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Apple Pay’s first week reminds us that Apple’s secret sauce is in driving adoption

Ask ten people to answer the question, “What sets Apple apart from other consumer electronics and technology companies?” and you’re likely to get twenty different answers. Some point to its design sensibilities, others its savvy branding and marketing. Some might even cite supply chain mastery (architected in no small part by Tim Cook). Fewer still will likely [...]

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You can run, but you can’t hide: Google expands its real-world surveillance system with Google Fit

Google is getting into the health-tracking business. The company has developed an application that allows Android smartphone owners to collect health-related information in one place. It’s called Google Fit, and besides challenging Apple’s HealthKit service, it also represents Google’s efforts to gather real-world data to complement the information it already has about the digital world. It’s no longer enough [...]

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This comic book perfectly explains big data and the threat it poses to our privacy rights

Ten years ago, California State Senator Liz Figueroa raised concerns over a definitely-not-evil company called Google that had been tracking keywords through its Gmail service, servicing ads to Gmail users and non-users alike based on that data. Her worry was less over the marketing tactics, and more over the possibility that Google would keep a digital dossier of all its [...]

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Google Fit Hits the Play Store

Google Fit just hit the Play Store, and, well, it looks pretty much exactly like Google said it would. It also looks a heck of a lot like Apple’s HealthKit and corresponding Health app —not in terms of design but in terms of features. That said, it does look pretty useful! Read more… Continue Reading [...]

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In an attempt to increase its influence over the media, Facebook makes publishers an offer they should refuse

Last week, I wrote that all the handwringing over Facebook’s influence on the media distracts from the amount of control Google holds over the world’s information, allowing the company to continue its efforts to manipulate the press and assert control over the media without protest. Now that criticism of Facebook seems a little more appropriate. [...]

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Google Inbox for Gmail

Similar to Mailbox, Inbox makes your Gmail inbox less cluttered and more organized. It lets you create reminders, pin messages, snooze messages and can automatically group messages or augment them with additional information. Hat Tip Link Link 2 Continue Reading from the Source

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Google’s Launching a Special Store Just for Project Ara Hardware

Everybody’s favorite modular phone project , Google’s Ara, is about to get little bit more interesting. Recently, the company quietly announced that it would be launching a hardware store for developers to sell their own Ara components. It’ll be a little bit like the Play Store, except with hot-swappable hardware instead of apps. Read more… [...]

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