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MWC: The rise and fall of Web-based operating systems

Barcelona has been overrun by mobile operating systems. Home of the Mobile World Congress (MWC), Barcelona has played host to the rise of Firefox OS, the “whimpering” end of webOS, and the merger of Bada, Samsung’s own operating system, and Tizen, an open-source, HTML5-based operating system. Firefox OS has captured many of the headlines from MWC 2013. The first…

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Mobile World Congress day three wrap-up

Things are winding down in Barcelona, the fellows are enjoying some of the local delicacies and getting ready for the trip home. But just because Mobile World Congress is finishing up doesn't mean they didn't work their collective tails o…

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Mobile World Congress day two wrap-up

Day two of Mobile World Congress is in the bag, and it was another day filled with news from Barcelona about great Android-powered gadgets. I can't be the only one the sees phones and tablets and bugdroids in my sleep, and for an Android fan it&#3…

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Mobile Nations Special: MWC 2012 Day one

Phil, Dan, Alex, and Simon talk Mobile World Congress day one, including Nokia on both Windows Phone and Symbian (biggest. Camera. Phone. Ever.), Galaxy Note 10.1, the return of the Padphone, Huawei, and yet another plethora of Android devices. List…

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