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KuploK Plate

A plate with a cup holder at the bottom. It has two rails that locks most 16oz, 18oz and 20oz disposable cups in place. KuploK is reusable and is made from BPA-free recyclable plastic. Link Price: $12++/10-pk Continue Reading from the Source

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Transparent Stock Pot

It’s no Sears Tower* glass Skydeck hovering 1,353 feet above the streets of Chicago, but at least this transparent stock pot is a lot easier to haul home, and way less likely to make you vomit. Well…unless you’re a terrible cook. In which case…it’s vomit all around! But you won’t know that until you sit [...]

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Apron Guides

Aprons filled with culinary information, such as measurements, abbreviations and cooking times. They are printed upside down so that they’ll be right side up when you’re wearing the apron. Available as a full apron or as a waist apron. Hat Tip Link Price: $20-$25 Continue Reading from the Source

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KitchenAid’s SodaStream Machines Look Transplanted From a Fifties Diner

They might make it slightly cheaper to produce your own carbonated beverages at home, but those SodaStream machines aren’t exactly the loveliest things you can put on your kitchen counter. Thankfully, the company has teamed up with KitchenAid who’s given the machines a retro makeover and an all-metal design so they’ll survive years of making [...]

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A Magical Machine Lets You Inject Bananas With Sweet Sweet Fillings

You know that disappointing feeling when you bite into a banana and there’s nothing on the inside? Normally they can’t compete with the likes of a creme-filled Twinkie, or a caramel-packed tube of Rolos, but the DestapaBanana levels the playing field. It lets you inject bananas—still in their peel—with all kinds of fillings so you [...]

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How You Fold This Origami Measuring Spoon Determines Its Capacity

Unless your measuring spoons are all tethered together (which is annoying unto itself) you’ve probably spent too much time sifting through kitchen drawers trying to find the one you need. Rahul Agarwal’s Polygon measuring spoon solves that problem with an easy-to-store flat design that simply folds to whatever capacity you need. Read more… Continue Reading [...]

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BioLite KettleCharge

BioLite’s thermoelectric generator is now in a kettle. The KettleCharge lets you heat up to 750ml of water, and at the same time charge gadgets for up to 15mins. It also has a 1250mAh battery and a heat-resistant USB extender. Link Link 2 Price: $150 Continue Reading from the Source

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