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Google Wants Your Children…To Be Safe on the Web

Internet services want users, and much like religions and smartphone ecosystems, it’s best to convert them when they’re young. But a string of federal regulation, including the last year’s overhauled COPPA rules , provide necessary restrictions and protections for youngling web surfers. But Google isn’t giving up and is working on a legal and kid-friendly [...]

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Apparently Kid Songified

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from The Gregory Brothers, but they were just waiting for the right meme to hit before songifying it. And if you don’t know what we’re talking about, apparently you don’t watch the internet. Link : http://youtu.be/ec8ONG45ODA Continue Reading from the Source

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Three-Year-Old Drummer Boy

Three-year-old Lyonya Shilovskya was invited to join the stage with a symphony orchestra in Russia to perform a section of Offenbach’s classic Orpheus in the Underworld. We’re still convinced he’s an adult in a little kid costume. Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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Kids React to TMNT

Yeah, radical! For their latest “Kids React to” clip, The Fine Brothers ask today’s kids to watch the original animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons which ran from 1987 to 1996. We also love their reactions to the reboot trailer. Link Continue Reading from the Source

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Baby Hates Nationwide

A father discovered that his son really hates that “Nationwide is on your side” commercial jingle. Cheer up kid, we hate insurance companies too. It’s also possible he just hates his dad’s off-key singing. Also, bribery will get you everywhere. Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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How to Keep Your Cool as a Parent

What parent hasn’t lost their temper when a kid misbehaves? Of course a parent who hasn’t lost their cool from time to time is a rarer than a unicorn, but losing your temper and yelling can be ineffective parenting. It’s better for everyone if you keep your cool. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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3-in-1 Amish High Chair

I guess this is what happens when you don’t spend all your time watching TV and playing video games. You come up with simple, fantastic ideas like the Amish with this 3-in-1 high chair. It’s just a shame they’ll have to use all the money I bet they’re going to make buying, like, more wood [...]

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