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Would You Try This 160-Day-Old Steak Aged in Jack Daniel’s?

Love beef and whiskey? This booze-aged rib steak is going to put you on cloud nine. Processed by Chef Angie Mar from The Beatrice Inn, the moldy meat is thoroughly wrapped in Jack Daniel’s-soaked cloth for a total of 160 days. Introduced by a French butcher, the dry-ageing technique uses alcohol to tenderize the meat while enhancing its flavor, and […]

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Inflightfeed Tells You What to Expect From In-Flight Food, Depending on the Airline

Airline food is, for the most part, an afterthought. No one boards a flight expecting a culinary experience, but some airlines serve better food than others. In fact, sometimes that food is downright delicious. Inflightfeed is a blog dedicated to reviewing all the different meals offered on 150 different airlines around the world. Read more… […]

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