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Language evolves at break neck speed on the internet; what’s cool one minute is lame by the next. Case in point: “LOL” is dying. A Facebook report claims that LOL is now one of the least popular ways to express laughter on the social network. Why? Probably because of mom. Read more… Continue Reading from [...]

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Facebook’s Internet Drone Looks Like an Angry Boomerang

After years of teasing, Facebook has finally revealed an air-ready, solar-powered drone designed to beam internet to Earth’s surface. It looks like a really expensive and sort of pissed off boomerang. All it lacks is the data-delivering laser that will deliver websites to remote African villages . Facebook says that part’s almost ready. Read more… [...]

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Happy Birthday, Facebook Style

(PG-13 Language) It happens to all of us who use Facebook. We see that it’s a friend’s birthday and try to post something that someone else hasn’t already said. CollegeHumor envisions how this would work in the real world. Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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