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Streaming services by the numbers: Billboard breaks down the biggest players

Dancing Astronaut – house, electro, progressive, dubstep It’s no secret that music streaming services have muscled their way to the top as the preferred music delivery platforms for millions of listeners around the globe. As more and more services enter the game, Billboard decided to break down the world’s most popular services to see just [...]

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Have a Chromecast? You Could Get Three Free Months of Unlimited Music

Chromecast , Google’s $35 3-inch streaming dongle, turns one-year-old today and the company is cutting users in on the celebration. For three months, anyone with a Chromecast can jam out with a free 90-day subscription to All Access Music, a usually $10 monthly service through Google Play. There’s only one major catch: No dice if [...]

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Mobile showdown: Revealing the drugs of choice and other insights into the interests of iOS and Android users

With mobile now the dominant computing platform, the platform war between iOS and Android remains a central battleground. Android may have won the masses, thanks in part to its ubiquity and availability on low-cost devices, but Apple appears to be winning the premium consumers. The question is, how accurate are these broad generalizations and how [...]

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