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Holiday Gift Guide: For the Eleventh Hour

Ye draggers of the gluteus maximus out there may not be relegated to–gasp!–leaving your house and buying holiday gifts in person just yet. Below we have accumulated a few non-sucky mail-order offerings that, at printing, were still down for helping you finagle arrival by Christmas. For your convenience, and to promote further laziness, we have [...]

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Clean Wool Blankets with Fresh Snow

Wool blankets are warm, comfortable, and they last forever. Cleaning them can be tough, though, if you’re trying to avoid shrinkage or other unwanted alterations. Some fresh, powdery snow can freshen up your wool blanket in no time with no worries. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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How to Build a Human Print

Molecular biologist-turned-designer Eleanor Lutz regularly publishes the science-themed charts, infographics, and illustrations she creates on her blog Tabletop Whale. This How to Build a Human print is her latest brainchild (you’re welcome) depicting the stages a homo sapiens seedling goes through as it slow cooks and rises, readying itself to burst through the proverbial oven [...]

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Nano Light Mini LED Flashlight Keychain

I wouldn’t typically brag about something I have that’s only 1.47″ long, but when it comes to a powerful flashlight I want to attach to my keychain or dangle from my belt loop Streamlight’s Nano Light actually gets points for what might otherwise be called an Irish Asian Curse (3.8″ average in Korea. Ouch. But [...]

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Waffle & Cookie Bowl Maker

The best part about the Bella Waffle Bowl Maker–I mean aside from the fact that it’s a glorious device from heaven that makes waffle bowls–is that it also makes…are you ready?…COOKIE BOWLS. Sometimes when I’m having a bag day and start to think the world is going to hell in a hand basket as my [...]

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The Dragon Sex Calendar

I can’t believe it! Just yesterday I was thinking about cartoon sex–albeit between people, not dragons–and today I find a whole calendar of cartoon sex stills! And you know what: I think the thinking thinks even better subbing in the dragons. Noble and menacing beasts caught in the act of coitus. This gift has Boss [...]

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Cryptex Security Boxes

Talk about usable art. Justin Nevins’ Cryptex Security Boxes might be the most compelling pieces of Keep Your Mitts Off My Stuff I’ve seen all year. Tactical shelving and hidden doors included. The designer hand makes 3 echelons of his coded vaults for people with moderate to insane amounts of money to blow on protecting [...]

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Denali 115-Piece Home Repair Tool Kit

I feel like giving men tool kits as gifts is sort of like giving women exercise equipment: it’s the ultimate passive aggressive way to take a dig. In this case, “Hey, do some chores,” instead of, “Hey, lose some weight.” But for the DIY Daddy-Os out there who, unlike me, actually enjoy activities other than [...]

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