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Minivans could be key to Google-FCA self-driving partnership

Filed under: Chrysler, Technology, Minivan/Van, Autonomous Executives from Google and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles have held discussions about creating a technical partnership, the purpose of which would be to further development of self-driving vehicles, according to multiple reports. The two companies might make ideal partners. Continue reading Minivans could be key to Google-FCA self-driving partnership Minivans […]

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Person of Interest’s Final Villains Are Mark Zuckerberg and Isaac Asimov

For years, Person of Interest has been right on the cutting edge between commenting on current events and speculating about the future. With its final season, the show is depicting a futuristic nightmare—and yet, it’s also more topical than ever before. We talked to producers Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman, and they told us the […]

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These Shitty Memes Are More Embarrassing Than Anything Nest Has Done

Earlier today, Recode obtained some exclusive memes that offered insight into how Google’s employees really feel about Nest’s many , many problems. But while these disgruntled tech workers are busy lamenting the damage Nest has done to the Google name, they’re hurting themselves—and everyone they’ve ever loved—far more severely. With their embarrassing, shitty-ass memes. Read […]

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Google Warns Users About a Dangerous Website Called Google.com

You’ve got to admire Google’s honesty. Right now, the company’s own safe browsing tool is flagging “google.com” as partially dangerous. Does that mean you’re computer is doomed if you need to Google search for “that funny video you saw that one time about a cat or something?” Likely no, Google—like lots of websites—is just unsafe […]

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