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Bro Code vs. Chick Code

The gym, like anywhere else that animals congregate, has a certain set of Universal Rules. Here we go…. 1. Put your weights away   2. Wipe your back sweat off my bench   3. Take your dumbbells away from the damn rack to do your lat raises   4. Squat rack curlers are the equivalent [...]

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Top 10 Things to Guarantee Failure in the Gym

Failure in the gym isn’t exclusive to muscular exhaustion. Failure – in the truest sense of the term – means your utmost botched habits derailing your efforts for more muscle. Are you one of the seemingly many consistently taking missteps along your journey to your goals? Be honest. Below are 10 common yet detrimental gym [...]

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Stop Working So Much Over Summer Break

Summertime means warm weather, enjoying the outdoors, and time with friends and family. It’s a chance to stop, slow down, and hopefully explore our interests during those long, slow summer days. Still, too many of us are so hopped up on productivity juice that we’re off to summer camp, summer school, taking extra jobs, or [...]

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10 Most Ripped Athletes That Could Be Bodybuilders

It’s no wonder that many of today’s most popular athletes have incredible physiques. After all, they get paid millions, sometimes to train every day, eat right, and play a sport they love. Not a bad life. While they aren’t training specifically to show off their physiques like bodybuilders these are 10 shredded athletes that could [...]

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