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Where’s Walter? Breaking Bad Print

Nearly 2 years after we thought Walter White sang his swan song, Argentinian illustrator Max Dalton has found him alive and well. Just strolling down the streets of Albuquerque hidden in plain sight. So where’s Walter? Look closely. You’ll find him. Dalton’s brilliant mashup of Breaking Bad and Where’s Waldo? depicts everyone’s favorite meth dealer [...]

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Size Matters Cake Plate

Now you can have your cake and…measure it with a protractor too. This Size Matters plate is perfect for parents looking both to stick it to siblings warring over whose piece of devil’s food is bigger, and make the kids learn some valuable math skills prior to partaking in dessert. And no more than a [...]

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Silencing Slider – Cheeseburger Ball Gag

I’ll have a quarter pounder with…please. Yes, please, Master, bite me! Bite me hard and put the marks of your ownership on my flesh while I, your slave, receive my punishment in complete submission. Silently mowing down on the natural food grade silicone rubber of my cheeseburger ball gag, and contemplating the magnificence of your [...]

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Boomerang Wok

Ooh, it’s a wok that doesn’t make you play 52 Pickup with all the stuff you put in it. The Boomerang Wok features a “unique patented cupped edge” that enables Iron Chef-speed ingredient flipping and agitating with the simple flick of a spatula. Success in one try, and with no mess. Nicolai Carels created the [...]

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LUNALUXX Levitating-Disc-Activated Lamp

What you can see very clearly is that the LUNALUXX is a lamp with a levitating disc. And if you understand the laws of physics, or have been following man’s continued attempts to develop Hoverboard technology, you can probably also guess that the levitating disc is held aloft not by magic, but by magnets. What’s [...]

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Kitchen Apron with Built-in Oven Gloves

The Mitten Apron guarantees you’ll never need to wonder where you left that oven glove, or risk finding out if the casserole dish is really still too hot to touch without one, again. Built-in hotness handlers make it easy to grab pans, oven dishes, or cookie sheets stat. The full apron also includes plastic buttons [...]

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Ice Core Beer Pitcher

An Ice. Cold. Pitcher of Beer. That you don’t have to chug to keep ice cold for more than a few minutes. KegWorks has designed their group-size suds container to maintain your 60 ounces of brew ideally icy for hours. Fill its hollow aluminum core with cubes, screw on the lid, and savor your Bud [...]

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Five Best Outdoor Speakers

Warm weather means it’s a great time to get outside, fire up the grill, have friends over, and maybe listen to some music while everyone hangs out outside. To do that though, you’ll need some solid outdoor, weather-resistant speakers. This week, we’re looking at five of the best, based on your nominations. Read more… Continue [...]

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