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Philips Digital AirFryer

Philips has its own oil-less air fryer similar to the Big Boss model I previously pointed out will make you less likely to get fat and have a heart attack. Actually, Philips has two AirFryers: a simple version with manual temperature adjustment and a turn-knob timer, and the slick digital model pictured here. Both use [...]

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iBed Tablet Stand

iBed, a hands-free up-high and down-low tablet stand, notes that “When lying down for a long period of time, you not only risk dropping your tablet device, but you also suffer from pain in your arms and neck and back.” And, I would add, become more susceptible to obesity, antisocial personality disorder, and Benjamin Franklin’s [...]

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GearWrench Gimbal Ratchet

GearWrench is all about ratcheting innovation. And given the company’s success since the release of its original 5-degree ratcheting wrench in 1996, I think we have just proven that in today’s world, being “all about” something as simultaneously random and specific as ratcheting innovation can actually make you millions of dollars, not just drain the [...]

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Book & Hero Bookend

I wish this super dude was here to save me from having to read the books, but it looks like his job is just to keep them from falling over. Equally heroic, I guess. I don’t need another 10-pound tome whacking me in the head during my afternoon name on account of my girlfriend’s a-hole [...]

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When You Move, Make Sure You Take All Your Stuff

Moving is a big task, and one that you can make easier with a little preparation. But if you’re in a rush and leave some things behind you could lose your security deposit or even be charged extra rent. Many landlords don’t consider you “moved out” until everything is really gone.http://lifehacker.com/what-ive-learn… Read more… Continue Reading [...]

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Turn Scrap Tile Backsplash Sheets Into Durable, Custom Coasters

We’ve talked about the benefits (and bargains) of architectural salvage stores before, and you can often find pre-gridded tile backsplash there, waiting for your next DIY project. If you can find one you like with small enough tiles, a little trimming and you can have good-looking, durable coasters in minutes.http://lifehacker.com/5985869/visit-… Read more… Continue Reading from [...]

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