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You Can Hang These Legendary American Data Visualizations On Your Walls 

Gift giving is difficult—go too general, and you look like you picked your gift off of Amazon’s recommendation page, but target your loved one’s hobbies, and you risk buying them something they already have. There is, however, a gift transcends interests and hobbies and personality types: Amazing maps from the 19th century. Read more… Continue [...]

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These City Maps Are Made Out of Razor Blades and Mirror Shards

Damien Hirst loves to play provocateur. The artist makes mosaics with pharmaceuticals and sculptures with taxidermy. Now, for his latest series of paintings, he’s depicting cities in conflict. But look closer: What seem like innocent, black-and-white satellite images are crafted out of sharp, dangerous objects. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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Crayon the Grids

Stephen Von Worley’s Crayon the Grids is a series of beautiful interactive maps of various major cities with the streets and roads colored according to their orientation. London and Chicago prove to be extreme opposites. Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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Global incident maps tell you how screwed the world is in real time

You are looking at the current disease outbreaks in the United States, as displayed in real time by Global Incidents Map. They have many more: Forest fires, hazardous materials accidents, amber alerts, border security, drug interdictions, gang crime, and now two new ones: Human trafficking and food/medicine incidents. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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