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Snoop Dogg Announces His EDM Group LA Party Machine

Snoop Dogg recently announced an EDM project that he’s calling LA Party Machine via Instagram. He captioned it, “Comin soon. My new group !!!!!!! Edm meets hip hop!! La party machine !!” Following the announcement, he posted a preview called “Despicable” that we’re assuming will be one of the upcoming tracks from the group. Standby [...]

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Enplug drags digital signage into the social era, raising $2.5M and landing Porsche and Coffee Bean as clients

Digital signage is hardly an industry that screams for startup attention. Yes, the category hasn’t had much innovation in the decade plus that it’s been in existence, but it’s not like the dentist offices, restaurants, and casinos that host these screens are clamoring for technology. If anything, these signs are often an afterthought. Culver City-based [...]

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Frontback almost never happened. Now it’s got 1M downloads, 75% monthly growth, and an Android app

Breakout mobile photo sensation Frontback is an app that almost never happened. It’s a fact that seems mind-boggling given that the company raced past its one millionth download in late March and has now doubled its user based in the last eight weeks and tripled the number of photos uploaded and viewed monthly since the beginning [...]

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What's Your Most-Liked Instagram Post?

Maybe it was a shot of a sunset under the tint of an X Pro II filter. Or perhaps it was a school pic from back when you had braces and headgear with a Valencia tint and a very special #tbt tag. Whatever it is, show us your most popular Instagram post. Read more… Continue [...]

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Even Facebook’s biggest fans should be thrilled its stock traded down today

The market is trying to save Facebook from itself. The company’s stock is down today —  just under 7 percent and it’s recovered a tiny bit of that in after hour trading. And Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg loves to emphasize how much he doesn’t care about that stuff. But still the drop — however modest or shortlived it [...]

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9 Incredible Aerial Pics Of London, Seen From A Police Helicopter

London looks cool from street-level. London looks really, really cool from a helicopter—specifically from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Air Support Unit, a fleet of three that flies around providing support to the ground-bound team below. In between felony-fighting duties, the officers manage to take some truly incredible urban shots. Read more… Continue Reading from the [...]

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Dancing Giants: How a rusting giant can act more like a startup

Trevor Owens, founder of Javelin (formerly Lean Startup Machine), has a bleak– but simple — prescription for big companies: Act more like a startup or enjoy a long slide into irrelevance and creative destruction. He’s a proponent of the lean startup methodology made famous by Eric Ries and Steve Blank, which employ rapid, data-driven experimentation [...]

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Facebook stops users from advertising illegal gun sales

It’s about to get a lot harder to find firearms on Facebook or Instagram. Facebook today announced that it will issue warnings to users who sell guns on its network, make groups include legal warnings on their profiles, and introduce “special in-app education” to Instagram users searching for guns. Facebook says it will “not permit people to post offers…


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