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Cook Perfectly Flavored Soup Every Time with the FASS Method

There’s a lot to appreciate in a heaping bowl of your favorite soup. All great soups are concocted from a laborious process of tasting, strengthening or correcting the soup’s flavor throughout the cooking process, and properly utilizing fat, acid, salty, and sweet (FASS) components to contribute to a fantastic soup. Read more… Continue Reading from […]

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Your Hands Are Safe, But Watch Your Fingers Around This Lightsaber Immersion Blender

Every kid wants one, but lightsabers have to be one of the most dangerous items in the Star Wars universe. A kid at the controls of the Death Star would cause less damage than one swinging around a laser sword. This immersion blender, featuring Vader’s lightsaber’s hilt for its handle, isn’t much safer, but at […]

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