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Worried About Self-Driving Cars? Guess What—There’s Something You Can Do About That

For three years I’ve been writing at least once a week about self-driving cars and I’ve recently noticed a shift in popular opinion. The wide-eyed optimism of seeing Google’s cute-as-a-button robot bopping unassisted around a parking lot has been replaced by some ambiguous, malicious, unknowable entity, a shapeshifting Smoke Monster that ruins our lives and […]

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Chrome Bug Makes It Easy to Download Movies From Netflix and Amazon Prime

For the past decade, Hollywood’s battle against online pirates has been mainly been focused on leaked DVD screeners and illegal streaming sites. Now a pair of security researchers say they’ve discovered a vulnerability in the Google Chrome browser that allows people to save illegal copies of movies from streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime. […]

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Gmelius Adds Tons of Scheduling, Snoozing, Tweaking, and Customization Options to Gmail

Chrome/Opera/Safari/Firefox (Beta): It’s been a while since we highlighted Gmelius , the add-on that cleans up Gmail’s interface and strips out ads. It’s grown since then, and now has features to send emails later on a schedule, snooze them, bundle in useful reminders, block email trackers, and more. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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YakYak Is a Desktop Client for Hangouts with a Dark Mode, Notification Options, and More

Windows/Mac/Linux: If you want a desktop version of Google Hangouts, you have plenty of options , including an official option from Google, but the Google route doesn’t work super well and requires Chrome to run. YakYak is a desktop client for Hangouts that works like a regular desktop app. Read more… Continue Reading from the […]

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Who Made the Rifle Emoji Disappear?

Unicode 9.0, which will be out June 21, is one of the most highly anticipated releases in emoji history. Finally you will avail yourself of the need to type out the letters for avocado, bacon, selfie, face palm, and pregnant. But last month, one controversial emoji was removed from the lineup: Rifle. Read more… Continue […]

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9 Secret Google Search Tricks

Google is your portal to everything out there on the World Wide Web…but also your portal to more and more of your personal stuff, from the location of your phone to the location of your Amazon delivery. If you’re signed into the Google search page, and you use other Google services, here are five search […]

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