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Battery Organizer with Removable Tester

TV remotes, console controllers, and flashlights, oh…crap. I thought I had 4 more AA batteries somewhere in here. Amidst the cords and paper clips and eyeglass repair kits and, oh hey, here’s my Mr. Spock action figure from childhood! (RIP, Mr. Nimoy.) Range Kleen’s battery organizer with removable tester attacks the madness of your mess [...]

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The Butter Mill

Stop the bread massacre! Instead of putting holes in your toast and sandwiches, save your sourdough’s texture and integrity by putting the holes in your butter dispenser instead. With its top surface covered in tiny, sharp circular punctures Butter Mill will cut and cut to shreds your delicious, cold, makes-everything-better butter so you can spread [...]

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What’s On Your Mind Pillows

Eat more bacon. Have more sex. How did Lynn from Sew English get ahold of my to-do list? More importantly, why’d she have to go applique it on some pillows? I mean, my mama’s gonna see those every day when she makes my bed. And while I don’t mind if she knows how important it [...]

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Magnetic – Statically Charged Sticky Notes

OK, Magnetic, you win. The coolest new product I’ve seen all year. Created by appropriately titled Tesla Amazing, Magnetic is a line of notes, pads, boards, and sheets that act like sticky notes without the gummy, lint-collecting, easily comprised strip of stickiness. Rather, Magnetic backs–entire backs–are infused with a stable static charge that allows them [...]

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Animal Paper Clips

Midori makes over two dozen different animals ready to hold the wayward strands of your life together. At least the parts of it that are on paper. The company’s animal D-Clips are the most precious paper clips I’ve ever seen. (And possibly even more heartwarming is that we live in a world where it’s possible [...]

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KeyBiner Carabiner Multi-Tool

The KeyBiner calls itself a more refined version of the carabiner, but you might recognize it as a more souped up version of the KeySmart. Both remove some of the bulk and all of the jangle of schlepping around a fat wad of keys, but the KeyBiner upgrades this lone feature with the addition of [...]

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The Scrubba Wash Bag

When I see the word “Scrubba” all I can think of is my Uncle Orville. Gettin’ all hot and ornery with my cousin Stoobie when we were kids and he refused to take a bath. “You grimy ground crawler,” he’d yell, “if you don’t get in that tub right now I’m gonna throw you in [...]

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Norrom Freshwater Aquarium

Designed in Sweden, made in the UK. That’s the crux of what Norrom feels sets its forthcoming aquarium apart from all the other fish cribs out there. Using contemporary techniques and tasteful aesthetics, the company’s 40-liter freshwater installation aims to take notice in your home without taking it–or your life–over. Norrom first eliminates the logistical [...]

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