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Why the police shouldn’t be allowed to search your smartphone without a warrant

California police officer Sean Harrington has been charged with sending nude photos from at least two suspects’ smartphones to himself, CNET reports, with as many as six photos taken in total. (Harrington was a cop when he forwarded the photographs, but he has since left the force.) His coworkers who also received the images haven’t [...]

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Uber suffers yet another setback in Europe with France’s new “anti-Uber” law

In a move certain to make Travis Kalanick stare out a window while dispassionately smoking a long cigarette, France has passed a new law meant to make it harder for companies like Uber to convince potential riders that they should use a car-on-demand service instead of hailing a cab. The law prevents ride-hailing services like [...]

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What the hell is going on with Twitpic?

UPDATED: Twitpic just announced that it has been acquired, noted here as a speculative possibility for why it was so concerned with obtaining a federal trademark   Two weeks ago, Twitpic, one of the earliest platforms for sharing photos on Twitter, announced it was shutting down. And while the advent of Twitter’s own native sharing tools has [...]

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