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Hush Earplugs

Hush not only uses memory foam to provide passive noise cancellation. It can also play soothing background noise to block out more unwanted sound and help you relax. Pick from different background noises using its mobile app. Hat Tip Link Price: $115++ Continue Reading from the Source

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Abyss AB-1266 Headphones

Abyss’ extravagant audiophile headphones use planar magnetic transducers to produce sound like nothing else out there, with a huge, open soundstage and replication of every sonic detail. Add another $4K for the ideal headphone amp. Link Link 2 Price: $5,495 Continue Reading from the Source

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Win: Grain Audio Headphones!

We’ve teamed up with Grain Audio and Gear Diary to give away a pair of fantastic OEHP.01 headphones, worth $199. These walnut wood headphones offer the perfect balance between design, comfort and sound quality. (Ends 12/1/14) Link Continue Reading from the Source

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Beats Now Makes a Wireless Version of Its Wildly Popular Solo2 Cans

Beats just announced a wireless Bluetooth version of the revamped Solo2 headphones it announced a few months ago. The Solo are the company’s bestselling headphones, largely because they’re fashionable. I would recommend other headphones for the price The V-Moda XS and Sennheisser Momentum on-ear are similar and far superior on both sound and comfort. The [...]

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I tried out SoundFocus’ “soundsystem-in-a-smartphone case” and it’s great

For Alex Selig, great sound quality is more than just an audiophile fetish. The cofounder and CEO of SoundFocus was born with hearing loss that requires him to wear in-ear hearing aids. Headphones and speakers that are personalized to the listener may sound like a first-world luxury, but Selig understood at an early age that not everybody’s [...]

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