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Da Vinci Ascent Vaporizer

Guess who got a new vaporizer. That’s right. My friend Victor. Victor’s favorite thing about his Da Vinci Ascent is the following statement describing it: “Provides 3 hours of vaping for loose leaf, herbs & oils.” Three hours. And, more importantly, it can handle solid-state greens (uh, such as kale and oregano, I presume) on [...]

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HB Pencil Lamp

All that’s missing are the teeth marks. Michael & George pay homage to hardness and blackness with their HB Lamp, a 5-1/2′ floor light shaped like a pencil. In and of itself a lamp created in the image of a #2 isn’t that cool. The standardized test-averse may even view it as pure evil–a nightmare [...]

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SWASH 10-Minute Clothing Refresher

SWASH knows that just because I wear my button-up to happy hour at Rosita’s haven of deep-fried Mexican everything, and then dinner at Taste of India doesn’t mean it’s actually soiled to the point of shelling out for dry cleaning. It just reeks of corn oil and madras curry. The SWASH clothing refresher is an [...]

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Trioh Beauteous Flashlight

I guess if you’re going to call yourself the most beautiful something in the world, being a flashlight is a pretty safe bet. What other flashlight is going to challenge you? A Maglight? One of those chunky neon yellow monstrosities? Trioh, the self-proclaimed Most Beautiful Flashlight in the World, believes it deserves the title for [...]

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Wall-Mounted Standing Desk

They say sitting is the new smoking. Matt Gereghty, for one, agrees. And when the occupational therapist and self-proclaimed ergonomics preacher created this Wall-Mounted Standing Desk he distinguished himself from most people on Earth by making an effort to address his gripe, and fix what he perceives as a rising health problem instead of just…sitting [...]

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Zombie Safe Zone Maps

When they strike, the zombies will go for the masses. So those of us living in major US cities have 2 choices: be afraid; or be prepared. Since Ryan McArthur of Design Different, unlike the evening news, isn’t into fear mongering he’s created this series of Zombie Safe Zone Maps to help us get the [...]

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Fusiontables – Dining/Pool Tables

Game and grub. Grub and game. Thanks to Fusiontables, your mechanism for doing so is now one in the same. Designers and engineers at Belgian company Saluc have created these hybrid pool-dining tables to conserve space, appease billiards fans with eyes for contemporary furniture, and generally make usable structures that’re swell. Eschewing the somber, chunky [...]

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Transparent Stock Pot

It’s no Sears Tower* glass Skydeck hovering 1,353 feet above the streets of Chicago, but at least this transparent stock pot is a lot easier to haul home, and way less likely to make you vomit. Well…unless you’re a terrible cook. In which case…it’s vomit all around! But you won’t know that until you sit [...]

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