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ARM and Linaro answer a few quick questions about big.LITTLE processor tech

10 questions on supporting the power of 8 cores on a mobile platform

Samsung has talked a whole lot about how it will implement ARM’s new big.LITTLE architecture in its new Exynos Octa processors, but the technology can be a bit confusing. With so much computing power under the hood and a new way of addressing tasks a few questions come to mind about compatibility, power and how it all works.

In order to try and answer a few of these burning questions, Samsung set up a little Q&A session about big.LITTLE processor technology with Brian Jeff of ARM and David Rusling of Linaro. This is some pretty technical stuff, but the 26-minute long video doesn’t get into so much detail that the regular enthusiast can’t learn a thing or two. If this is your sort of thing, be sure to catch the video above.

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Samsung plans own CPU core tech, 560ppi displays for future phones

Samsung Exynos processor

Details revealed at analyst event point to 2014 phones with 64-bit CPUs and 5.25-inch 1440p displays

In its first analyst event of the smartphone era, Samsung revealed a few juicy details about the technology behind its future smartphone plans. In slides released in conjunction with the event, the electronics giant confirmed plans to develop its own CPU core technology, as opposed to licensing designs from ARM as it does now. The slide on Samsung’s 64-bit CPU plans shows a two-step approach, first developing 64-bit cores based on ARM designs, then moving to its own bespoke designs, similar to the way Qualcomm operates. The plans could be seen as a way for Samsung’s phones to become even more vertically-integrated. Some current Samsung phones use Exynos SoCs manufactured in-house, but these use Cortex A15 and A7 designs licensed from ARM.

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