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The Space Within

Whole Foods Market’s Dark Rye looks inside the work of photographer Ajay Malghan, and his subject – food. It’s a fascinating exploration of what inspires an artist, and the hidden and mysterious worlds inside of the things we eat. Link Continue Reading from the Source

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12 Rare Flintstones Production Shots From the Golden Age of Animation

The animated landscape is one big Uncanny Valley now, dominated by massive digital conglomerates. But a half-century ago, the world’s animation powerhouse was an independent outfit run by Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera, creators of The Flintstones, Tom & Jerry, and Scooby-Doo. This previously unpublished gallery of imagery peeks inside their workshop as the tiny [...]

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An App That Dims Your Phone So That Other Concertgoers Won’t Hate You

Look at any concert photo taken sometime after cellphones started including built-in cameras, and you’ll see a sea of glowing screens that end up distracting from what’s happening on stage. So the next time you’re at a concert, be courteous to your fellow attendees with this alternative iOS camera app that keeps your smartphone’s display [...]

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