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Jeb Bush Is Sorry He Published Your Social Security Numbers

The man who signed Florida’s Stand Your Ground law is now awkwardly moonwalking backwards on an initially indiscriminate data-dump. Presidential hopeful and former Florida governor Jeb Bush is doing some damage control on his decision to publish his gubernatorial emails, which provided easy access to over 12,000 social security numbers from people who had written [...]

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What To Do If Your Social Security Number Has Been Stolen in a Hack

Last week, health insurer Anthem lost over 80 million patient records, including sensitive information like social security numbers, email and physical addresses, and more. The fallout has already started, with Anthem customers getting bombarded with phishing scams . If you’re an Anthem customer—or are just worried about the next hack—here’s what you need to do [...]

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We’re long overdue for replacing Social Security Numbers as our main identifier

CNN – and I don’t say this lightly – asked an interesting question today. (Yes, that CNN). Namely, “Why are we still using Social Security numbers (SSNs) to identify ourselves?” After all, they were originally issued solely to organize retirement benefits and the government explicitly stated that SSNs were not to be used for identification. [...]

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BillGuard partners with Experian to help consumers detect payment card fraud

Payment fraud is on the rise. Hackers have quickly realized that the most valuable bit of identity data to steal isn’t the social security number, but rather payment card information. It’s precisely for this reason that major data breaches at retailers like Target and Home Depot are on the rise. In total, more than 100 [...]

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The Evolution of ATM Skimmers

In a little over a decade, ATM skimmers have gone from urban myth to a wildly complex, ever-evolving suite of technologies that has the potential to be the worst nightmare of anyone with a bank account. Here’s a look at how quickly skimmers have evolved—and why they’re increasingly impossible to spot. Read more… Continue Reading [...]

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This FL man accused of stealing drivers licenses has best tattoo ever

Filed under: Government/Legal, Bentley, Porsche Bentley and Porsche are two of the jewels in Volkswagen Group’s luxury brand crown, but in Florida they also have a very tenuous connection with crime. With his multiple face and neck tattoos, including a Bentley logo right between his eyes, Derek Denesevich (pictured above) has been charged with the [...]

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