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Meet the Russian hacker that helps advertisers defraud their AdWords competitors

What kind of chutzpah does it take to use Google’s own gmail and YouTube services to defraud the company’s cash cow AdWords business? Apparently the kind that is possessed by a Russian hacker going by the pseudonym “GoodGoogle.” (It’s no less bold to use Google’s trademark in your name.) According to a recent blog post [...]

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Forget the outrage over Google’s genetic testing ambitions. Convenience beat out privacy long ago

Google’s decision to enter our homes by purchasing Nest and Dropcam has attracted scrutiny from privacy advocates worried about giving the company access to even more information. Gathering data from (often free) digital sources is one thing — collecting it through connected physical devices like thermostats and security cameras is another, far more invasive thing [...]

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Your Right To Be Forgotten Beats Google’s Right to Remember

Last week, Microsoft’s Bing joined Google in acquiescing to the E.U. high court’s "right to be forgotten" ruling, which allows European citizens to petition for the removal of search results about themselves that are "inadequate…no longer relevant, or excessive." The Court of Justice sees it as a victory for privacy protection; Google sees only censorship. [...]

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Report: Google has removed around 50,000 links thanks to Europe’s “right to be forgotten”

Europeans have asked Google to remove more than 91,000 links from its search results, and the company has granted more than half of those requests, according to a Bloomberg report. Combined, the requests are said to apply to more than 328,000 Internet addresses. The majority of removal requests have come from people who are living in France [...]

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YouTube product manager leaves company, further delays new music streaming service

Dancing Astronaut – house, electro, progressive, dubstep YouTube, the world’s leading video-sharing website, has been making controversial headlines this year for its developing music streaming service and its effect on indie labels. Now in the news for another development, it has been reported that a key member and seven-year veteran of the Internet giant, Chris [...]

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Sorry, Dan Primack: Going public doesn’t help the country. Building great companies does

Listen up founders. If your company is still private, Fortune’s Dan Primack has got a bone to pick with you. In Dan’s world – you know, the world where he’s good friends with bankers and hedge funds from Wall St. to Greenwich, and in which he’s never run a company a day in his life – companies are [...]

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Some watchdogs aren’t falling for Google’s tricky fight against the “right to be forgotten”

The so-called “right to be forgotten” is now back in the news for the umpteenth time. The United Kingdom’s information commissioner has told the BBC that Google will have to be held accountable for its response to the “right to be forgotten” ruling, much like a polluter has to pick up its own mess. He [...]

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GOP Congressman wants to investigate Google because no one can find his favorite movie in search

Google has plenty of high-profile friends in the US government, particularly within the military and surveillance communities. But one US Congressman isn’t backing down over what he believes to be a gross injustice committed by the search giant. Is he mad about the company’s involvement with secret wage theft agreements? Or its close ties to the NSA? Or its lucrative deals [...]

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