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Gorillaz announce plans for a new album to be released in 2016

Dancing Astronaut – EDM, trap, techno, deep house, dubstep Five years after their last full-length studio album Pacific Beach, Gorillaz have announced they will soon be recording their long-awaited new album. The English virtual band’s Damon Albarn confirmed to ABC News that they’ll begin the recording process for the new record starting in September. To celebrate their return, [...]

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Google has found a way to convert ‘food porn’ into something useful

Google has finally found a use for the disgusting amount of food porn shared on Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks after every single meal: visual analysis that’s supposed to figure out how many calories were in a dish. The project has been given the distinctly unappetizing “Im2Calories” moniker. It’s said to rely on technology from the DeepMind [...]

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Why the Instagrammers whose photos Richard Prince sold for $90,000 should stop complaining

Richard Prince is an artist with a long history of “reappropriation.” In 1989, he re-photographed an existing photo of a cowboy from a cigarette ad and sold it for $1 million. He did the same with a highly sexualized photo of Brooke Shields taken when she was 10 years old. And now he’s attracted the ire [...]

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Ex-Football Player Pleads Guilty to Posting Revenge Porn On Instagram

Jermaine Cunningham, former linebacker for the New York Jets, pleaded guilty to spreading sexually-revealing photos of a former girlfriend through his social media. Cunningham admitted to posting suggestive photos of his ex on his Instagram, as well as tagging her in the pictures without her consent. The posts revealed shots of the woman’s inner thigh, [...]

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The Awesomer on Instagram

Follow Awesomer Media on Instagram and go behind the scenes and on the road with The Awesomer crew, as we check out cool cars, great destinations, awesome products, tasty eats, satisfying spirits and the best life has to offer. Link Continue Reading from the Source

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