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Here’s How a Restaurant SHOULD Deal with A**hole Customers and Their Demanding Diets

Photo: Eater SF While San Francisco’s Asian population is one of the most vibrant in the country, I still can’t imagine trying to run a Chinese restaurant there. When you consider how obnoxiously sanctimonious so many Bay Area hyper-liberals are when it comes to sustainability, and how health-conscious and exclusionary their diets can be, hoping [...]

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Abashiri Blue Beer

One guess as to where Abashiri Blue Beer comes from. Hint: not Smurf Village, and not outer space. Which leaves only one other logical choice, right? Yep: Japan. If an American brewery wanted to turn some beer blue, what would they do? Get some blue chemicals. Food coloring. Ballpoint pens. A generous helping of Heisenberg [...]

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The Edible Speech

MAD is a Danish not-for-profit organization for restaurateurs. For its 2014 symposium MAD chose the theme, “What is Cooking?” This was the opening talk from Sobatei Rakuichi owners Tatsuru Rai and his wife Midori . Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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What is a Sandwich?

We all kind of know what a sandwich is, but trying to define it formally is like trying to explain what a human being looks like. The Atlantic steps up to the plate and suggests a way to check for a food’s sandwichness. Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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