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inkCase E-ink iPhone 6 Case

A case for the iPhone 6 that adds a 4.3″ 480×800 E-ink screen. It can show notifications and widgets such as weather and fitness stats via its companion app. It will supposedly let you read text on it as well. Coming this Spring. Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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Solar Window Charger

This solar powered window charger reminds me of the Winbot window-washing robot, except that it doesn’t move around your windows and clean them, it just sits there soaking up the sun and converting its mighty power to battery juice for your smartphone. Yep. The solar window charger attaches easily to panes of glass, from where [...]

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Rinspeed Budii Concept is a rolling smorgasbord of future tech [w/video]

Filed under: Aftermarket, Design/Style, Green, Videos, 2015 Geneva Motor Show, BMW, Gadgets, Technology, Hatchback, Autonomous, Concept Cars, Electric, Future There’s a strange dichotomy going on inside the Rinspeed Budii Concept, like the robotic arm that manually winds a watch embedded in the dash when a camera notices that it’s low on power. Seriously. Continue reading [...]

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Huawei Watch

Huawei’s Android smartwatch has a stainless steel case, a sapphire crystal lens and a 400×400 1.4″ screen. It also has a heart rate monitor, 6-axis motion sensor and a barometer. It will come in silver, black or gold with steel or leather straps. Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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HTC One M9

For the second straight year, HTC decided to make minor cosmetic changes to its flagship phone. Inside, the HTC One M9 has an 8-core Snapdragon 810 CPU, 3GB RAM, 32GB storage with microSD slot and a 20mp rear camera. Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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The Best of Mobile World Congress 2015

Mobile World Congress, the big annual tech show that goes down in Barcelona every year, is now coming to a close. There were a few really big hits this year—a new flagship Samsung phone, and Valve’s VR headest!—plus a few, lower-profile but still awesome announcements. Here’s the best of MWC 2015. Read more… Continue Reading [...]

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New super headphones store and stream music, track activity and monitor sleep

Dancing Astronaut – EDM, trap, techno, deep house, dubstep For those who are more fitness-inclined, a good music playlist and an efficient activity-tracking app are musts. While there are plenty of applications that have sought to combine music and fitness, Chinese tech company Huawei has achieved the best of both worlds with its new line of headphones: [...]

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Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge

The S6 and S6 Edge both have metal frames, Gorilla Glass 4 on the front and back and a crazy 2560×1440 Super AMOLED display. They also have a 16mp rear camera with optical image stabilization and support for wireless charging. Link Continue Reading from the Source

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