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Here’s How Sriracha Sauce Is Made

Aside from ketchup, Sriracha sauce is probably the one of the most recognizable condiments. At its factory in Irwindale, California, over 100,000,000 pounds red jalapeño-hybrid chile peppers pass through each year. Alongside the ground chilli, ingredients such as vinegar, salt, garlic and sugar are added in. The recognizable green-topped bottles are also made in the […]

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Hangover-Free Alcohol to Replace Regular Alcohol in the Future

A new synthetic alcohol has been developed, meaning that it could be possible for people to enjoy the social effects of a couple of drinks without experiencing the following hangover. ‘Alcosynth,’ according to creator Professor David Nutt was created to mimic the positive effects of alcohol without causing dry mouth, nausea and headache. The Imperial College […]

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BACARDÍ® Rum’s Short Film “We Are the Night” Celebrates After-Dark Personas

After dark, the world takes on completely different characteristics. The same is true of people — early AM parties become a mixture of unique characters who fit into specific molds — each playing their part in the theater of the night. BACARDÍ rum’s new campaign recognizes the freedom that comes with the setting sun: while […]

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Watch as Japan’s Greatest Bartender Makes a Perfect Gin Apple & Fennel Cocktail

88rising enlisted the help of “Japan’s Greatest Bartender,” Hiroyasu Kayama to do a step-by-step demonstration of how to make a delicious gin apple and fennel cocktail. Armed with the right ingredients and tools, Mr. Kayama gets to work in front of the lens by properly grinding fennel, chopping apples and shaking things up with his […]

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