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‘Alto’s Adventure’ offers a break from the iPhone’s noxious intrusions

The iPhone 6 is marvelous. It does everything a modern smartphone should: its screen turns on, its speakers work, and its antennas connect to various wireless networks. And it does those things better than every other iPhone I’ve ever used — which is why I feel bad about hating the damned thing whenever it vibrates, [...]

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The (pointless) argument over fitness trackers versus smartphones

There was some debate last week over whether people should buy dedicated fitness trackers or if they should just let smartphones count their steps from inside their pockets. It was prompted by a study which, depending on who you ask, either proved smartphones are more accurate than fitness trackers or showed that a FitBit is still better than [...]

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Report: Apple will focus on refinement, not revolution, with coming iOS update

Apple might take a break from redesigning its software platforms to focus on stability, performance, and the little problems that can turn into big problems during daily use. That’s according to a prolific Apple reporter, 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman, who has been profiled several times for getting so many scoops about the secretive company’s plans. Some have [...]

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Moment iPhone 6 Camera Case

A case for the iPhone 6 that works with Moment’s telephoto and wide angle lenses. The case also has an electronic two-step shutter button that connects to the phone over Bluetooth, a tapered and rubberized grip and slots for a strap. Link Link 2 Price: $49++ Continue Reading from the Source

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Prynt Instant Camera Phone Case

An instant camera case for the Samsung Galaxy S4/S5 and iPhone 5/5S/5C/6. Snap a photo, and after it’s printed an augmented reality video will show the moment the photo was taken. Also prints photos from Facebook and Instagram. Link Price: $99++ Continue Reading from the Source

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Apple pundits are wrong again as the company reportedly beats Samsung in smartphone sales

Apple has done two things few ever thought it would be able to manage at the same time: made the most profit in a single quarter of any company in history, and sell as many smartphones as Samsung, the company with which it has the fiercest rivalry. Only one of those things was supposed to happen. [...]

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Handicapping the chances that 2015 is really “the year of Apple Pay”

“I’m actually unbelievably shocked, positively shocked at how many merchants were able to implement Apple Pay in the middle of their holiday season. I think that this is the year of Apple Pay.” ~ Apple CEO Tim Cook, speaking during yesterday’s earnings call. Apple’s near-term bullishness toward its Apple Pay business may come as a [...]

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Apple may have compromised everyone’s security for access to China

Apple is said to have given the Chinese government access to the software used in its iPhones to conduct “security checks” meant to ensure the privacy of China’s citizens. The revelation comes courtesy of a tweet from one of China’s state-run publications and a Beijing News report claiming Apple chief executive Tim Cook authorized the checks. [...]

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