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Scientists Are Mapping the Ocean’s Plastic Because 99 Percent Is Missing

Last week, some strange news swept the science internet: Much of the plastic scientists expected to find on the ocean’s surface is gone, and no one knows exactly where it is. Now the scientists behind the research have shared a first-of-its-kind map of ocean plastic with National Geographic–and it could be key to solving the [...]

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SCOTUS denies Google’s request to dismiss a lawsuit concerning its most controversial data collection program

Google’s decision to use vehicles meant to map roads for its Street View project to gather emails, passwords, and other personal information from unprotected WiFi networks continues to haunt it. The Supreme Court has denied its request to dismiss a lawsuit concerning the practice despite its numerous apologies and fines. The company paid $7 million in fines to [...]

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Foursquare finally comes up with a monetization strategy that makes sense

Foursquare is planning to monetize its greatest asset — its database of precise locations for restaurants, shopping malls, and anywhere else someone might want to visit — by asking some of its partners to start paying for that cartographical treasure trove. The change will affect less than 1 percent of the 63,000 companies using the location database, Foursquare [...]

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