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How to Freeze Vegetables For Maximum Freshness

Like pot roast and Justin Bieber, frozen vegetables need an image makeover. They’ve gotten a bad rap, but in reality, freezing your vegetables is an affordable way to access your favorite produce all year long, and in some cases, they retain nutrients even better than their fresh counterparts. The process, while more involved than freezing [...]

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How to Escape Duct Tape

If you ever find yourself in the precarious situation of being held captive and bound with duct tape, you’ll be glad you watched this video of a CIA-agent proven method to escape the sticky stuff in a snap. Oh and if they use zip ties… Link Continue Reading from the Source

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How To Gain Traction When You’re Running or Walking On Snow And Ice

Accidental falls kill 30,208 Americans each year. That’s only 3,000 less than car accidents. And the technology exists to utterly eliminate poor-traction in even the worst winter conditions. You can either add it (affordably!) to your existing boots or shoes or buy a dedicated pair and it’ll help whether you’re just walking to work or [...]

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How To Survive An Avalanche

Want to have fun in the snow outside a ski resort? Then avalanches are going to be a huge risk. 35 people were killed by them in the US last winter alone. But, with a little preparation, a few gadgets and some basic knowhow, they can be survivable. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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Want to Successfully Scale Your Startup? Master the Mundane.

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Michael Hershfield, COO at Kitchensurfing, and Ben Sesser, Director of Strategy and Development at Sailthru. The post went through Pando’s usual editorial process. If you’ve ever joined a pickup basketball game at the local YMCA, you may have met a familiar face: the wily veteran. The wily veteran [...]

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