. […]

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This is what raving looked like in the ’90s

1 Michael Tullberg shares rare photos from the '90s rave scene The rave landscape has changed considerably since its “Golden Age” in the ’90s and early 2000s, crossing from an illegal phenomenon into the festival-led pop culture staple we know today. Photographer Michael Tullberg has been capturing images of its growth since the mid ’90s, […]

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Artist returns with more incredible exploding car photos

Filed under: Design/Style,Videos,Weird Car News Fabian Oefner announced last month a return to his muse, the car, for the second installment of his photography series ‘Disintegration’. Continue reading Artist returns with more incredible exploding car photos Artist returns with more incredible exploding car photos originally appeared on Autoblog on Tue, 03 May 2016 14:25:00 EDT. […]

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These Bus Stops Leftover from the Soviet Union Are So Wonderfully Bizarre

The Soviet Union. The USSR. The Iron Curtain. The Eastern Bloc. Lenin. Stalin. The Communist Party. The KGB. The Cold War. And awesomely designed bus stops? Apparently and bizarrely and awesomely, that’s one of the legacies of the Soviet Union. Photographer Christopher Herwig’s excellent photo book Soviet Bus Stops documents the design of local bus […]

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