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Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

Did you know there’s a Hall of Fame for knife makers? Well there is. And Ken Onion is in it. And when he’s not fulfilling his Hall of Fame knife-making duties, he’s collaborating with Work Sharp to design this Knife & Tool Sharpener. Marketed for its precision, repeatability, and simplicity of use, the Work Sharp [...]

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Horror Novel Toilet Paper

Is this toilet paper scarier than shit? Only one way to find out: eat 4 Beef Chalupa Supremes at 10 p.m., and then settle in for The Drop when it…and nature…calls out to you around midnight. The Drop is a horror novel spooled ’round a toilet paper roll. Written by author Koji Suzuki, also of [...]

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Touch-Free Faucet Adaptor

Given that I chew the ever-loving gobstoppers out of my fingernails, I’m obviously not too concerned about germs. But I am concerned about touching things with Cheetos-crusted hands and getting yelled at by my mama for leaving orange residue all over the house. So on the occasions that I do decide to wash up, a [...]

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Sun-and-Earth-Powered Globes

MOVA Globes are nothing if not resourceful. The striking pieces of planetary art not only silently rotate and glisten all the livelong day, but they do it without the use of power cords or batteries. This cosmic event for the desktop absorbs the energy of the sun and Earth, using the scientific bounty of our [...]

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Pyropet Cat Candle

As if cats, and particularly cats that have been lit on fire, aren’t scary enough. Now Thorunn Arnadottir had to go and make one that also slowly melts down to a sinister skeleton as the flames eat away its flesh. I don’t care that the flesh is wax and the cat a candle. Pyropets still [...]

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Super Combo Scissors

Vampire Professional Tools, first of Vampliers screw pliers and now of the Super Combo Scissors, should have hired the same person to name the latter who they did to coin the former. Or they should have hired me. I would have told them to call these wire-, leather-, paper-, fabric-, rope-, CD-, thin-film- cab-tire-cable-, and [...]

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