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Google search for iOS just got updated with Siri-style voice searching–including follow-up question

Google search for iOS just got updated with Siri-style voice searching—including follow-up questions like "what’s the weather like?" followed by "how about this weekend?". It also features custom alerts to keep you updated on your favorite sites, blogs, and more. Download it here for free. [iTunes via 9to5mac] Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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As the iPad turns four, the tablet faces an existential crisis

Last month, the iPad turned four-years old. Throughout the device’s short lifespan, Apple has remained the king of the tablet market. As evidence, consider that 77 percent of all web traffic on tablets comes from iPads. This is a dominant position for Apple to find itself in, given that Google only has 67 percent of the desktop search […]

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The iPad is down and it may be taking the rest of the tablet market down with it

It seems strange now, but when the iPad was first announced, few believed that the product would become popular. It was dismissed as a large iPod Touch, mocked for its reliance on a mobile operating system, and otherwise regarded as yet another misstep in Apple’s history. But the naysayers were proven wrong when the iPad […]

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The Best Useful Tablet Accessories

Your tablet—whether it’s an iPad, Android tablet, or a Microsoft Surface—is probably great on its own, but a few well-placed accessories can make it even better. There are a lot of useless ones out there, but let’s make a list of the best ones that are actually useful at what they do. Read more… Continue […]

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