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The real reasons why Walmart and Facebook are entering the money transfer space

Make no mistake about it, things are heating up in the money transfer sector. After years of almost no innovation, two giants recently announced plans to get into the financial services game. Earlier this week, we heard news that Facebook will be resurrecting its payments ambitions with the launch of a money transfer service in [...]

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With new mobile install ads, Twitter keeps benefitting from doing just what Facebook did

For Twitter, it is good to be the younger sibling in the social media club. It gets to follow in Facebook’s footsteps. It gets to avoid its mistakes. Facebook had to push the boundaries and take in harsh criticisms. Twitter gets the benefit of the doubt and the advantages of hindsight. Case in point: Twitter [...]

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Facebook’s “Nearby Friends” takes the creepiness out of location-sharing

Facebook today announced a new feature that allows its users to share their general location with a select groups of friends. The unimaginatively-named feature, Nearby Friends, will debut on Android smartphones and the iPhone in the United States within “the coming weeks.” Nearby Friends differs from Facebook’s existing location features in a few important ways. [...]

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Why Facebook is launching its money transfer service in Europe, not the US

  The Financial Times has the news (the, err, sorta confirmed rumor) that Facebook is about to launch a money transfer program over here in Europe. Given that money transfer is a proven money maker if you’ve got a large enough network doing the transferring, the thought that Facebook wants to get into it isn’t [...]

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Google buys Titan Aerospace and joins Facebook in the drone wars

Google has agreed to acquire the drone-maker that Facebook was reportedly courting earlier this year. The company, Titan Aerospace, will continue to operate from its New Mexico office. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The Wall Street Journal reports that Titan Aerospace’s drones will be used to improve Project Loon, the company’s attempt to use [...]

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FTC clears Facebook’s WhatsApp acquisition — with a warning

The Federal Trade Commission has approved Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp. The deal, which was originally valued at $19 billion but is subject to changes in Facebook’s share price, is expected to close some time before the end of the year. The one condition? Facebook has to make sure it keeps WhatsApp’s continued promises of consumer privacy [...]

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Facebook affirms dedication to Messenger by pulling chat features from its main app

The Verge reports that Facebook intends to remove the chat feature from its mobile app some time in the near future so it can focus on building Messenger, its standalone messaging app, . The removal might help Facebook convince its users that its dedicated applications are worth downloading even if they already have the primary app installed. It [...]

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Twitter’s new profiles look a lot like Facebook and that’s a good thing

Twitter today announced that its updated profile design will be released to all of its users over the coming weeks. The new profiles place a stronger emphasis on photos and old-but-good tweets, The updated design is the latest in Twitter’s efforts to improve the photo-viewing experience on its service. The company previously announced that users could [...]

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