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Are “Meat Sweats” Real?

I will admit, I have never even heard of “the meat sweats” until I saw them mentioned on that one Progressive commercial. It’s a little-studied struggle that apparently strikes carnivores after a gratuitously meaty meal. Is it a legit scientific phenomenon, and if so, what happens to your body? Read more… Continue Reading from the […]

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Weed-Infused Turkey May Be the One Thing You’re Thankful for This Thanksgiving

When it comes to the holiday of Thanksgiving, food is one thing that most families look forward to besides quality time, and your famous turkey has just received an amazing upgrade. Thanks to WatchCut Video (the same folks who brought you the progression of men’s hairstyles), its latest ‘Cooking with Weed’ installment uses the time-honored turkey […]

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Whiskey Distilled from Sam Adams Beer Is Your New Favorite Drink

If you’ve ever been conflicted about choosing whiskey or beer, Boston Harbor Distillery proposes, “Why not both?” The distillery founded by Rhonda Kallman, who was one of the cofounders of Boston Beer Co., has introduced three new whiskies, each of which is distilled from a different Sam Adams beer. The new whiskey concoctions are produced […]

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