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Sprinklr acquires the Dachis Group to build out its social management platform

With so many social media management platforms it’s difficult to keep track. There’s Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Radian6, to name a few. In general they offer the same core product — an easy way to channel, filter, and diffuse social content for brands. But, of course, the war rages on about which is best. Today, New York-based Sprinklr announced that…


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BetterCloud’s investors bet $6M that Google Apps will become the foundational layer of the enterprise cloud

David Politis believes in Google’s enterprise services. His company, BetterCloud, has been built around the assumption that Google Apps for Business will become the dominant enterprise software suite. Now the company is announcing that it has raised another $6 million to expand its products, because Politis believes that Google Apps will become increasingly important to businesses that…


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Crittercism launches the Fathom Mobile Command Center to help large companies manage the shift to mobile

No one has ever died because Seamless crashed just as they were about to place an order. Most people would either relaunch the app, use another delivery service, or — horror of horrors! — order directly through the restaurant. The only real loser is Seamless, which could lose a sale every time its app doesn’t work as intended; becoming a…


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What CEOs could learn from comedians

Those who have seen Twitter CEO Dick Costolo speak know he’s a joke machine. But lately, he’s been getting a bit more love for it, thanks to a video of a one-liner-filled commencement address at the University of Michigan that has gotten a lot of attention in tech circles. Costolo is, after all, an improvisational comedian. But Costolo isn’t…


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15Five raises $1M for a management tool inspired by Patagonia’s founder

In companies like in relationships, communication is key. But, the larger an organization gets, the more difficult it can be to maintain healthy communication channels throughout. This realization, and regular outdoor adventures that took him out of the office, led Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard to invent weekly reporting system that is meant to take no more than 15 minutes to…

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BetterCloud fights the Google Apps fight with 2.75M users, adds Google Drive-specific features

For decades, “productivity suite” was near-synonymous with “Microsoft Office.” Microsoft’s suite was the package of necessity (“choice” is too strong a word) for teachers, students, researchers, and essentially anyone that needed to type a few words or make a spreadsheet.

Google has been trying to change that, first with its Docs suite and then its souped-up Drive product. Featuring collaborative, cloud-based editing and easy document sharing, Google’s suite hits Microsoft right where it hurts: the cloud.

Unfortunately, it isn’t all strawberries and rainbows in Drive-land. Though the suite checks all of the right boxes on the front-end, from an administrative standpoint Google has offered precious little access to analytics or control over what an employee is doing with their Drive account. Which is where BetterCloud comes in. Continue reading

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