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Uber suffers yet another setback in Europe with France’s new “anti-Uber” law

In a move certain to make Travis Kalanick stare out a window while dispassionately smoking a long cigarette, France has passed a new law meant to make it harder for companies like Uber to convince potential riders that they should use a car-on-demand service instead of hailing a cab. The law prevents ride-hailing services like [...]

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What the hell is going on with Twitpic?

UPDATED: Twitpic just announced that it has been acquired, noted here as a speculative possibility for why it was so concerned with obtaining a federal trademark   Two weeks ago, Twitpic, one of the earliest platforms for sharing photos on Twitter, announced it was shutting down. And while the advent of Twitter’s own native sharing tools has [...]

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Plan Your Free Online Education at Lifehacker U: Fall Semester 2014

Your education doesn’t have to stop once you leave school. We’ve put together a curriculum of some of the best free online classes available on the web this fall for our latest term of Lifehacker U, our regularly-updating guide to improving your life with free, online college-level classes. Let’s get started. Read more… Continue Reading [...]

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CA smartphone “kill switch” law shows the government’s increased understanding of tech

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law a bill requiring smartphone manufacturers to include anti-theft features with all devices sold after July 15, 2015. The bill will make it easier for consumers to protect their personal information by allowing them to activate a so-called “kill switch” after someone steals their smartphone. It’s also meant to discourage [...]

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