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Report: Mercedes-Benz USA considering moving south

Filed under: Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz may be a German automaker first and foremost, but it’s a global operation. Among its many offices around the world, the company employs some 800 staffers at its US headquarters in New Jersey. But that office could be moving down South in the near future. According to reports in the Atlanta [...]

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Official: Subaru confirms it’s found a new HQ location in Camden, NJ

Filed under: Government/Legal, Subaru Subaru is packing up shop and making a big move, announcing that it will be relocating its Cherry Hill, NJ headquarters. Is the company pulling a Toyota and moving across the country, or perhaps following the example set by Cadillac and relocating to a major metropolis? Nope. The all-wheel-drive aficionados are [...]

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PayPal reconsiders online gambling, enters talks to process payments for NJ virtual casinos

PayPal has been in the news of late for its possible spinout from Ebay and its ongoing search for a new CEO, but there’s another largely overlooked storyline that could have an equally big impact on its future. According to reports from across the casino world, PayPal is considering (re)entering the online gambling market and [...]

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New Jersey may shield drivers from other states’ red light, speed cameras

Filed under: Government/Legal The bill targets any speed-control devices that are capable of automatically producing a recorded image of an alleged violation. New Jersey may soon prohibit other states from issuing traffic citations to its residents for alleged violations that were caught on speed or red-light cameras. Lawmakers in the Garden State have introduced a [...]

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Why The Daily Caller Won’t Be As Embarrassed As the Spies Who Fooled Them

The twisted tale of Senator Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), Tucker Carlson, Dominican prostitutes, and ophthalmology got really weird yesterday when the Washington Post revealed that the discredited Daily Caller stories implicating Menendez in an underage prostitution scandal may have been spoon-fed to Tucker Carlson’s baby by Cuban spies. If true, this isn’t so much an indictment [...]

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This Drunk Entitled Brat Will Make You Want To Punch Your Screen

One of the worst types of human beings is someone who has such a grandiose sense of self-importance, they can’t help but let you know about it, which is why this video is so infuriating. Here we have an entitled, douchey, drunk day-drinker, identified as 20-year-old NYU student Gerry Shalam of New Jersey, accosting the alleged owner of the [...]

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Tesla gaining on dealership status quo is freaking people out

Filed under: EV/Plug-in, Green Culture, Tesla Motors, Legislation and Policy Tesla took two more steps towards being allowed to sell its vehicles as it chooses (that is, direct to customers) this week. Legislative efforts in New Jersey and New York both gave the California automaker legal permission (or near permission) to operate its stores. It’s [...]

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The Roots Play ‘The Bridge Is Over’ for Chris Christie On the ‘Tonight Show’

Since we’ve entered the cigarette-break phase of the Bridgegate scandal, there hasn’t been much attention paid to Gov. Chris Christie’s (R-N.J.) political woes lately, but the guv’s Tonight Show appearance Thursday night began with the promise of some hard-edged comedic ribbing when The Roots introduced Christie by playing Boogie Down Productions‘ “The Bridge is Over.” It [...]

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As the NJ sales ban goes into effect, what’s next for Tesla?

On Tuesday, New Jersey’s ban on direct Tesla sales officially went into effect. Now Tesla’s two NJ stores in Paramus and Short Hills can function only as “galleries” where potential buyers can look at the cars and talk to representatives about how the machines work, but cannot discuss pricing nor even test drive the vehicles. If customers [...]

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