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Google Maps May Alert You the Next Time You’re Near a Train Crossing

Car accidents at railroad crossings spiked nine percent last year, according to the New York Times–a huge number that the Federal Railroad Administration is trying to bring down. Today, it announced a project with Google to create alerts within Google Maps that will tell motorists when they’re closing in on a crossing. Read more… Continue [...]

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Here’s how Google plans to disassociate the White House from racist search terms

Google plans to implement a “key algorithmic change” to prevent its mapping product from displaying racist results, like showing the White House when people search for “n***** house.” Yes that actually happened. The company was previously criticized because its algorithms took everything they learned from the Web, which is just chock full of racists and morons, and decided it [...]

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Game of Thrones Modern Map

Planning a trip to Westeros? Redditor selvag depicted the fictional continent from A Song of Ice and Fire in the style of Google Maps. The poster is available in three sizes. OK Google, what’s the best sushi place in The North? Hat Tip Link Price: $21-$34 Continue Reading from the Source

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These Maps Plot the Most Interesting Places and the Paths Between Them

For the past five years data artist Eric Fischer’s been working on something called the Geotaggers’ World Atlas, a project which hopes to discover the world’s most interesting places by examining beautiful Flickr photos. As it turns out, the maps showing the routes between them are just as beautiful. Read more… Continue Reading from the [...]

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Apple Wants To Make Navigation Like A Friend Reading You Directions

Apple has filed for a patent titled “Humanized Navigation Instructions for Mapping Applications.” It’s exactly what it sounds like, nixing voice prompts that say, “turn right in 600 feet” to “make the next right after the McDonalds.” And it could explain its fleet of sensor-laden minivans . Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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