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Google and Verizon are both parasites, but at least Google’s honest about it

Google is a parasite, but it doesn’t make any effort to hide this fact. The search giant gathers information from anyone who uses its services, and in exchange it offers products like email and a mobile operating system compelling enough to make people accept their communications, locations, and searches are being monitored. The company doesn’t latch onto [...]

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YouTube’s identity crisis: Can it launch a Spotify-style service witout losing its soul?

From the moment cofounder Jawed Karim uploaded the first-ever YouTube video, a grainy 18-second clip shot at the San Diego Zoo, YouTube has been a space dedicated to the most homegrown of creators. It didn’t matter whether you were Lady Gaga or a kid from Arkansas — if the right people found your work and loved it, you could become an [...]

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The techno-libertarians of Silicon Valley should think twice about aligning with climate deniers

As Mark Ames wrote yesterday, the Reboot 2014 conference has officially kicked off in San Francisco. Its stated goal is to leverage Silicon Valley’s technical talent to help foster “liberty,” which is really just shorthand for “libertarianism.” After all, the marquee speakers are free market rockstar Rand Paul and Reason.com editor Nick Gillespie, and the event is [...]

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US and European regulators continue to scrutinize Google, Amazon, and Apple over in-app purchases

Companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon are being brought to task on both sides of the Atlantic for allowing app developers to nickel-and-dime their users with in-app purchases. On one side of the Atlantic, the European Commission has praised Google for its commitment to changing its in-app purchase policies while chiding Apple because “no firm commitment [...]

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Why Google Is So Interested In Kenya’s Transit System

The thousands of graphics-covered minibuses called matatus that zip through Nairobi make up one of the largest (and liveliest) informal transportation systems in the world. This unregulated—some might say renegade—transit keeps the city moving rather efficiently, and, until recently, was an all-cash business. Until Google stepped in. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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Restaurant complains after critic’s negative review is too popular on Google. And the judge agrees!

This is crazy. A judge in France has ordered a food critic to change the headline of a scorchingly negative restaurant review because it was “too prominent” in Google search results. Il Giardino, the restaurant that caused critic Caroline Doudet so much gastronomical ire, complained to the court that because the review appeared fourth in Google’s search results, its business was unfairly [...]

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