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Trinity Audio Earphones

Developed by Rock Jaw’s head designer, Trinity Audio Engineering’s in-ear monitors provide high quality and durability at jaw-dropping prices. The mid- and top-tier models have filters to modify the sound. Check out Head-Fi’s reviews for more. Hat Tip Link Price: ~$50-$140 Continue Reading from the Source

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Hands-free or fine: New Hampshire 15th state to pass cellphone ban

Filed under: Government/Legal, Safety, United States, Gadgets, Smartphone, Technology New Hampshire is the latest state to make using a handheld device illegal while driving, including operating a laptop or tablet. It joins over a dozen other states or territories with similar laws. Continue reading Hands-free or fine: New Hampshire 15th state to pass cellphone ban [...]

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Is a Sapphire Glass Apple Watch Even Worth It?

The world’s best (and most expensive) watches all have a sapphire crystal, because sapphire is incredibly hard, making them extremely scratch-resistant and almost scratch-proof under normal use. But sapphire is expensive, so most watches have a glass crystal instead, which isn’t as hard or scratch resistant as sapphire, but still holds up. But is there [...]

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Holus Interactive Holographic Display

Holus shows you your board game. Your model. Your mama. In a form condensed to the size of your tabletop, enhanced to 3 dimensions, and manipulated by the powers of technology and Grayskull into a holographic image. Holus converts any digital content from a computer, tablet, or smartphone into a 3D hologram that’s viewable from [...]

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Floating Record

Gramovox’s Floating Record is an all-in-one turntable that plays vinyl records vertically using a 33.5/45RPM belt drive. It has an Audio-Technica AT95E cartridge, built-in 2″ stereo speakers and RCA and 1/8″ outputs. Hat Tip Link Price: $349++ Continue Reading from the Source

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Translogic 179: DARPA Robotics Challenge

Filed under: Translogic, Videos, Safety, Emerging Technologies, Gadgets, Technology, Autonomous, Future, Police/Emergency In 2013 the DARPA Robotics Challenge was created to inspire universities and corporations to build robots to assist humans in disaster situations. The robots are asked to open doors, climb stairs, turn valves and even drive a cars and use power tools to [...]

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A Tilted Blender Promises To Make Your Smoothies Actually Taste Better

It’s generally assumed that the faster the blades in a blender spin, the better it will work, right? Wrong. Over-blending fruits like strawberries can lead to crushed seeds that make a smoothie taste bitter. So Electrolux’s new tilted blender uses a less powerful motor, combined with an improved design, to actually help your food taste [...]

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2015 Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon’s backlit e-book reader now has a high-resolution 300 ppi 6″ screen. It has a new font made for e-books, and better typography and page layouts to preserve the original format even when you increase the font size. Hat Tip Link Price: $119-$189 Continue Reading from the Source

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Iris Car Heads-Up Display

Iris uses a 720p laser projector and a transparent screen, and sits just above your head so it won’t block your view of the road. It shows directions and notifications and lets you answer calls and text with gestures and voice commands. Hat Tip Link Link 2 Price: $299++ Continue Reading from the Source

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