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Welcome to the big-phone era: Study shows phone size directly impacts content consumption behavior

It’s been two months since the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus went on sale. And while we quickly learned that consumers preferred the svelte-by-comparison, 4.7-inch model 3-to-1 over its larger, 5.5-inch phablet sibling, it’s taken a little bit longer to decipher how the various form factors would affect device usage. Today, we get a glimpse [...]

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Nokia rises from the dead with an iPad mini knock-off that looks even better than the original

Nokia might not be as dead as we thought. The company has announced a new tablet to go along with its Z Launcher for Android devices. It’s basically a better iPad mini: it’s thinner, lighter, and features the laminated display that Apple added to the iPad Air 2 but didn’t include in the latest version of the [...]

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Molecules for iOS

The sequel to The Elements, Molecules by Theodore Gray is an interactive book about compounds, chemicals and molecules. It also has 3D models of 348 molecules and over 500 videos of objects. Also available in print form. Link Link 2 Price: $14 Continue Reading from the Source

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Masque Attack is the latest bug affecting iOS devices

Researchers have revealed the existence of a bug allowing hackers to install malware onto iOS devices by sharing links to seemingly-legitimate applications via text message, email, and links shared via social networks. The researchers have dubbed the bug Masque Attack, and they warn that it’s more dangerous than WireLurker, a similar exploit which was revealed [...]

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Rutledge iPad & MacBook Cases

The Rutledge Edition of Twelve South’s BookBook cases feature leather covers that are tanned and finished by hand – no two covers will look or age the same. Available for the iPad Air/Mini and MacBook Air/Pro/Retina. Link Price: $80-$100 Continue Reading from the Source

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Researchers say WireLurker represents “a new era in iOS and OS X malware”

Researchers have discovered new malware affecting iPhones that are connected to computers infected by corrupted files. It’s called WireLurker, and it’s not yet clear what its creator plans to accomplish through its spread. Palo Alto Networks, the research group that discovered the malware, describes it as a “new era in iOS and OS X malware.” It’s [...]

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Amp iPad Air Speaker Case

A protective case for the iPad Air and iPad Air 2 that comes with a pair of thin stereo speakers. It lasts up to 7 hours per charge, and because it pairs via Bluetooth 4.0 it can be used to play audio from other devices as well. Hat Tip Link Link 2 Price: $129++ Continue [...]

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