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Dear God: Please Let Instagram’s Algorithm Put Shitty Spammers In Their Place

Every social media platform has bottom feeders. You know the ones: the fake teen pornbots, the meme factories, the personal brand trumpeters—the spammers. They come in many different forms, but they are all categorically bad, and they make the experience of actually using the platform slightly worse every time they pop up. Even if you […]

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Here’s How Instagram Users Are Flexing Stone Island x Supreme SS16

Visit the original post to see all 1 images from this gallery. Supreme’s collaboration with Italian fabric innovators Stone Island may only be in its third season, but it’s fast becoming one of the NYC legend’s most popular partnerships. For SS16, the duo dropped a heavyweight collab that included iridescent tracksuits, color-changing outerwear and naval-style striped […]

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I Am an Obsessive Instagram Power User And I Demand a Chronological Feed

Yesterday, Gizmodo and a multitude of other outlets reported on an impending change to Instagram’s chronological photo and video postings. “Watch Out, People Are About to Get Unreasonably Upset About The Order of Their Instagram Feeds,” reads a headline from Gizmodo’s very own Sophie Kleeman, a writer I personally hired who then proceeded to pierce […]

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New Nielsen study says Instagram users are more prone to spending money on music and live events

For the first time since its groundbreaking launch last year, Instagram Music has collaborated with Nielsen to fund a study pertaining to the habits and lifestyles of US music fans on Instagram. The Nielsen Instagram Music Study worked with a pool of over 3,000 Instagram account holders to find out just how much the social media […]

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This Is What Happened When Instagram Banned Certain Pro-Anorexia Words

In 2012, Instagram started moderating certain terms used by pro-anorexia groups, making it one of the more tightly moderated social media platforms. A group of Georgia Tech researchers decided to study if banning such words helped the communities using them. Instead, they found that it may make matters worse. Read more… Continue Reading from the […]

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