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Power Outlet with Dual USB Ports

Logical, intuitive, way more convenient than plugging one plug into another plug before it hits the wall. I wonder how long before all newly-installed outlets will contain USB ports in addition to the standard AC 3-prongs like this issue from Leviton. The USB Charger/Tamper-Resistant Duplex Receptacle adds a pair of 3.6A capacity USB ports to [...]

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Dolfi Ultrasonic Clothes Washer

Ultrasonic technology is already used in consumer products such as humidifiers and jewelry cleaners, plus commercial electronics that sanitize the likes of medical and dental equipment, so all Dolfi is really doing here is applying a proven method of spiffying and de-germifying delicate items to clothing. Dolfi calls itself “next generation cleaning technology” for your [...]

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Batman Slap Meme Dry Erase Board

“Batman, what did your parents get you for Christ-” “WHACK! My parents are DEEEAAAAAAD you sniveling little sidekick!” “Jingle bells, Batman smells…” “WHACK! And you laid a F**king egg!” “Internet Explor-” “WHACK! Google Chrome!” Everyone loves (running) a good meme (into the ground), and now we can all take our hack Photoshop skills to a [...]

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Nessie Ladle

She waits. She lurks. She stalks. And then suddenly, out of the depths of my 8-quart stock pot, Nessie emerges. Oh the terror! The foreboding doom! The…hey, what’s the Loch Ness Monster got in tow there? Is that a ladle full of my mama’s spicy chipotle beef and bean chili? Mmmmm, maybe Scottish lake monsters [...]

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Grill It Stove Top Grill

Here’s a grill for the inside, which is probably more pleasant to use this time of year than a grill for the outside. And it doesn’t take up a fat wad of space, instead installing over a single burner on your range. And according to the photographic evidence, you can pour an entire bottle of [...]

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Pot Minder Boil-Over Prevention Disc

Isn’t half the fun of cooking making a ginormous mess? And then spending hours you could be eating your Beef & Fritos Enchiladas cleaning up the kitchen afterward? Hmmm…maybe not so much. One of the top culinary offenses in my opinion is the boil over. The pot of water/soup/oatmeal that’s supposed to “simmer gently” but [...]

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Fahz – Your Face in a Vase

Oooh, a Rubin vase with your very own face to display on the mantel: nerds and narcissists, this Fahz is for you. Nick and Martha Desbiens of Desbiens Design Research will 3D print a Fahz vase using the techniques of everyone’s favorite optical illusion and the faces of anyone who doesn’t have a complex about [...]

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A Guide to Muscles

Molecular biologist-turned-designer Eleanor Lutz regularly publishes the science-themed charts, infographics, and illustrations she creates on her blog Tabletop Whale. Here with the “Guide to Muscles” poster (officially “A User’s Guide to the Human Body: The Muscle Edition”) she ventures into the anatomical art that is skeletal muscle, showing how humans flex and get ripped in [...]

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OxyLED Eye Care Desk Lamp

L-E-Ds that don’t make you want to crawl under your desk and take an N-A-P. (The OxyLED desk lamp will leave that to conference calls and the Ben Stein you’ve scored as a boss.) This ultra-low voltage and low temp light is designed to avoid direct glare and emit only soft, even beams across your [...]

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