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How To Drive On Snow And Ice

There’s an awful lot of bad information floating around about driving in winter weather. In fact, you’re probably doing it wrong. Yes, even if you’re from New Hampshire. Here’s how to drive on snow or ice without crashing your car or wasting money on unnecessary stuff. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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How To Use A Map And Compass

This article will save your life. A basic paper map is the simplest, most reliable and most effective way to find your location and navigate somewhere else. But, in the age of GPS and Google Maps, many people have forgotten how to use one. Here’s how to never get lost again. Read more… Continue Reading [...]

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How to Make a New Coworker Feel Welcome

Remember your first week at your job? It probably wasn’t easy, but you got through it. When you have new people join your company, you can use that experience to help make their onboarding go more smoothly. Here’s how you can make your new coworkers feel welcome. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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Adventure: California’s Lost Coast

Way up at the top of Northern California is a little piece of wilderness called The Lost Coast. It’s too rugged to build on, meaning it’s the last coastline here that’s unspoiled. It’s also dangerous, as you can see in this picture. Especially in winter, during a storm. Let’s go backpacking! Read more… Continue Reading [...]

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How to Handle Rejection like an Actor

The difference between actors and other working professionals is that they usually spend more time looking for their next job than actually working one. They get a lot more practice with rejection than your average worker, which means we may able to learn a thing or two from them. Read more… Continue Reading from the [...]

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How To Pack A Backpack

Don’t be this guy. Carrying a backpack so large that it extends over your head and outside the width of your back makes for a long, arduous day on the trail. Instead, choose what you need wisely, then pack the bag efficiently for a lighter, more comfortable load. Here’s how. Read more… Continue Reading from [...]

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