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Google’s 3D-Scanning Project Tango Just Got a Little More Real

Google ATAP (that’s Advanced Technology and Projects) is where wonderful things are born. Things like the animated magic of Glen Keane’s Duet or the modular Project Ara smartphone. It’s all great stuff, but it’s also all experimental—if a project doesn’t make enough progress in two years, it’s dead. But Google’s Project Tango is alive and [...]

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Feds Caught the Silk Road Mastermind With… A Google Search

"Dread Pirate Roberts," the mastermind behind the online drug market Silk Road, seemed like a smart dude. He amassed a multimillion dollar fortune in drug money in just a few years! And he did it using the deep web and cryptocurrency usually associated with sophisticated cybercrime. But if 30-year-old self-styled "Robert Pattinson lookalike" Ross Ulbricht [...]

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Google settles with UK watchdog to protect consumer privacy

Google has agreed to change its privacy policy after an investigation from the United Kingdom’s privacy watchdog, the Information Commissioner’s Office, decided the existing policy wasn’t clear enough for consumers to understand. The issue stems from the consolidation of around 70 privacy policies into a single policy in March 2012. In a statement, the ICO said this [...]

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Google did fight to reveal warrant for WikiLeaks journalists’ Gmail accounts, attorney says

An attorney for Google has told the Washington Post that the company did fight a gag order preventing it from telling three WikiLeaks journalists their Gmail accounts were monitored by the Justice Department as the result of a warrant issued in March 2012. The statement was made in response to questions from WikiLeaks regarding Google’s compliance [...]

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Here’s why it’s so hard for tech companies to screen for “extremist content”

Google’s public policy manager likened sifting through the 300 hours of video uploaded to its YouTube service every minute to “screening a phone call before it’s made” yesterday during a meeting with the European parliament about a counterterrorism action plan. The scale of this issue highlights the difficulties technology companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter face [...]

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Police want Google to nix Waze’s cop-tracking feature due to safety concerns

California sheriffs are protesting a feature which allows Waze users to learn the location of police officers because it might allow potential cop-killers to easily find their targets. The sheriffs are asking Google, which acquired Waze for $1.3 billion as part of its push to offer a more contextual mapping service, to remove the feature from [...]

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WikiLeaks wants to know why Google handed its staffers’ emails over to the government

WikiLeaks has complained about Google’s decision not to inform three of its journalists their personal Gmail accounts had been compromised by a Justice Department warrant until December 23, 2014, nearly three years after the warrant was issued in March 2012. The warrant required Google to hand over information about the contents and metadata — information about a [...]

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