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PRS and Google announce a ‘Shazam for music licensing’

UK-based performing rights society PRS for Music is purportedly working with Google to help report performance fees for music played in public more accurately. Performance fees are paid to artists and publishers of copyrighted songs wherever they are played in public, whether that be on television, broadcast over radio, played over the stereo in retail establishments, or in venues […]

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Google Apparently Wants Its Driverless Electric Cars To Be Cordless, Too 

According to IEEE Spectrum, documents filed to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission indicate that new efforts toward Google’s prototype autonomous cars include the testing of several wireless charging systems for the vehicles in California. The systems come from two companies that specialize in creating charging plates for vehicles, Hevo Power and Momentum Dynamics. Read more… […]

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Google Will Finally Test Self-Driving Cars in a Place Where It Rains

Google’s self-driving cars have logged over 1.4 million miles, but only on the streets of two cities: Mountain View, California and Austin, Texas. Now Google is adding a third public test track. The latest city to welcome our robot car overlords is Kirkland, Washington. A place that has weather! Read more… Continue Reading from the […]

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Google Just Beat Facebook in Race to Artificial Intelligence Milestone

Artificial intelligence researchers at Google DeepMind are celebrating after reaching a major breakthrough that’s been pursued for more than 20 years: The team taught a computer program the ancient game of Go, which has long been considered the most challenging game for an an artificial intelligence to learn. Not only can the team’s program play […]

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Google Will Now Fact Check Candidates Live During Debates, Show You Their Own Quotes

If you’ve watched the presidential debates and wished that you could quickly fact check the candidates’ statements, Google has you covered. Search results will now float candidates’ own words and quotes, right next to information on how to watch and keep up with what they’re saying now. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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