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Here’s Why This Juicer Costs $700 USD

The juice fad phenomenon has grown tremendously where a regular 12-ounce bottle in the market can be sold for $10 USD. Already proven a resilient industry around the world, juicing is being taken to the next level with Doug Evans’ new machine dubbed Juicero. Introduced earlier this year, the new system, which received $120 million USD in funding, may very well be […]

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Collected Coffee Satisfies Your Daily Fix With Brew From Across the Globe

Your craving to experience the world’s best coffee has been satisfied thanks to Manhattan’s own Collected Coffee. The global project aims to bring coffee from the best roasters around the world straight to your door via a monthly subscription. Founded by Lynette Lea and Andrew Ho, the enterprise was built out of their own global coffee […]

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MVRDV’s Transparent “Infinity Kitchen” Highlights Cooking’s Expressional Artform

Dutch-based studio MVRDV has elevated cooking to the next level thanks to its transparent kitchen. The space is dominated by glass and aims to help those in the kitchen pay more attention to detail such as eating habits, dieting, the overall cooking process and items that are thrown away. Playing a part in the satellite event […]

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Three Different Ways to Slice a Scallion, Depending on What You’re Cooking

Scallions are delicious in lots of things, but getting the best flavor and presentation from them demands you learn to slice them a little differently depending on what you’re making. This video, posted to Instagram by Food52, shows you three different slicing methods, and the dishes each is best for. Read more… Continue Reading from […]

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Guess What: You Can Deep Fry Water

Calcium alginate is incredible stuff. It has the ability to surround liquids with a springy membrane so they can hold a shape and be handled like solids. The process is called spherification, and gets a lot of use in upscale, molecular gastronomy-type restaurants. One start-up is even trying replace water bottles using similar methods. But […]

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