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Grand Portico Mansion Playhouse

Who’s your Daddy…Warbucks? Better call him if you want the Grand Portico playmansion erected in your back yard, Suzy Q, because this definition of a spoiled child is gonna cost a whole helluva lot more than the Barbie Dream House you begged for last year. A mansion playhouse. And I thought I’d seen the pinnacle […]

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Kieran’s Hand

e-NABLE’s global community of volunteers is using 3D printing tech to provide custom-made prosthetic hands to children and adults in need, without the costs and other associated with traditional prosthetics. Read about Kieran’s Raptor Reloaded hand on Instructables. Link More Awesome Stuff for You to Click On: I Love BugsBottle PushupsTaking the First StepNunchaku Kid […]

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Yo-Yo Baby

Go, go #yoyobaby! Despite his age, 6-year-old Kazuya Murata is already better at spinning a yo-yo than you ever have been or will be. We’re not sure what this skill qualifies him for later in life, but for now, he’s a champ. Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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Grush Gaming Toothbrush for Kids

A gaming toothbrush for kids? Do we really have to go to lengths of Grush proportions, pandering to our insolent children’s every inclination, in order to get them to do what they should simply by virtue of our saying, Hey you little snot! Turn off the damn video game and go brush your teeth! The […]

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LeapFrog’s Kid Fitness Watch: A Tamagotchi That Gets Kids Off the Couch

Fitness trackers are basically a grown-up excuse to mess around with a gadget under the guise of self-betterment. But why should adults have all the fun? Kids’ electronics maker LeapFrog just unveiled the LeapBand, a wrist-worn fitness tracker that encourages kids to get up and do stuff. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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Baby Tattoo Sleeve Onesie

This baby with a mohawk and sleeves tattooed on his arms looks ridiculous. Even though the mohawk is probably just a styling of the only hair he has on his head and the sleeves are part of a onesie. The poor bastard. He doesn’t even know he better start dreading the day he brings a […]

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Build Your Favorite Space Gadgets With LittleBits’ Awesome NASA Kit

The Mars Rover. The ISS grappling arm. An infrared light meter. You can build working models of all of those and more with LittleBits ‘ new space-themed electronics kit, which is NASA scientist-approved and here to let kids experience simpler versions of the challenges that space scientists and engineers face every day. Read more… Continue […]

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Dad saves a kid from getting hit by becoming faster than a superhero

Old man strength. The ability to fix anything broken inside the house. The impeccable sense of direction. The never ending wallet. Dads are basically real life superheroes. Especially this dad, who probably activated the secret powerful dad mode God code you get when you become a father that made him instantly realize the trajectory the […]

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Baby Mop Onesie

Finally! A use for babies! Come on little Timmy, you need to work up an appetite and I need to see my reflection in those hardwoods. That’s right, time to earn your breast milk, son. And try not to get too sweaty or haggard in the eyes as you mop. I still want you to […]

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