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Instagram is quietly launching a new Snapchat-style app called Bolt, in which users can send photos

Instagram is quietly launching a new Snapchat-style app called Bolt, in which users can send photos or videos that expire upon viewing. The app is currently only available in certain regions—New Zealand, Singapore, and South Africa—in preparation for a wider launch. Read more on The Verge. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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With Sun heritage and rare firehose data access, Wayin raises $13.1M to deliver intelligence to enterprise social

With consumer attention increasingly focused on social media, it’s more important than ever for brands to be able to engage in meaningful online conversation with their customer in these channels. This means more than just brands tweeting clever content during major events like the Super Bowl and Grammys, but also identifying and participating in granular [...]

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Cartegram encourages smartphone users to explore and share. Pocket notebooks suggest loosely defined locales to find. Users then attach biodegradable stickers to the location, and snap an Instagram pic to share their journey. Hat Tip Continue Reading from the Source

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Foursquare finally comes up with a monetization strategy that makes sense

Foursquare is planning to monetize its greatest asset — its database of precise locations for restaurants, shopping malls, and anywhere else someone might want to visit — by asking some of its partners to start paying for that cartographical treasure trove. The change will affect less than 1 percent of the 63,000 companies using the location database, Foursquare [...]

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Teens may not think Facebook is “cool,” but that hasn’t stopped them from using it all the time

Teens are abandoning Facebook! Facebook will be dead by 2017! No, scratch that, it’s already “dead and buried!” Sowing panic, particularly when it comes to powerful institutions, has always been a way to round up tasty clicks. And there’s no company journalists love to get all apocalyptic over more than Facebook. Slate’s Will Oremus documented this phenomenon following a Business [...]

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Facebook’s Slingshot brings some authenticity to the world’s most disingenuous social network

Slingshot, the new messaging application from Facebook, isn’t about copying Snapchat. I mean, sure, the service and its self-destructing messages were obviously inspired by the app that Facebook reportedly tried to acquire for $3 billion and then blatantly copied with Poke. But thinking that Slingshot’s ephemeral messages are its defining feature would be a mistake. Instead, [...]

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For Facebook, Instagram might be its Trojan Horse into the Chinese market

For giant American Internet companies, the Chinese market is a frustrating, forbidden fruit. With 700 million smartphone and tablet users, for a company like Facebook looking for new avenues to grow even larger, China is the puzzle you can’t stop yourself from trying to solve. Its Hong Kong office does a lot of business with [...]

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Snaps’ longshot bet that augmented reality will be the next-gen Instagram

There will come a day in the not-too-distant future when Instagram’s beloved color filters will seem downright antiquated. A day when the visual storytelling norm isn’t about simple color adjustments, and augmented reality rules the picture-taking world instead. Or so Vivian Rosenthal, the CEO of startup Snaps, is hoping. For a year now, Rosenthal has [...]

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Do $100M+ deals between tech companies and ad agencies mean that the end is coming faster for old media?

The end of traditional media, choked off by a slow decline in incoming advertising dollars, so far looks like it will be a death by a thousand cuts. We know which direction ad dollars are flowing. But following Facebook’s $500 million upfront deal with Publicis this week, the old school ad guys must be wondering [...]

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