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T. Rex Lightning Is a Good Reason to Never Leave Your House Again

Of all the terrible things Mother Nature can throw at us—tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons—nothing comes remotely close to being as terrifying as lightning shaped like a T. rex ready to devour the earth. This photo, posted to the US Department of the Interior’s Instagram account, is pretty much the only reason you need to never leave […]

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Instagram Bug Proves That Everything Is Forever on the Internet

Instagram released its Stories feature earlier this month —which is basically a rip-off of Snapchat Stories—in order to tap into the ephemeral social media market. In both features, Snapchat and Instagram let your pictures and videos expire after 24 hours, but viewers can still take screenshots. Snapchat lets you know who took a screenshot of […]

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Influencers Beware: The Feds Are Cracking Down on Paid Social Media Posts

Sponsored posts from celebrities—or worse yet, “influencers”—are terrible in any form, but they’re especially bad when it’s not clear they’re actually ads. That’s why, according to a report from Bloomberg, the Federal Trade Commission wants to crack down on these fuzzily-labeled posts. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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Why Instagram’s Plans to Combat Online Harassment Won’t Work on Twitter

Since the beginning of the internet, online harassment has been a problem. We created this big, beautiful digital landscape that lets people be completely unfiltered, and we all do different things with this freedom. I, for example, use my platform to make sex memes and lightly neg Silicon Valley billionaires. Others take this opportunity to […]

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Feed Me confirms the release of eight new tracks, part one of two EPs

Jon Gooch has been quietly hard at work this year. He revived his infamous Spor alias to release a grip of drum ‘n’ bass earlier this year on a new EP called Black Eyed. Then, almost immediately after the EP’s release began previewing new material from his mischievous, razor-toothed green counterpart, Feed Me. Previously teasing eight new Feed Me productions […]

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Instagram’s #RunwayForAll Targets Fashion’s Lack of Diversity

Social media giants Instagram are using their pivotal position in today’s fashion landscape to tackle the problem of diversity – or lack thereof – in the industry. Through the #RunwayForAll tag, Instagram aims to amplify the stories of the underrepresented, champion the professionals who are reshaping industry standards as well as encourage others to post […]

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