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Shuddle raises $9.6 million for a ridesharing service safe enough for kids

One of the most memorable segments at our 24-hour Don’t Be Awful fest came courtesy of Nick Allen, a former Sidecar executive and co-founder who had become disillusioned with the ridesharing ratrace. While the big competitors in the space like Uber and Lyft had made strides in improving background check requirements, the space still wasn’t safe [...]

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13 Guilty Kids

Kids will be kids, but if our rugrats did the kind of destruction these troublemakers caused, we might just have to put them up for adoption – except maybe the one who put the stickers on the baby, because that’s just funny. Link Continue Reading from the Source

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The Drinking Prodigy

(NSFW: Language) “So young and yet so disgusting!”  The Onion talks to Tyler Morgan, who got accepted into Ohio State University even though he’s only 13 years old, thanks to his college-level drinking skills. Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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ThredUp acquires Kindermint, further proving that pre-owned and premium aren’t mutually exclusive

In the average American closet, only 30 percent of items are worn regularly. The other 70 percent of items are simply taking up space, and, in many cases, exerting a cognitive tax as people struggle to sort through their wardrobe looking for something to wear. The options for fixing this problem are well known – [...]

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The 2014-15 Louisville Leopard Percussionists, aged 7 to 12 practice a medley of Led Zeppelin classics Kashmir, The Ocean and Immigrant Song, played on marimbas, xylophone, vibraphone, drums, timbales, congas, bongos and piano. Link Continue Reading from the Source

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American Kids Try other Breakfasts

Here in the States, breakfast usually consists of cereal, eggs, meats or pastries. But these kids learn that dining habits vary greatly around the world, as they partake of some very different takes on the most important meal of the day. Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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