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Google Project Fi

Project Fi is Google’s upcoming mobile phone plan. It will automatically switch between free Wi-Fi hotspots or to Sprint or T-Mobile’s LTE networks for the best connection. You’ll get a refund for any unused data in your monthly plan. Hat Tip Link Link 2 Price: $20+ Continue Reading from the Source

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Google Settings Is a Super Useful Android App You’ve Probably Ignored

Way back in 2013, Google quietly added the “Google Settings” app to Android (not to be confused with Android’s normal “Settings” app). At first it didn’t have much, but over the years, it’s added a ton of useful features, especially for the privacy-conscious. If you haven’t checked it in awhile, it’s worth a second look. [...]

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Google almost bought struggling Tesla in 2013

Filed under: Green, Read This, Tesla, Technology, Electric As Tesla struggled in 2013, the company was so close to being gobbled up by Google that Elon Musk and Larry Page shook on a preliminary deal. Continue reading Google almost bought struggling Tesla in 2013 Google almost bought struggling Tesla in 2013 originally appeared on Autoblog [...]

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