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Check All That Apply Cards

Business cards, like hand gestures, are great ways of communicating. A card reminds a new acquaintance of your name. A potential client of your job title. A hot chick of your phone number. And here, with the interactive Check All That Apply card, a recipient of what you think of him, her, the situation, or [...]

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DEEP 3D Wallpaper

All you slow, socially awkward, and stoned kids out there who enjoy sitting around staring at walls, prepare to get DEEP and have your minds blown. DEEP is 3D wallpaper. It was created as part of a collaboration between design house twenty2 and grad students at Pratt Institute, and now it is available to all [...]

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Slate-ish Paper Laminate Tile

On its own, slate and the tile it produces for our home projects takes bazillions of years to form from silt and mud nestled in the deep crevices of the earth. But Slate-ish, a visually and functionally similar tile prodded along by the hand of man, can be manufactured and to your door in, like, [...]

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I Could Eat a T-Rex Spaghetti Measurer

Whether you’re hungry enough to eat a T-Rex, or just need a quick coupla bites of the child from the family he’s terrorizing, this clever kitchen tool will measure out the precise amount of meaty flesh you need to achieve satiation. Meaty flesh, in this case, being spaghetti noodles. You’ve probably seen T-Rex chasing frenzied [...]

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Flow Chart Film Plot Posters

In a time when everything from books and movies to sporting events to 1 a.m. lines at the Taco Bell drive-thru keeps getting longer, it’s nice to see that H-57 still knows how to break it down to the quick and dirty. Having previously produced the “Shortology” project, a minimalist storytelling method using infographic icons [...]

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Walmart finally takes on Amazon with a Prime-like subscription service

Walmart plans to become as convenient for shoppers as Amazon with a $50 annual subscription that will offer free three-day shipping on roughly 1 million items. The Information reports that this service was supposed to debut last winter — which would have allowed Walmart to take advantage of the holiday shopping frenzy — but it was [...]

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Port Sippers Wine Glasses

They say these glasses are for sipping port, but I say port, merlot, Scotch, Kool-Aid, whatever. I mean, they look like a cross between a hookah and a Tanooki suit, so why waste their Awesome value using them only when someone pops open a bottle of sugar wine? Also colloquially called vampire or devil glasses, [...]

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Nymphs Coconut Shell Projection Lamps

Forget the magic mushrooms, someone get me a coupla coconut shells and a drill. That’s all Vainius Kubilius needs anyway to take us on this fantastically lit journey through space and time. His Nymphs, table and floor lamps made of snaking bases and drilled coconut shell heads, project their light in surreal, hypnotizing patterns across [...]

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