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Make Your Own Stackable LEGO Candy

Grant Thompson’s YouTube channel chronicles his many experiments, life-hacks, and random weekend projects. His most recent release is an instructional video about how to make your own stackable and edible LEGO candy. Using simple ingredients like water, corn syrup, gelatin and Jell-O, the procedure doesn’t require complicated tools, just a spot of creativity. The process has been [...]

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‘Huang’s World’ Season 3 Trailer

Restauranteur and food personality Eddie Huang is back for a third season of his MUNCHIES segment Huang’s World. The show’s success rests in the delivery of a professional culinary opinion mixed with Huang’s quick-wit and relatable persona. The program’s worldwide focus allows the viewer to experience foreign practices first-hand in an attempt to make people feel uncomfortable, because as Huang notes: “It’s [...]

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Become the Memorial Day Grill Master

Memorial Day marks the start of the serious grilling season, and there’s no better weekend to bolster your grill-master game. Luckily, honing your outdoor culinary skills is a lot more simple than it seems, given the right tools, a little preparation, and a few tips on technique. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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Chocolate Air Max 90

Design student Milan Miladinov made this intricate model of the Nike Air Max 90 out of chocolate. We’re not sure if it’s life-size, but even if it isn’t, the details make it worth a look. The laces even appear to go through the holes. Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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Environment Win: France Makes it Illegal For Supermarkets to Destroy Edible Food

To any rational observer, the modern human food production system appears to be completely insane. Not only are we wrecking the planet’s eco systems to make way for our food, we are throwing almost half of it away. According to the United Nations Environment Program and  (UNEP) and the World Resources Institute (WRI) roughly one-third of all food [...]

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Pizza & Hamburger Bedding

Wrap yourself in warm cheese and pepperoni, or two all-beef patties with these cheeky photo print bed sheets from Emotional Rainbow. If you prefer ham and pineapple, there’s a set for you too. Available sizes twin to queen. Link Price: ~$70 to $80 Continue Reading from the Source

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12 Delicious Ways to Cook an Egg

Boiled, scrambled, sunny side up — the egg is prized for its versatility as a kitchen essential and a meal enhancer for both its delicious yolk and egg whites, and it’s clear the simple egg should not be destined to be just a breakfast staple. Food, People, Places have created this video that highlights 12 different ways to prepare the beloved egg. [...]

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Heavy Metal Meals

The Bulldog Northeast’s chef John Hurkes regularly contributes to Rice and Bread Magazine by creating dishes inspired by his favorite metal bands, such as this Slayer Pizza. His descriptions are equally mouth-watering and irreverent. Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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