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The Office Spartan

If you aren’t into chopping and dicing, but find yourself using a pencil every now and then, you can still incorporate an ornamental piece of Sparta into your life. Missing Digit previously blessed us with the Sparta Knife Block. Now the company has increased those blessings tenfold with the Office Spartan (officially: Bad Ass Office [...]

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Bussola Mechanical Skeletel Sculpture

While artist Jennifer Townley’s Bussola is intricate and enamoring enough that I could probably watch it move all day long, for some reason watching it at all brings great uneasiness to my heart. Maybe it’s the lumbering, unchanging pace at which its wood spines turn. Like death coming for me slowly, but continuously. Inescapably. Maybe [...]

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Chinese Takeout Laundry Hamper

Got some aromatic Moo Shu tube socks or accidental Kung Pao pants? Throw ‘em in this Chinese takeout box hamper for easy transport to the laundromat and your mama’s laundry room alike. The sweet (& sour) take on our favorite way to take away the flavors of the Orient earns further props from the charm [...]

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