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Apple leaves PayPal out in the cold with an omission from its list of preferred Apple Pay payment platforms

Nobody likes to be left out when the cool kids send out invitations to the hottest party. That’s exactly where PayPal finds itself today as details emerge of Apple’s list of preferred payments platforms for merchants looking to support its recently announced Pay (or Apple Pay) product. According to Apple’s Developer guidelines for Apple Pay, [...]

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The hidden brilliance behind the timing of Apple’s adoption of NFC

There’s a brilliance to the timing of Apple’s adoption of near field communication (NFC) technology. For years, it was assumed that the company would never incorporate the short-range radio protocol into its devices, as they had seemingly opted-instead for Bluetooth LE – even as many Android manufacturers added it to their newest devices, with little impact [...]

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How Safe Can Apple Pay Really Be?

Apple just promised to revolutionize how we spend money. More specifically, the company announced Apple Pay, a new mobile payments platform that lets you buy things with your iPhone (or smartwatch ). Sounds cool! But given recent high-profile security lapses , it’s fair to wonder: Is it safe? Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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Here’s why ApplePay will shake up consumer payments, even if it gets lost amid the iDevice frenzy

Mobile payments may have gone from a nice-to-have to a must-have today, thanks to Apple’s announcement of its ApplePay platform. Replacing physical wallets and payment cards has been attempted by countless companies over the last decade, but never with much success. The big problem has been the inability to drive the widespread adoption among both [...]

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Google Wallet ‘tap and pay’ can work on any Android 4.4 device, but still requires a U.S. SIM

Google Wallet

Giving hope for the future of NFC payments rather than notably changing the way anything works today

Changes in Android 4.4 KitKat are going to open up the possibilities of using NFC payments through Google Wallet, but it may not go as far as we would hope. Although the Google Wallet app itself has been opened to install on any device, the ability to use it for NFC payments (aka “tap and pay”) at physical stores has been dramatically limited by carriers and manufacturers. Responding to a post by Michael Bond on Google+, the official Google Wallet account gave us a bit of info today on the status as of Android 4.4:

If you have a Nexus 5 device, you can now use Google Wallet to tap and pay in stores with any carrier. We look forward to bringing NFC tap and pay functionality to more Android phones soon.

Now that doesn’t exactly mean every device running Android 4.4 — it specifically refers to the Nexus 5. And in that respect, nothing has really changed just yet. The Google Wallet support page, which has been updated to reflect the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 announcement, currently lists every device that is able to use Google Wallet tap and pay and the caveats associated.

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