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Cork Globe

I think someone should make a globe out of bubble wrap so that every time I visit a different country I can gratifyingly pop it off the world. Get to work on that, someone, will you? And in the interim, I guess this cork globe will suffice. Actually, if it weren’t for the lack of [...]

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Slothzilla Shower Curtain

So…I guess Slothzilla sounded better than King Sloth or Sloth Kong? Or maybe it’s creators were just taking a page out of sloth the animal’s own book and being lazy about fact checking their re-imaginations of iconic cinematic beasts. True, Godzilla attacked cities, destroyed buildings, and annihilated everything in his path–he was, after all, conceived [...]

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Han Solo in Carbonite Rug

Sure it’s a cool novelty item to have in your family room or front entryway, plus embodies that which brings you the greatest joy in life (Star Wars), but do you really want to be the type of person who keeps Han Solo trapped in Carbonite eternally for the sole benefit of your personal obsession [...]

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Slice Ceramic Safety Cutter

Slice makes kinder, gentler tools in soothing hues to perform some of life’s rigorous and thankless tasks. Such as opening boxes and impossibly-sealed packages. Hacking through shrink-wrap. Clipping coupons. At least those are the primary orders of business for Slice’s ceramic Safety Cutter. With a microscopic blade that’s nearly as hard as diamonds, the Safety [...]

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Wine Bottle Thermometer

I drink all my wine on the rocks, so I don’t really need a wine bottle thermometer, but if you’re into the whole tradition and preservation and quality thing, maybe you’d like to slip this thermal readout cuff onto your favorite sauvignon blancs and cabernets. Kikkerland’s wine bottle thermometer both displays a wine’s current temperature, [...]

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