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As Facebook successfully tests its first drone, privacy questions loom

Facebook has successfully tested one of its solar-powered, Internet-delivering drones in the United Kingdom, according to a blog post from Mark Zuckerberg. The drones are said to have the same wingspan as a commercial airplane, but are only expected to weigh about as much as a small car. This lightweight build should allow the aircraft to [...]

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New Facebook app converts text into music

Dancing Astronaut – EDM, trap, techno, deep house, dubstep At this year’s F8 Developer Conference in San Francisco, Facebook revealed plans to turn its Messenger service into an open platform for third-party developers. One of the first available upgrades to the service is an app that can turn text into popular tunes. It’s powered by [...]

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Facebook Messenger puts the final nail in Path’s coffin

Facebook Messenger has been updated to make it easier for people to find new software, share content from inside those apps, and have conversations with businesses. That last feature might be considered the final nail in Path’s coffin. You remember Path. It started as a social network where you stayed in touch with your closest friends, [...]

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As Facebook releases On This Day, do millennials prefer ephemerality or nostalgia?

Facebook has officially launched a new feature that allows its users to view old photos and status updates without scrolling through their profiles. It’s called On This Day, and it sifts through old content, collects the best moments, and sends a notification to make sure Facebook users relive their digital pasts. The feature is an [...]

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How Twitter can soothe Wall St, save Vine, and quiet power users in one step

“And don’t say that I have changed / ‘Cause man, of course I have” – Of Montreal, “Cato as a Pun” There’s a cottage industry of Twitter truthers out there — some of whom skulk with dark-eyed hatred in the deepest recesses of trolldom, while others sit bouncing atop the mastheads of national magazines — who believe CEO Dick Costolo is slowly turning their [...]

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Vox had big success publishing straight to Facebook. Should you do it too?

For so-called “media observers” — those self-appointed gurus who sit around all day creating content about other people’s content — the future of publishing is clear: Sites and apps operated by news organizations are dying. Increasingly, content is published directly to giant social networks that have more users and reach than any single news organization’s web and [...]

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Instagram’s Layout helps Facebook take over your phone one app at a time

Instagram has made a new app. It lets people take several photos, mash them together, and turn them into collages that can then be shared to various sites. (Obviously it would prefer if those sites were named Instagram or Facebook.) It’s called Layout, and early impressions of the app seem to be mostly positive. Many [...]

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Meerkat might not change the world, but at least it’s authentic

The world needs another Meerkat thinkpiece like it needs another Guns N’ Roses album. But, just as Axl Rose and company can’t (or won’t) stop making music, I can’t stop myself from commenting on the live-streaming service nobody in tech will shut up about. By now you’ve probably had Meerkat explained to you more times [...]

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