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Epoxy partners with top MCNs to makes multi-platform content management less of a pain

With the emergence of online video stars that rival traditional Hollywood celebrities in popularity and influence, it’s no surprise brands are turning to digital platforms to reach consumers. But with fans spread across YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Twitter, and Facebook, it’s harder than ever to manage and measure the impact of these brand messages. Epoxy is [...]

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Twitter doesn’t need to “beat” Instagram — and should feel no shame about telling people to stop using it

You probably wouldn’t hear Pepsi overtly tell customers to stop drinking Coca-Cola. They might make veiled attacks on a non-specific “competitor” in an advertisement. But without empirical evidence for why Pepsi is better than Coke, mentioning Coke by name would not only risk drawing undue attention to a product that is already more popular than Pepsi — it [...]

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Air Jordan Bandit Caught Through Instagram

Oklahoma City police arrested a man Thursday for robbery. 18 year old Steven Wallace set up a meeting with another man through Instagram to sell a pair of Air Jordan shoes for $200. Prior to the transaction being made, Wallace got into an altercation with the victim, ending withWallace taking off on-foot with the shoes. [...]

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Instagram bug allowed anyone to view “private” photos

Instagram has fixed a vulnerability which allowed anyone with access to an image’s URL to view the photo, even those shared by users whose accounts are set to “private.” A Quartz reporter discovered the problem while using Instagram’s API as a reporting tool. The problem is thought only to have applied to Instagram users who shared [...]

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If you’re over 20, you don’t get social. (But this kid can teach you)

Ask any founder or VC about the most important demographic for social products and you’ll invariably hear, “teens and young adults.” Not only are these users the most engaged, but they’re also the most difficult to reach and fickle once you do. The challenge is that getting into the psyche of today’s digital natives can [...]

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The reaction to the “Instagram Rapture” shows how narcissistic the service really is

Instagram recently decided to permanently delete many of the spam accounts it’s discovered on its service. The move was meant to help the network remain “authentic” because “it’s a place where real people share real moments,” Instagram said at the time. But apparently some of the users affected by this decision aren’t happy about its impact. [...]

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By avoiding acquisitions, Uber has left a lot of investors on the outside looking in

For all its monumental success, Uber has gotten there in a way that is almost entirely foreign in Silicon Valley: It’s never made an acquisition. Let that sink in. More than five years into its assault on modern transportation, and more than $1.5 billion (and counting) in venture capital later, Uber has never (at least [...]

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ZenPayroll CEO: Fundraising is a lot like recruiting. We care about shared values and vision

For ZenPayroll founder Joshua Reeves, fundraising is a lot like hiring. It’s an opportunity to build a team of people with shared values, complementary skills, and a parallel vision for how a product and industry should evolve. And fortunately for Reeves, his cloud-based payroll startup is among the hottest tickets in Silicon Valley today, meaning [...]

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