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You’re So Stupid!

In order to truly enjoy the comedic timing of the kid drummer in this brief video clip, you must make the assumption that the other kid injured nothing more than his ego. After you do that, it’s comedy gold. Link More Awesome Stuff for You to Click On: 4×4 Recovery Gone WrongTeens React: ’90s Handheld […]

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KidCo Peapod Portable Bed

KidCo has come up with a swell way to make sure your kids get their Zs when you tote them along to grandma’s for Christmas, the beach for Christmas vacation, or your friend Cornelius’ house party for New Year’s Eve. Their Peapod travel beds twist, condense, and stuff into a carry sack no wider than […]

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Circle Is the Parental Control for the Internet I’ve Always Wanted

Parenting often means managing a small network. It’s challenging because there’s no built-in way to apply the same parental controls across all of the tablets, laptops, and other devices everyone in your household uses. That’s where Circle comes in. It’s a unique device that helps you effortless manage content and screen time for every family […]

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Just Kids’ Stuff

Twitter user Jess says the kids she’s babysitting sent her this video. It seems like the girl is trying to show off a dance move, only for her brother to outshine her acrobatics. But not in the way he thinks. Hat Tip Link More Awesome Stuff for You to Click On: Say “Mama”Dog StripperPing Pong […]

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4 Year-Old Drives a Truck

To demonstrate their durability and traction control system, Volvo Trucks put Sophie, a 4 year-old girl behind the wheel of an 18-ton truck, and asked her to drive it through a challenging obstacle course. For safety’s sake, she used a remote control. Thank goodness. Link More Awesome Stuff for You to Click On: 9 Year-Old […]

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9 Year-Old Triple Decade

Watch as this little kid in Japan pulls one of the most epic and challenging BMX flatland tricks – a triple decade. That’s the move where you pull three full 360º spins around the handlebars. The bike drop at the end is the BMX version of the mic drop. Original on Vine. Hat Tip Link […]

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R2-D2 Bubble Machine

Bleep Bloop Blop Bleep Boop…Bubble…Bubble. With The Force Awakens on its way there is no better time to introduce your toddler (or your girlfriend who prides herself on never having seen the Star Wars series) to R2-D2. Especially an R2-D2 that lights up, bleeps out sounds, rotates his head 90 degrees, and blows acres and […]

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The Book with No Pictures

Alright, BJ Novak, it took until “BOO BOO BUTT,” but you finally got me. While The Book with No Pictures is 100% a kids’ book, it’s one of those bedtime reads that, like Seuss and Stories for Children You Hate, is kind of OK fun for the parent or other literate grownup doing the reading […]

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