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Neon Illuminated Bathtub

If Slimer slimed in a bathtub, it would probably look something like this illuminated Jan Puylaert design. Only, like…slimier. But Puylaert’s self-standing tubs with built-in neon lighting systems don’t look dirty or supernaturally gizzed on at all. On the contrary, they look like the type of bathtubs you and a lady friend might want to [...]

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Look into Adam Frank’s LUCID Mirror and you’ll see illuminated 3D clouds and sun rays, and maybe some other creepy CS Lewis or Mirror, Mirror Wicked Queen paranormal activity. Using a patent-pending method derived from dimensional HD video of real cloud formations, Frank has placed his 3D images inside the mirror. Or at least that’s [...]

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Confluence Topographic Tray

Confluence looks so vast. Layers of birch plywood undulating over a rich landscape of smooth canyons and swirling colors carved especially to transport your wildest dreams and…your teapot. Zoom out. A little more. Oh. It’s a tea tray. Still a visual trip and pretty cool for a drink carrier, though I’d probably be slightly more [...]

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Dremel Multi-Function Butane Torch

Re-soldering the backyard gutters and then lighting up the sugar on a creme brulee until it melts into a delectably crisp shell. That’s the kind of stuff around the house I really enjoy…having my mama do. And now with Dremel’s Versa Flame multi-function butane torch she can tackle these chores like a 1-2 punch, without [...]

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Tuuli Armor Tornado Shield

Having recently returned from a trip to Tornado Alley, during which I was ripped from my slumber one night and told to get the hell out of bed and down to the basement, I can sympathize with Steven Anderson’s life in Joplin, MO. The idea for his Tuuli Armor Tornado Shield, a mobile, puncture-resistant protective [...]

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