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This Faucet Sprayer’s Flat Blade of Water Scrapes Dishes Clean

If you’re lucky enough to have a retractable sprayer attached to your kitchen faucet, you’ve probably noticed that its circular blast often isn’t powerful enough to really scrape dishes clean. To fix that, Kohler is introducing what it calls Sweep spray technology that blasts stuck-on food with a wide blade of water that works like [...]

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Beer Glass Froster

The Beer Glass Froster uses carbon dioxide to cool mugs or glasses within seconds. It comes with a clamp for mounting on a bar or counter top and three AAA batteries for its LED light. CO2 tank not included. Hat Tip Link Price: $400 Continue Reading from the Source

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TowlHub USB Paper Towel Holder

As if it weren’t amazing enough that there are paper towels so strong that a single quilted sheet can mop up an entire glass of spilt milk someone’s crying over. Now these paper towels’ holders can charge up to 4 of my smartphones and tablets, placating the sobbing babies with playlists and Netflix videos during [...]

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R2D2 Measuring Cups

What? R2-D2 measuring cups?! Dude. If R2-D2 can make me some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies in honor of the fact that I want some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, my whiny ex-girlfriend will officially be correct in her complaints that I always liked R2-D2 more than I liked her. Assembled, the R2-D2 portioning companion [...]

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Good Grips Mango Splitter

OXO says, “There’s nothing as luscious as a ripe mango.” OXO obviously has never seen Kate Upton’s rack. Or Kelly Brook’s. Or Christina Hendricks’. However, I do agree that mangoes are in the luscious family. The luscious yet incredibly hard to penetrate without making a big mess of things family. (So, yeah, still similar to [...]

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