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HARD Summer 2016 Announces Lineup: Ice Cube, Major Lazer, Baauer & More [Official Trailer]

Destructo’s HARD Summer Music Festival in LA is back with one of the best lineups of the year brought to us by way of a hilarious star-studded trailer. The concept centers around people losing their shit when the Internet ends and features Diplo (many times), Mija, Flosstradamus, Zeds Dead, Ghastly, and many more. HardFest is […]

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An Animated Explanation of Marvel’s Deeply Confusing Civil War Story Arc

Marvel’s Civil War arc is both legendary and insanely convoluted, involving just about every hero you’ve ever heard of (and a ton you haven’t) over 50 issues published across over a dozen titles. Even though there’s a collected edition now, nothing beats the brevity of a four minute animated explainer to catch you up on […]

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How 'Deadpool' Should Have Ended

The good folks over at How It Should Have Ended are at it again, this time tackling everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed superhero movie Deadpool. It’s a typically smart and funny entry, and nicely takes a bit of the piss out of the film while also acknowledging that it’s pretty much impossible to hate it at the […]

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Florida Man Throws Alligator into Restaurant Because Florida is F*cking Crazy

In the latest installment of what completely insane thing happened in Florida this week, we have a story that potentially tops them all. Forget  the fact that government officials can’t use the word ‘climate change’ because it is ‘not a true fact‘, it is legal to shoot unarmed black people running away from you, meth zombies eat people’s […]

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