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Sennheiser: Meet the Urbanite

Sennheiser chose to promote its new Urbanite headphones using the tried and tested Old Spice route. Watch as a German dressed as a pair of headphones pampers a huge and hairy ear. Join the Urbanite giveaway here. Hat Tip Link Link 2 Price: $200-$250 Continue Reading from the Source

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[FITA Exclusive] Win Pioneer HDJ Headphones & DJ Course From The Stafford Brothers + #SomethingBIG: Episode #082

This week FistintheAir.com presents #SomethingBIG with the Stafford Brothers featuring special guests Jewelz & Sparks. To celebrate we’re giving you the chance to win this DJ Kick-starter prize pack from Australia’s #1 DJ’s. If you want to win a brand new set of Pioneer HDJ2000 Headphones courtesy of Pioneer Australia and a lifetime subscription to [...]

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Philips’ New Headphones Connect Digitally To an iPhone’s Lightning Port

It was widely assumed that when Apple bought Beats a few months ago we’d soon see a set of Apple-branded headphones that connected directly to the iPhone or iPad’s digital Lightning port, instead of the analog headphone jack. But it seems like Philips has actually beaten Apple to the punch with its new Lightning-friendly Fidelio [...]

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Beats by Dre cofounder wants to bring the same fashion-centered disruption to the earbud market

When I first heard the term “wearable earphones” it sounded like a joke. Aren’t all earphones “wearable”? What are you supposed to do with non-wearable earphones, tie people up with them? But the latest product from Beats cofounder Steven Lamar embraces the label wholeheartedly. Allow me to explain: ROAM Ropes are designed to be worn wherever you go as a [...]

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Blue Mo-Fi Headphones

Mic maker Blue breaks into the headphone market with the Mo-Fi. They not only have 50mm drivers, memory foam cups and a highly adjustable headband, they also have a built-in analog amplifier. That’s crazy value. Hat Tip Link Link 2 Price: $350 Continue Reading from the Source

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Five Best Headphones

After a huge number of nominations , we have your five choices for Best Headphones. Even more compelling is that three of your five picks are the same as the contenders from Lifehacker’s 2012 Hive Five , which really speaks to the quality of these cans. Head for the comments and vote by starring your [...]

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Build Your Own Bone Conducting Headphones

Bone conducting headphones sound like strange gadgets, but they’re surprisingly easy to build. This video from Tinkernut walks you through the basics of speaker technology, and in the first minute or two tells you how to build a bone-conduction speaker you could easily house in a hollowed out pair of on-ear headphones or earmuffs. Read [...]

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Something borrowed: Bose sues Beats (and sugardaddy Apple) for patent infringement

Bose has reportedly sued Beats Electronics over patents related to its noise canceling headphones, according to a breaking news tweet by CNBC. BREAKING: Bose sues Apple’s Beats over noise-canceling headphone patents. (via @CNBCJosh) $AAPL — CNBC (@CNBC) July 25, 2014 Of course, Beats is in the midst of being acquired by deep-pocketed Apple, making the company a much [...]

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