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Separation by numbers: eBay publishes roadmap for its PayPal spinoff

Despite eBay announcing plans to spin off its prized payment subsidiary PayPal more than five months ago, the companies remain very much united today. So is the glacial pace of adjusting course on a massive battleship. But with separation day fast-approaching, eBay has published a roadmap outlining what to expect in the weeks and months ahead. [...]

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The CFPB slips mention of digital wallets and virtual currencies into its prepaid debit card report

Money is going digital. Despite the many fits and stops, competing technologies and platforms, and omnipresent wrestling match for control over the future of payments, it seems to be inevitable that physical money (coins and cash), and likely plastic payment cards will eventually go the way of the dodo. How soon and under whose influence [...]

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Apple Pay’s first week reminds us that Apple’s secret sauce is in driving adoption

Ask ten people to answer the question, “What sets Apple apart from other consumer electronics and technology companies?” and you’re likely to get twenty different answers. Some point to its design sensibilities, others its savvy branding and marketing. Some might even cite supply chain mastery (architected in no small part by Tim Cook). Fewer still will likely [...]

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What Do Smartphones Need That They Don’t Already Have?

Welcome to the first week of September, also known as crazy-insane IFA 2014 and iPhone event extravaganza. During the next 10 days we’ll see new handsets, smartwatches, and other tech paraphernalia from almost every major hardware manufacturer. So now I’m wondering, where do smartphones even go from here? Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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