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Beyond Thiel: Google, Microsoft, and the other big tech firms funding ultraconservative Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is a grown man who wants to abolish the IRS. He also thinks birth control “induces abortions” and plays to his party’s ugliest impulses when it comes to same-sex marriage, climate change, and countries where lots of Muslims live. Last Monday, the Tea Party’s prize pig became the first candidate to formally announce a bid for the 2016 [...]

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Google might trump security concerns with reported “Pony Express” service

Google is reportedly working on a new service that would allow consumers to receive their bills through Gmail instead of physical mail. The service, which was first revealed by Recode and bears the “Pony Express” codename, could also allow people to pay their bills without having to visit numerous websites. Pony Express would require consumers to share their [...]

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After going bankrupt selling gadgets, RadioShack will now sell customer data

RadioShack couldn’t sell enough gadgets and gizmos to avoid bankruptcy. Now that it’s gone broke, it’s looking to peddle something more valuable: Its customers’ personal data. Bloomberg reports that the company wants to sell 13 million email addresses and 65 million names — in conjunction with their physical addresses — to the highest bidder as its intellectual property, brand, [...]

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Google’s fiber-optic service just got a little creepier — but it’s still less invasive than AT&T’s

Google built its empire by selling consumer data to advertisers. But at least where its fiber-optic Internet service is concerned, it’s less invasive than AT&T. Ars Technica reports that Google will now tailor the advertisements shown through its Google Fiber service based on its customers’ viewing habits. That’s a little creepy, and unless you understand nothing [...]

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Twitter wants companies to use its data to turn the whole world into a creepy Disney World

The Guardian has an interesting report about how Twitter hopes to use its data to create a world where #brands are able to learn as much about their @audiences as possible. Chris Moody, the company’s data science chief, talked to the Guardian about how he hopes Twitter’s data might be used in the future: ‘Twitter gives [...]

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“I said, ‘When he’s ready, we’re gonna pounce”: Huddle’s Andy McLoughlin joins SoftTech VC as a venture partner

SoftTech VC, the pioneering micro-VC firm synonymous with its founder Jeff Clavier, is adding to its investment team. Huddle co-founder Andy McLoughlin will join SoftTech as a venture partner beginning in April and will focus on SaaS and B2B businesses. In conjunction with the new hire, current partner Charles Hudson, an In-Q-Tel and Google alum [...]

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Emic (Trailer)

“What do you like about living on Earth?” Google’s Emic is a short documentary inspired by the movie Interstellar. It’s a crowdsourced video time capsule to show future generations the happy part of our lives. Exclusive to Google Play. Hat Tip Link Link 2 Price: Free Continue Reading from the Source

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