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Flare Super Efficient Rocket Science Pans

Thomas Povey is a rocket scientist at Oxford University. But when he’s not applying his thermodynamics expertise to advanced jet engines, he kicks back and thinks about how it might enable him to fry his eggs and blood sausages faster. The result: Flare cookware. Designed especially for use on gas ranges, cast aluminum Flare pots [...]

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bottleLoft Magnetic Fridge Storage

Brian Conti, also responsible for Strong Like Bull Magnets, heads toward Magnet Magnate status with his new Kickstarter project, bottleLoft. botteLoft strips are magnetic bottle holders that install on the ceiling of your refrigerator to keep anything from 6-packs of beer to jars of pasta sauce dangling within reach, but clear of your already crowded [...]

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Kneeling Dragon Table

Not only is this dragon holding my beer and taquitos for me, he’s kneeling in supplication while doing it! How pathetic. Come on, Puff, Jackie Paper’s not coming back. It’s time to start rebuilding your manhood. See if Smaug can help you. He seems pretty testosterone-driven. Maybe not the most eager and patient teacher, but [...]

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Magnetic Pint & Shot Glass Set

A shot in the eye. A shot in the nose. A shot in the tooth. This is precisely why I don’t do Irish Car Bombs…when I’m still sober…anymore. Or why I used to not. Drop Shots though, Drop Shots are about to make a giant, magnificent stride towards improving life on earth with their magnetic [...]

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