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Researchers Figured Out How to Prevent That White Film on Chocolate

It doesn’t hinder how it tastes in any way, but that white film that often appears on the surface of chocolate after a while looks really unappealing. Known as fat bloom, it affects even the highest quality of chocolate, and most often chocolate-covered treats. But it’s only recently that Fraunhofer’s researchers were finally able to [...]

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Nuna Popsicles

Berlin-based Nuna unveils a revolutionary popsicle that is bound to give your taste buds a rollercoaster ride. The self-proclaimed “most delicious popsicle in the world” is comprised of all natural ingredients and is available in all kinds of mouth-watering flavors that have been carefully formulated under the watch of internationally¬†acclaimed master chef Heiko Antoniewicz. Designed [...]

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How to Eat Live Octopus

(Gross) Munchies’ Sydney Chun visited Korean chef Kim Sang Jin to learn how to properly prepare and eat wriggling live octopus in a way that its sticky tentacles wont get stuck in your throat and kill you. Unleash the Kraken! Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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Fantastic stop-motion film turns common objects into delicious sandwich

The latest stop motion animation by awesome artist PES is entitled Submarine Sandwich. It’s an endlessly creative take on the classic deli sub sandwich (or hero or hoagie or whatever you call it). But instead of using typical deli meats, the animation ‘slices’ old sports gear like boxing gloves and baseball mitts and soccer balls. [...]

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