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The Value Of Self-Knowledge

Continue Reading from the Source “We come to knowledge when we come to life.” —Wallace Stevens “A man goes far to find out what he is.” —Theodore Roethke So long as the sun rises, human misery abounds. The self-help and psychiatry industries are therefore thriving, for trite books and yuppie dope now stand in for [...]

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Time Is A Non-Renewable Resource

Continue Reading from the Source As I rummaged through the desk abandoned by its owner, I that concluded that whoever occupied this “embassy” had left in a hurry. I found a Red Bull in the receptionist’s desk in the antechamber before the main office on the fifth floor. My colleagues found a variety of goodies, [...]

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Are Modern Women Modern Thinkers?

Continue Reading from the Source If your mind ever boggled as to how the hell a woman could come to a particular conclusion, against all the seeming facts or data at hand, you actually have something to be thankful for. The idea that you draw a conclusion from the facts and data at hand actually [...]

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Why Every Man Should Keep A Daily Journal

Continue Reading from the Source The happiness of your life depends on your thoughts: therefore, guard accordingly and take care you entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue and reasonable nature Marcus Aurelius This past summer, I made the decision to resume maintaining a daily journal. I committed to updating it every day, if only to [...]

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