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10 Ways To Establish Dominance at the Gym

Have you ever walked into the gym and felt the air leave the room? Caught everybody ‘mirin you out of the corner of your eyes? Noticed that benches and machines magically seem to become available as soon as you start walking towards them? If you answered yes, you can just close this window because this [...]

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This Tough Mudder Guy Ran 95 Miles In 24 Hours Wearing A Wetsuit

A decade ago OCR’s [Obstacle Course Races] like the Tough Mudder, Spartan and Battlefrog series would’ve probably received scant mention even in the esteemed Obscure Sports Quarterly journal, in favor of coverage of much more prestigious “sports” like bicycle polo, beer pong tournaments, and competitive masturbation. Fast forward ten or more years and these events [...]

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Top 3 Ways to Pump Yourself Up for the Gym

We’re always looking for that extra edge to reach those new PRs on our lifts. We jam our ears full of whatever headphones Dr. Dre prescribes, and push the maximum number of preworkout scoops until we’re supersetting squats with sit ups in the locker room. The eternal quest for gains will cause you to buy [...]

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The Top 7 Things Girls Notice About Your Body

In my experience, girls are better at keying in to select details about a person’s appearance, while guys are only aware of the overall effect of someone’s look. Whereas a guy is more apt to label a woman as a “solid ten” without elaborating further, women are more likely to specify particular traits that draw [...]

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