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InstantVeg Spiralizer

Well I guess I better get my mama this InstantVeg Spiralizer for Christmas if I want her to keep making me curly shoestring french fries and zucchini spaghetti on my low-carb days (i.e., every 17th Sunday). See I got her this spiral vegetable slicer last Christmas, but lately every time she uses it I hear [...]

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A frying pan with a temperature sensor and Bluetooth connectivity. Its iOS and Pebble apps come with recipes and step-by-step instructions. You can also record your own recipes or just monitor the pan’s temperature through the apps. Hat Tip Link Price: $199++ Continue Reading from the Source

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DeLonghi Perfecto Indoor Grill

Last winter I was all like, Mama, come on. It’s only just below freezing. Get on out to the grill and make me…us…some BBQ ribs. But then a few days later she got pneumonia and I felt sort of bad. So this year I got her a Perfecto Indoor Grill, which maker DeLonghi, plus an [...]

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Big Chop Wood Cutting Board & Stand

On the chopping block is right. Even though Danny van Kessel’s Big Chop wood cutting boards look pretty tasteful and finely crafted, I have no doubt they’d serve faithfully when you need to hack up a big hunk of meat or take down a motley crew of onions. van Kessel has even added a tablet [...]

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Maid Smart Oven

A top heater, convection heater, microwave oven and cooking assistant. Its touchscreen and recipe store gives you step by step instructions. You can also let it set the time and temperature settings based on what you’re cooking. Link Price: $409++ Continue Reading from the Source

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Fifty Shades of Chicken

This beloved parody not only apes the infamous adult novel Fifty Shades of Grey – telling the story of a chef seducing… a chicken – it’s also a legitimate cookbook. It also has 50 chicken recipes and lots of beautiful images. Hat Tip Link Link 2 Price: $12-$14 Continue Reading from the Source

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Glass Darth Vader Cutting Board

Look at Vader, all done up glassy and classy-like on a cutting board. Surrounds by…what are those things surrounding the Dark Lord of the Sith, etched doilies? Blades, he breathes to the X-Wing knife block, I am your buffer. Custom made to your size and color specifications, the Darth Vader cutting board is printed on [...]

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