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What To Do If Your Social Security Number Has Been Stolen in a Hack

Last week, health insurer Anthem lost over 80 million patient records, including sensitive information like social security numbers, email and physical addresses, and more. The fallout has already started, with Anthem customers getting bombarded with phishing scams . If you’re an Anthem customer—or are just worried about the next hack—here’s what you need to do [...]

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Study: More privacy-violating apps come from the US than Korea, Taiwan, China, and India combined

A report from Marble Security claims more privacy-invading applications are made in the United States than in Korea, Taiwan, China, and India combined. “It’s a common misconception that the risk of using mobile devices is limited to jailbroken or rooted devices in Asia, and apps that are downloaded from fly-by-night app stores other than the Apple [...]

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Big companies like Target aren’t the only ones leaving customer information vulnerable to thieves

A week can’t pass without a company revealing that information about millions of consumers’ credit cards, email addresses, and other personal data has been stolen. Some data breaches are more high-profile than others — Target’s and Home Depot’s hackings come to mind — but new thefts are being disclosed on a near-constant basis. Large companies aren’t the only [...]

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