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InstantVeg Spiralizer

Well I guess I better get my mama this InstantVeg Spiralizer for Christmas if I want her to keep making me curly shoestring french fries and zucchini spaghetti on my low-carb days (i.e., every 17th Sunday). See I got her this spiral vegetable slicer last Christmas, but lately every time she uses it I hear [...]

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BrewTender Beer & Beverage Dispenser

Cold as ice…and watered down as George Carlin doing standup at Sunday Mass. Not the best combination when you’re serving and drinking beverages. The BrewTender is an 80-ounce drink dispenser sized for the tabletop and fitted with an internal, isolated vertical column for ice. So everyone’s beer, margarita, or sodie stays cold without compromising taste, [...]

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Han Solo in Carbonite Shower Curtain

Welp, depending on who’s in the shower, Han Solo might not mind that he’s now stuck in both Carbonite and a shower curtain. I mean, I’m sure he’s gotten pretty sick of looking at naked Leia over the past 30 years, but if some other nubile Alderaan princess were to hop in for a rinse…. [...]

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DeLonghi Perfecto Indoor Grill

Last winter I was all like, Mama, come on. It’s only just below freezing. Get on out to the grill and make me…us…some BBQ ribs. But then a few days later she got pneumonia and I felt sort of bad. So this year I got her a Perfecto Indoor Grill, which maker DeLonghi, plus an [...]

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Reupholster a Chair, Part One: The Teardown

Upholstery is a popular do-it-yourself project for those who have tired of a certain fabric design, or who wish to repair stained or worn-out seats, backs and armrests. Before you re-upholster, though, you’ll need remove the old fabric—and there’s a method to this madness. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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