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Recently funded on Kickstarter, the OneBowl would make a great sidekick for the noodle-fueled student or the lazy bachelor. It’s a bowl and a strainer in one and comes with a lid as well. It’s dishwasher- and microwave-safe. Hat Tip Link Link 2 Price: $25 Continue Reading from the Source

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LyteShow Rapid Rehydration Electrolytes

Another concoction from Drinkwel, makers of the multi-vitamin for drinkers, LyteShow seeks to expand its audience with this highly concentrated, rapid rehydration electrolyte formula. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean hardcore partiers and Wednesday night whiskey guzzlers can’t add a few drops to their H2O-driven attempts to preclude longing for a cortisone shot to the head [...]

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Dinner with Lecter

To this day I shudder every time I hear “American Girl” because it reminds me of being creeped the F out by Silence of the Lambs in my most formative years. Hannibal Lecter wasn’t even so bad. It was that Buffalo Bill dude who made the body suit out of human skin. I wouldn’t even [...]

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