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Homemade Butter Mini Churn

Back to the roots, farm to table, quality ingredients, knowing what you’re shoving down your piehole. What was the norm for our grandparents, and the waste of time what with this microwave and these golden arches around now for our parents, has become the viral trend for us. If you grow your own food you’re [...]

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Wolverine Light

An “X” lighting base finished in black and silver and fitted with a full, removable, and–ohhh yeahhh–wearable set of metallic claws. The Wolverine Collectible Light from Taiwan product design group HingSan is selling now, shipping soon, and fixing to be the juicy red Marvel cherry on top of the ManLoft I’m making in my girlfriend, [...]

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Make Amazing Charcoal-Grilled Steaks with a Chimney Starter

There’s just something special about a steak grilled over charcoal. To maximize that charcoal-grilled flavor and aroma, the folks at America’s Test Kitchen have a method that’s a little work, but it’ll yield incredible results. First, get out that chimney starter—you’ll need it for more than lighting the grill. Read more… Continue Reading from the [...]

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Il Nido Nest for Humans

Milan firm DesignLibero has gone in the same direction as O*GE Creative Group, but developed a less literal interpretation of a bird’s nest for humans with their Il Nido. Italian for “nest” Il Nido is a piece of microarchitecture intended to bring peace, comfort, and respite to anyone who requires a little more to de-stress [...]

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Hatchie Back Seat Rifle Sling

While there will be a lot more dinners to be had from your rod and reel than your rifle over the next few months, I never ignore the Scout’s Motto: Always be prepared. Hatchie’s back seat gun sling comes in two pieces that fit over and fasten to a vehicle’s driver and front passenger seats. [...]

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