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What’s The Best Android Phone? 

Now is a great time to go shopping for an Android phone, but there are tons of options. Sure, you can judge them by check-box features like processor speed, screen size, or battery life, but that’s only part of the picture. We want a complete view, and to hear which ones you think are the [...]

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DARPA Director Totally Cool With Google Taking All the Fun Toys

In an interview this afternoon at the Defense One Summit, DARPA director Arati Prabhakar explained the history and future of the agency. And Prabhakar wants it known that Google and other commercial enterprises are not their enemy. In fact, they’re more important that ever to DARPA’s national security goals, as private R&D spending has slowly [...]

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Google’s tweaking its search results again.

Google’s tweaking its search results again. This time, it’s adding a little tag to mobile-optimized results when you search from your smartphone, so that hopefully you won’t get stuck on a GeoCities page by accident. Google’s also said that it might change page ranking based on whether a site is mobile-optimized or not. [Google] Read [...]

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500 Startups launches a new mobile-focused $10M micro-fund, let by Dolphin Browser’s Edith Yeung

There aren’t many corners of the globe that 500 Startups won’t invest. The company has made a habit of launching geographically-targeted micro-funds dedicated to particular geographies – 500 Luchadores in Latin America and 500 Durians in Southeast Asia, with plans for an India-focused 500 StartupWallah currently on indefinite hold. But 500 Startups’ latest target market has [...]

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Angry LA residents are trying to sabotage Waze data to stop side-street congestion

We’ve grown accustomed to clashes between consumers and technology companies. But usually these dust ups have to do with issues of privacy or entitlement. Today, in Los Angeles, the hot button issue is traffic. As TMZ first reported, with a growing number of LA residents turning to the Google-owned social mapping and navigation app Waze [...]

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