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Feed Me confirms the release of eight new tracks, part one of two EPs

Jon Gooch has been quietly hard at work this year. He revived his infamous Spor alias to release a grip of drum ‘n’ bass earlier this year on a new EP called Black Eyed. Then, almost immediately after the EP’s release began previewing new material from his mischievous, razor-toothed green counterpart, Feed Me. Previously teasing eight new Feed Me productions […]

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Instagram’s #RunwayForAll Targets Fashion’s Lack of Diversity

Social media giants Instagram are using their pivotal position in today’s fashion landscape to tackle the problem of diversity – or lack thereof – in the industry. Through the #RunwayForAll tag, Instagram aims to amplify the stories of the underrepresented, champion the professionals who are reshaping industry standards as well as encourage others to post […]

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Dear God: Please Let Instagram’s Algorithm Put Shitty Spammers In Their Place

Every social media platform has bottom feeders. You know the ones: the fake teen pornbots, the meme factories, the personal brand trumpeters—the spammers. They come in many different forms, but they are all categorically bad, and they make the experience of actually using the platform slightly worse every time they pop up. Even if you […]

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