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Google: like passwords, security questions aren’t that secure

Google researchers claim that the answers to many of the security questions used to recover an online account — often after someone has forgotten their password or tries to log in with a new device — aren’t particularly secure. These problems were identified after the researchers “analyzed hundreds of millions of secret questions and answers that [...]

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Here’s how Google plans to disassociate the White House from racist search terms

Google plans to implement a “key algorithmic change” to prevent its mapping product from displaying racist results, like showing the White House when people search for “n***** house.” Yes that actually happened. The company was previously criticized because its algorithms took everything they learned from the Web, which is just chock full of racists and morons, and decided it [...]

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Why Chrome Uses So Much Freaking RAM

Chrome may be the best browser around , but it eats up your PC’s RAM like turkey on Thanksgiving. If you’ve ever looked at your task manager, you’ve probably flipped out at the sheer number of Chrome processes and the memory they hog. Here’s why Chrome uses so much RAM, and how to curb its [...]

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This is how Skrillex partnered with Google to create a limited edition phone case

Dancing Astronaut – EDM, trap, techno, deep house, dubstep As part of Google’s new series of creative collaborations to create limited edition Android cases, Editions, Skrillex has been enlisted to develop its first three designs. Largely influenced by his fascination with space, the Skrillex Live Case connects to users’ phones to give you early access to a complimentary [...]

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Flickr’s and Google’s algorithms are behaving badly

Flickr and Google are offering a case study in the dangers of faulty algorithms. Flickr’s problem stems from a system that automatically tags images shared to its service with what it sees in the photos. A black-and-white photo is tagged “blackandwhite,” for example, while a nature shot can be tagged with “outdoor.” The problem is that [...]

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Security trumps ideology as Google closes off its Chrome platform

Google is once again prioritizing consumer security over ideological “openness.” The company has announced that Chrome users will no longer be allowed to download extensions from anywhere but the official Chrome Web Store in July. Why? Because malicious software has become too large a problem to ignore. Google actually tried to stop malware from spreading via Chrome extensions last [...]

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