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Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

An ergonomic, programmable and mechanical USB keyboard. The UHK can be split into two for a comfortable typing experience. It has four key layers, uses Cherry MX switches and stores key layouts in its internal memory so they will work with any computer. Link Price: $200+ More Awesome Stuff for You to Click On: Sensel […]

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Inside Apple’s Anechoic Chamber Where Its Keyboards Get That Distinctive Clickety-Clack

Apple’s not been especially forthcoming over the years UNDERSTATEMENT but recently the company has been opening up. Case in point: Journalist Steven Levy went inside Apple’s HQ to see where the company prototypes hardware, including an acoustical lab for tuning the audible feedback from your fingers. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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The Best Useful Tablet Accessories

Your tablet—whether it’s an iPad, Android tablet, or a Microsoft Surface—is probably great on its own, but a few well-placed accessories can make it even better. There are a lot of useless ones out there, but let’s make a list of the best ones that are actually useful at what they do. Read more… Continue […]

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