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KRUPS Egg Cooker

Nothing sucks more than spending 15 precious minutes hardboiling an egg only to crack it open and find a puckered rubbery white and grisly-green-sheathed yolk. It’s not that it’s hard to make a perfectly cooked egg. It’s just that it’s hard for, like, 70% of us. Especially chickens. They really have a rough time with [...]

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Save $30 on Complete Cookware Sets, From Nonstick to Copper Tri-Ply

If your cookware collection consists mostly of of warped $10 Walmart pans, it’s time to upgrade. Amazon’s currently offering a $30 coupon on three different Cuisinart cookware sets, ranging from inexpensive (but well reviewed) steel and non-stick sets, all the way up to restaurant quality (not to mention stunningly gorgeous) tri-ply copper. Read more… Continue [...]

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Homemade Butter Mini Churn

Back to the roots, farm to table, quality ingredients, knowing what you’re shoving down your piehole. What was the norm for our grandparents, and the waste of time what with this microwave and these golden arches around now for our parents, has become the viral trend for us. If you grow your own food you’re [...]

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