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Google asks the FCC for permission to test its drone-delivered Internet system

Google has asked the Federal Communications Commission for permission to test its drone-powered Internet delivery system, according to a letter sent to the agency spotted by Mashable, with the hope of testing its utility in a controlled environment before filling the skies with it. The drones are part of Google’s efforts to deliver Internet connections around the [...]

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Blockades and IPOs: China’s Great Firewall gives its companies an advantage over Western counterparts

China is making it even harder for Western companies to bring their services into the country. The New York Times reports that the Chinese government has “draped a darker shroud over Internet communications in recent weeks” to “tighten internal security,” and in doing so it’s made it even harder for companies like Google to offer [...]

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Europe gets tougher with “right to be forgotten” ruling

Google’s fight against European governments has become a bit more frustrating. The data protection authorities in Europe said on Thursday that they will soon require companies like Google, affected by the controversial “right to be forgotten” ruling, to develop “common case-handling criteria,” create a “common record of decisions,” and contribute to a “dashboard to help identify [...]

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Google announces open source security initiative, continuing its love-hate relationship with user privacy

  Google, Dropbox, and the Open Technology Fund have partnered to create Simply Secure, a group meant to make it easier for companies to build open source security tools into their products. They couldn’t have picked a better year to found a group dedicated to digital security. Whether it was the crippling Heartbleed bug that rocked the Internet [...]

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Five Best Language Translation Tools

When you need to translate one language to another, either just to communicate or because you’re trying to read something, you have tons of options—they’re just not all that great at capturing what the original language really meant without sounding silly. This week we’re looking at five of the best, based on your nominations. Read [...]

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