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Jane’s Brew Cannabis-Infused Coffee

Down a cup of Jane’s Brew and you’ll feel the buzz, the clarity, the drive, the…sudden desire to eat a family-size bag of chips and take a nap. Jane calls her cannabis-infused coffee, available as pods, pod bags, or Instant Cappuccino!, your “discreet method to medicate.” Though by “your” she means only California residents who […]

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Being gluten free is dumb because gluten intolerance may not even exist

If you have Celiac, this obviously doesn’t apply to you. Don’t eat gluten. But if you don’t have Celiac—and that’s 99% of the human population, mind you—there’s no reason to be gluten free. You’re wasting your time. Even the scientist who started this gluten free craze thinks it’s useless to be gluten free. Seriously. People, […]

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Chipotle’s Putting Essays On Its Cups So You Can Brain Up At Lunch

Sitting at a fast food joint eating by yourself is, at best, kind of boring—what are you gonna watch/read/stare at? Chipotle’s new cups and bags, printed with original essays from writers including Malcom Gladwell and Toni Morrison, give you some reading material with your eating material that’s maybe more interesting than a nutritional chart. Maybe. […]

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ChowNow lands celebrity chef Thomas Keller and Google HQ as mobile ordering platform clients

For restaurants looking for a mobile ordering solution, there are two competing business models to choose from. On the one hand, there’s the middleman model favored by Grubhub-Seamless and Eat24 in which restaurants benefit by joining a large discovery marketplace, but must pay a commission on every order. The second option is the software vendor […]

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Note to Tucker Carlson on Poor People and Obesity: You’re An Idiot

Remember when Pat Buchanan wrote that African-Americans should be grateful to white America, you know, because of food stamps, Section-8 housing and Christian salvation? Whenever someone like Buchanan begins a sentence with the premise that Underprivileged Group-X should be thankful to the power elite, they need to be thwacked in the face with a very […]

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